08 Dec 2020

For Style and Self Defense – Knockout

As women, we’ve learned early on that we’re asking for trouble if we’re walking alone at night. That for some reason in life, we are delicate beings and that a man’s actions may not always result in consequences. I’d love for this part of the word to change, but until then, we’ll have to take matters into our own hands. Some of us carry pepper spray in our purses while others clench keys into their fists. Today, there is another alternative by Kate Davis and it’s both fashionable and functional.

[Knockout] is a new jewelry brand that you can both accessorize with and that will come in handy for those unsafe moments. However, we’re all praying that we never have to rely on these for that. Made out of lucite and metal, these rings have edges so sharp that they can do some harm to an attacker. While the brand isn’t marketed to be a self defense tool, Davis launched these rings with this in consideration.


Posted on December 8, in Style

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