23 Dec 2020

Judge My Spotify

If there’s something I’ve discovered in years of perusing time waster sites, it’s that people love being made fun of. It’s a very strange concept that human beings are attracted to. Across my feeds today were plenty of people sharing a new site called “Judge My Spotify.” It’s exactly what you would expect it to be, but in more defining terms – an AI bot that combs through your Spotify playlists to tell you who you are. People love things like this because it’s something that they can continue to share or pass on. Another reason why people love Spotify Unwrapped if you will.

Here’s a snippet of my results above. They aren’t wrong about the song choices, but I haven’t actually listened to that much Taylor Swift this year even with two album releases. You know that people are going to eat up the low percentage “basic” rating. If there’s anything I do find strange though, it’s the call out to Dustin Tavella. While I did go through a heavy phase of listening to that song (went through a breakup myself like Selena Gomez) I can’t recall a single time I listened to that this year.

It’s unclear if this bot is supposed to detect all of your years in music listening or just this year. The reason why I’m struggling with that is because K-Pop was only popular on my playlist this year. The rest doesn’t seem to quite match up. To try this out yourself, visit the site [here]

Posted on December 23, in Music

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