08 Nov 2020

RIP Alex Trebek

I grew up in my childhood home with Alex Trebek every evening. My family wasn’t good at trivia or rather, it’s not something that we actively pursue unless it’s on Jeopardy. Despite not being great at it, we didn’t care. Trebek was a constant for many people in their evenings. Whether he, himself, knew it or not, he brought people together. More importantly, a lot of these people were families.

In 2020, there are plenty of shows with hosts. Not many of them have been hosting a show for 35 years, but I am left wondering what has made him so unique. It was his kindness, his warmth, and his nature of just being genuine towards every contestant that came onto the show. I never knew anything about his private life aside from the cancer he battled, but he never made that the entire narrative. Even in his last days or weeks when things may have taken a turn for the worse, none of his really knew. After a historic win for the country, waking up to this news doesn’t feel good, but unlike 45, Trebek’s legacy will leave a positive mark and memory on all of us. May he rest in peace.

Alex Trebek’s last episode will air on Christmas Day.

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