26 Dec 2020

BTS at 2020 SBS

Okay, so we’ve seen enough “Dynamite” performance to last us a lifetime, but I’ll never pass up watching any of their recent performances. That’s because despite them needing to continue to promote their Grammy-nominated single, every performance is different in some way. For the recent SBS award show in Daegu on Christmas, every performance had a holiday theme to it. It was a fresh take we didn’t know we needed. Since Yoongi is still out for his shoulder, the group also made sure to have a playful nod to him by making him a snowman for the “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite” performance. You knew it was him because the camera would always pan to the snowman during Yoongi’s parts and it even had a microphone in front of him at one point. We love all of their performances, but this one might be one of my favorites.

Unrelated, but we’re also a fan of the group’s younger “siblings” Together x Tomorrow. I can’t get enough of “Blue Hour” so we’re including their SBS performance as well.

Posted on December 26, in Music


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