09 Nov 2020

BTS Season’s Greetings

As someone who became part of ARMY this year, I’m still earning about all of the different pieces of content this group is involved in. Apparently their version of Season’s Greetings comes not only with a video, but a whole line of merchandise for purchase and DVD. Someone said that BTS was a national treasure to Korea and I absolutely believe it. ARMY fans picked up on this theme quick this morning with all of the guys dressed in 80’s 90’s retro style. I would have thought it was just an extension of the Dynamite era, but what do I know? What we’re seeing is just a preview though! Expect to see much more content from the guys every day leading up to the new album out on November 20th.

Collectively, BTS looks great, but we couldn’t not include our bias who in our opinion, looks the best!

Posted on November 9, in Music

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