30 Nov 2020

Blog Roundup

  • The Boundless Optimism of BTS [Esquire]
  • 12 Incredibly Useful Gmail Settings You Didn’t Know You Needed [Fast Company]
  • No, A Negative Coronavirus Test Does Not Mean You Can Safely Socialize [The New York Times]
  • 3 Brilliant Ways to Transform Leftover Stuffing [The New York Times]
  • Support Small Businesses This Holiday Season [Put This On]
  • 10 Essential Movies About Chess [Vulture] I just started The Queen’s Gambit this week!
  • Snapchat Has Announced A TikTok-Style App Called Spotlight [Fader]
  • 10 New Holiday Traditions to Try This Year [The Every Girl]
  • BTS’s “Life Goes On” Did the Impossible [The Atlantic]
  • Cloth Masks to Shop Now [Vogue]
  • I can’t believe I was going to carve out time in my Monday night to watch what is half of a performance! Please, they should’ve given them a whole special.
  • Spotify Tests A Story Feature For Some Playlists [Hypebeast]

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