Year: 2021

14 Jan 2021

Tiny Desk (Home) Concert: Jazmine Sullivan

It actually wasn’t long ago that we shared Jazmine Sullivan’s song with H.E.R. as a recent “Song of the Day.” From start to finish, this Tiny Desk (home) concert was incredible. I’ve said this before, but music has really been one of those things that has been healing for me personally throughout this pandemic. Whether I’m working through the days, it brings a kind of warmth to my home that I never utilized before. That may be because mostly we rarely home before. Now, we’re finding better ways to fully use that space and sound is what I’ve been leaning into. Despite a raging pandemic, I’m glad that Tiny Desk Concerts have continued in this format.

13 Jan 2021

To All the Boys: Always and Forever

Our favorite iconic Netflix rom-com is coming to an end! With everything going on, I almost forgot that this would be releasing next month. Is it just me or is anyone else surprised that Peter K. has made it this far? Sure, he’s great and all, but isn’t Lara Jean just like 10x better? Regardless, their next (or should we say last) chapter is right around the corner. It’s the typical “will we” or “will we not” do long distance debacle. We’ve really loved growing up with these two and watching them become stars in their own right. So naturally, the weekend that it premieres, we’ll be watching it every day.

13 Jan 2021

2x Impeached

That’s it. That’s the tweet.

Now can we stick it this time, please?

10 Jan 2021

Blog Roundup

  • These Are the Rioters Who Stormed the Nation’s Capitol [The New York Times] I hate this, by the way. I did, however, think that this piece was well done.
  • User Not Found – Bottega Veneta Goes Dark [Substack]
  • ‘Sex and the City’ Reboot Officially Confirmed [Hypebae]
  • 7 Questions to Ask When Cleaning Out Your Closet [The Every Girl]
  • Who Cleans Up After A Coup Attempt? [The Cut]
  • Jamiroquai’s Lead Singer Is Not A Pro-Trump Viking Rioter [The Fader]
  • Shake Shack Introduces New Korean-Inspired Items [SF Gate]
  • Cherry Blossom Trees in Japantown Vandalized [Hoodline] WHYYY
  • The End of the Golden Age of Silicon Valley Cafeterias [Bloomberg]
  • The Silence of the Damned [NY Mag]
  • 21 Trends That Will Define the Lives of American Men in 2021 [InsideHook]
09 Jan 2021

McDonald’s Japan Has Healthier Happy Meals

Growing up, there was no such thing as a healthier Happy Meal from McDonald’s. In fact, healthier eating for young children wasn’t as prioritized back then as it is now so it’s kind of refreshing to see such a change. In order to promote healthier eating with kids, McDonald’s in Japan is introducing new side offerings including yogurt, a side salad and a medley of corn and edamame. Yum! We’d take this option as an adult if we had the choice. The main dishes themselves will not change, but if you’re a kid not wanting fries, at least you have options.


09 Jan 2021

Taffeta Dress

The concept of a house dress was a trend that excited me during quarantine. Typically, we buy clothes with every intention of wearing them out. What do you do when going out is no longer an option? It would have been so easy to toss on sweats every day and trust me – we did every once in awhile. However, getting dressed up and having a purpose to put on real clothes every day makes a difference. I purchased this taffeta dress from Aritzia in the spring and I loved the way it looked online from the photos. Wearing it, it’s a little bit pouffier than I expected, but the color is fun and it’s the perfect modern day girly girl dress if you’re looking for one. This dress also came in a stunning olive color, but having not tried it on in person myself, I was a bit weary.

08 Jan 2021

Malcolm & Marie

The trailer is out for the highly anticipated film starring Zendaya and John David Washington. As some of you may have read earlier in the summer, this was the film that was shot during the pandemic with a limited cast and crew. Even though the trailer was just released, rumblings about Zendaya being nominated for this performance are already starting. I’m excited for this to be on Netflix. My only hope is that it will be nothing like “Marriage Story.”

The film will be selected theaters, but out on Netflix on February 5th.

08 Jan 2021

Super Bowl Halftime Show to be 24 Minutes

Before I read this article, I didn’t even know that the Super Bowl Halftime show was only 12 minutes long. It always seemed much longer to be, but now reading 12 minutes, that seems like nothing. Pepsi said the decision to double the time was because we all missed out on a ton of live performances this year and they want this performance to feel like a concert. That seems nice. I also think The Weeknd sort of deserves something like this especially after getting shut out from The Grammys.

Regardless, we’re looking forward to it!



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