02 Jan 2021

2020 Best Nine

The moment of me waiting for these results to calculate every year is exhilarating for me. Somehow, every year, I’m shocked by the results. An up close shot of flowers? That’s the thing that gets the likes? I think it’s because every year, I have an idea of what shots will end up being the most important to me. I hope they align with people, but it’s a toss up every time which may just tell me that I don’t know my audience as well as I think I do.

This year’s mix tells an interesting story. There are two photos that I clearly took myself to represent life in quarantine. However, the majority of photos are of me without a mask, out and about that depict a normal life that wasn’t accurately represented during this time. I also have one shot from my trip to Thailand – both a highlight and low light, but that I’m glad made it to this because it does tell my 2020 story.

As we take steps in 2021, I wonder what the future holds for us. Will things improve or will they be much of the same? Does this mean I have to improve my self-timer game if we continue on with this? Photos are so crucial to storytelling, but they are tell part of it. Again, I wish you all a safe and happy New Year!

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