13 Nov 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Dash & Lily

The holiday season just feels so different this year, doesn’t it? Normally, I would make my list of series and completely veg out on my parents couch spending all of my holiday break watching all of my shows. Naturally, my family would also be dragged along for the ride against their wishes. This year though, it’s just me! Dash & Lily has just come out on Netflix and I’ve seen it pop up from a few people that I follow on Instagram who are raving about the series. We’re suckers for holiday themes, but also hello! An Asian American female lead!

What We’re Listening To: DJ Wegun, Jay Park – Everybody Sucks

Okay, technically this came out about two weeks ago, but we’re behind! I stumbled upon the Jay Park trend hard this summer and have since gone down a pretty deep rabbit hole alongside BTS and other K-Pop artists. Each track seems to be in collaboration with another artist. With only six tracks, getting through this album is going to be quick, but let’s hope it’s a good one!

What We’re Wearing: [Aritzia Auxiliary Ribbed Cuff Beanie] – $35

It’s officially beanie weather! I don’t know about you, but I have been freezing in my home since before the start of the week and at all times indoors, I’m always wearing wool socks. When I threw on my beanie just a week ago to go outside, I felt like my head was reuniting with an old friend. How did we get here? Wasn’t it just summer? So the above isn’t the exact same black beanie I have from Aritiza, but it’s similar and still available!

What We’re Eating: Hog Island Oyster Co. Clam Chowder

This is wishful thinking! I actually don’t know what I’ll be planning to have this weekend, but if it’s nice weather (unlike today’s rain) I’d like to stop by the Ferry Building. I’ve been thinking a lot about cozy meals that just make sense around this time and Hog Island Oyster Co’s Clam Chowder is one of my absolute favorites.

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