21 Nov 2020

Saturday Check In

2020 isn’t making it any easier on us to take vacations is it? When discussing this with my friends, the words “pointless,” “guilt,” and “unnecessary” always come up. We’ve become so used to the idea that vacations are only used when we’re going somewhere. Clearly, “staycations” just don’t have that same kind of impact. Even though we aren’t physically going somewhere, vacations allow us to not be in work mode 24/7. However, I’d be lying to you if I told you I also didn’t think about those words above when it came to my own vacation. Even though I was just writing an out of office message to my team, I still felt the guilt, but knew in the end I wouldn’t regret it.

To be completely honest, I’ve been looking forward to today (the start of my vacation) for weeks! This time every year, I’m able to shut off the day job for a minute and focus entirely on content. On a typical day, my life is consumed by work, but I try to balance it out by doing content here and there. It’s pretty obvious which one wins every time! Writing posts like these come easy to me. It’s my stream of conscious with very little editing and filtering. As you can imagine though, other posts require more thought and time. I’ll start the post, take a break and come back to it hours later. That’s what this week is likely for!

Late in the evenings before bed is when the ideas start to flow. And because I was looking forward to today, I spent most of last night just jotting thoughts down into my phone for what I needed to work on this week. What we can’t done this week, we’ll save for the two weeks around Christmas time. I’m looking forward to sharing all of these ideas with you until the end of the year!

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