29 Dec 2020

Hype Simulator

This desire to know what it’s like to be viral is so sensationalized that an app was designed to create that experience for users. Using [Hype Simulator] people will have the opportunity to see what it’s like to have 15 minutes of online fame. After downloading the app, you can choose between viral or celebrity. The app itself helps you generate a TikTok username that you decide on and within seconds, you will be bombarded with likes and follower notifications. Why this is something that people are wanting to create for themselves, I’m not so sure. However, something seems to be working because a few works ago, this was a top-rated app. In addition to follows and likes, you’ll also receive DMs similar to what people would write on the TikTok app. The entire thing is baffling to me still.


Posted on December 29, in Design


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