02 Jan 2021

How A Rug Filled A Void

[5′ x 8′ Athena Shag Rug] $298 – $149

When I moved into my San Francisco apartment, I was obsessed with my hardwood floors. Three different apartments on my own later, the move to hardwood made me feel like I was aging into a real adult. After years of living here, I thought that appeal might wear off and someday I would upgrade to getting a rug. However, in reality, a rug felt like an unnecessary purchase as I’ll have to take extra care of it; even with the help of professional cleaning services similar to this Carpet Steam Cleaning Melbourne, it felt like extra work. Did I really want to be covering my hardwood floors with something else? I want them exposed and for everyone to see them! Could I use this money towards something else I needed that wasn’t purely “decorative?”

As many of us experienced, the pandemic and staying at home influenced us all to think differently. This is the longest period of time that any of us have ever spent at home. Details that didn’t bother me before became an eye sore to look at every day. The biggest realization I had was that life before pandemic was me living in a place that didn’t feel like home. I had a pantry that was filled with cleaning supplies and a fridge and freezer that were 20% full.

As hopeful as I am for 2021, I know life at home isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. With Kevin’s help, we found this rug above. I wanted something in a neutral tone to match the rest of my living room furniture. And most importantly, it needed to feel soft and cozy to bring out the warmth in this space. What a difference living with this for a week has made! My living room actually feels warmer – temperature wise. While I typically sit on my couch, I have no problem getting comfortable on the rug if I so choose. Even in a week, I’m left wondering why it took me so long to make the leap. I’m now the biggest rug enthusiast you’ve ever met.

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