22 Nov 2020

KITH’s A New York Love Story

Though I’ve never been to New York around the holidays, I am sure that this is the most romantic time of the year. Watching this short campaign video by KITH along with Dash & Lily last weekend has confirmed it for me. In a time where retailers are struggling, it’s refreshing to see pieces like this. Collections are still getting released and of course, there are reasons for us to get dressed up and find love along the way. Watching this from start to finish didn’t feel like a campaign video, but rather a short story of how a couple came to be in the early stages. The focus wasn’t on the looks when it came to the campaign, but once you know who this was made by, it sort of all came together. That being said, we’re posting for the video first and foremost, but here are some choice looks:


Posted on November 22, in Style

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