08 Nov 2020

A Pandemic’s Healing Robots

Adapting to a lifestyle with less human interaction these days isn’t easy for everyone. Due to the pandemic, people are experiencing higher levels of anxiety through the isolation and a desire for physical human contact. Japan has stepped in with a solution for these adorable healing robots.

The robots are able to gather data that detect the well being of the human they are around. As sales start to rise, the data shows that many are purchasing them for their elderly parents who they can’t visit during this time. While that is just one example of a demographic, the robots are also appealing to younger children who may be experiencing more emotional stress during this time.

With more than 50 sensors, it can recognize, approach and make eye contact with its owner. The sensors allow it to feel where its body is touched and avoid obstacles, light enough to pick up, with arms adjustable to a “hug mode” and a temperature similar to the human body, it can express jealousy — a first for a robot — when it is with another robot which is getting more attention.

I may not be in any position to become a pet owner at this moment, but a robot seems like the low maintenance thing I need.


Posted on November 8, in Design

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