27 Nov 2020

Cover of the Day

I was watching a BTS interview the other day when the guys mentioned Song So Hee would be covering one of their hit singles, “Spring Day.” I haven’t been interested in listening to other BTS covers, but have been lately when they show up in my feed. With little context about So Hee’s musical background and history, I started to play it. It didn’t sound anything like “Spring Day,” but I couldn’t figure out what this reminded me of. It was slightly stripped down without the pop-iness of the original. In So Hee’s arrangement, the song was entirely different, but still captured the beauty in the lyrics against what reminded me of traditional Vietnamese style music I grew up listening to in the house. After a quick Google search, I discovered that that’s essentially what Song So Hee is known for – traditional Korean music called gugak.

It’s hard to imagine our favorites as anything else than what we know. These moments of discovery are always so refreshing to me though.

Posted on November 27, in Music

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