24 Nov 2020

2020 American Music Awards Performances

Awards shows in 2020 are still very weird, but despite all of that, they are continuing and I will still watch. Granted these days, I’m mostly watching for BTS, but in order to keep in an open mind and to see what other music is out there, I’m watching the entire show. Another reason for this is that the American Music Awards literally put BTS as the closing performers which meant I had to watch three hours of performances I didn’t care too much about. However, out of those, here are the ones that caught my attention a little while longer.

Jennifer Lopez blew us all away at the Super Bowl this year, but that was no surprise. For as long as I’ve known her to be a performer, I’ve always been impressed. Have we ever seen a poor performance by her? Her duet with Maluma was so steamy, you couldn’t peel your eyes away from the screen. It’s worth mentioning that I didn’t mean “steamy” in a bad way. It was incredible as a performance from start to finish.

For some reason, I’m not able to find a full version of both performances by BTS, but lucky for us BANGTANTV has got it separated into two. While it’s just a fan cam, I tend to find these to be even more intimate and less theatrical. You feel like you’re actually there because you can hear the drones whizzing by!

The Kenny G cameo was everything, wasn’t it? The Weeknd had an amazing performance at the AMAs taking over the city of Los Angeles. Unfortunately, The Weeknd was incredibly snubbed by the Grammy nominations that came out this morning. After a successful album release and hit singles from 2020 alone, he received no recognition by the organization. This news is now overshadowing the performance that he just had and no one really knows what to do with the information.

Last, but not least – the throwback Bell Biv Devoe performance was so much fun! You may not know this, but any chance I get, I will always request “Poison.” And that’s exactly what I got from this performance. Sadly, there is no video, but like the things we love in the past, we’ll continue to cherish it forever. <3 (even with no evidence of it)

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