07 Nov 2020

Joe Biden is our President Elect and Kamala Harris is our VP Elect

It has been an excruciating four days hasn’t it? We finally have our answer. No matter what side you may be on, this is still a moment in history to remember. This kind of thing will never be a consensus and more than ever, the country is divided. When President Obama was elected for his first term, I celebrated with my peers. Capitol Hill threw the biggest impromptu party that I’d ever seen. Four years ago, I had to muster the energy to get myself out of the bed only to arrive at my office where my colleagues were in tears over the decision that was made. They are two very different experiences, but we learn and grow from these opposite moments.

This week, I woke up earlier and earlier not wanting to miss when any kind of news was announced. Today was no different. By chance, I woke up in time to see the news announced live that Joe Biden was the 46th President of the United States. Groggy, barely awake, I couldn’t believe that the last four days were finally ending. I felt relieved. At the same time, I’m tired and inspired for what’s ahead.

I just gave fair warning to my own parents who read Yow Yow! that I’d be posting this. In the 11 years that I’ve been doing this, I’ve always been honest and open about my views. If you don’t know by now where I stand, then you don’t really know who I am. I’ve said this before. There’s so much more beyond fashion, music, the city I’m in, what I eat and where I’m traveling to, etc. I’m not here to write neutrally or to make sure that we’re in agreement. I can’t appeal to everyone, but what I will do is try my hardest to not offend. I’ll course correct if I do and I will respect your views if they are different from mine.

Now that that’s out of the way…

I feel an immense amount of gratitude for all the volunteers that didn’t eat or sleep in the last few days to ensure that we had a fair election and that every vote was counted. I’ve also been thinking a lot about how during this time people have been having tough conversations with family and friends. Maybe you convinced someone to change their mind. Maybe you didn’t and that’s okay. While challenging, we need to continue having these conversations for years to come. It’s so easy to write off an opinion different from yours; we all know that, but if you have the opportunity to seek clarity, take it. Now, more than ever, this is important.

Today, we celebrate Joe Biden and his promise to bring unity to this country. We are also celebrating the amazing Kamala Harris as the first woman, the first Black woman, and the first Asian American woman to hold the highest American office as our 46th Vice President of the United States. Her warmth, strength, and resilience among many other shining qualities will be an inspiration to every young woman, young girl in this country. I’m excited for the next four years, but recognize that this fight isn’t really over yet. There’s rebuilding that needs to be done. Van Jones didn’t hold anything back this morning after reacting to the news about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Before I could grasp what had just happened and even celebrated, his words were really the first thing that I listened to and I was moved to tears. His sentiment is what so many of us have been feeling pent up in four years and now we can rest a bit easier this evening.

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