08 Nov 2020

Currently Craving: Clam Chowder Tots

Can you believe that we’ve let two years go by without a “Currently Craving” post? Where did the time go? It could also be that in the two years, we just didn’t come across a dish that caught our eye as much as this one. We’re feeling quite nostalgic for home these days and these two items typically make up some of my favorite things at home separately. I never thought to combine the two, but clearly some genius did.

Two of my favorite fast food restaurants back in Seattle are home to my favorite tots (Taco Time) and my favorite clam chowder (Ivar’s) Since we’re not headed back for the holidays this year, this is igniting my creative juices a bit. This isn’t exactly a busy dish nor a difficult one to make. As an adult, I likely wouldn’t boast about this, but not all your meals have to be “adult like” and sophisticated right?


Posted on November 8, in Life

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