07 Jan 2021

January 6, 2021

Didn’t yesterday just feel like the longest day ever? For my friends and colleagues, that emotional weight has carried into today and probably will until Inauguration Day. I’ll save some of my own commentary because what I would have to say isn’t suitable for the internet.

In some ways, I woke up this morning relieved. I have heart eyes for Georgia and the work that has been done. Time and time again, they continue to show that your vote matters and those two wins will make a huge impact for Americans in the years to come. What we all witnessed happening at the State Capitol yesterday was appalling. I don’t think anyone (regardless of party) will disagree with me on that. There is an image I will unfortunately have when I look back on the 2020 election year and unfortunately, it has to be that. Selfies, climbing up walls, tasteless fur wearing and terror.

I would be remiss to make no mention of what happened yesterday. We spend so much time on Yow Yow! talking about other topics, but as much as I hated yesterday I also don’t want to forget that this happened. I still stand by my comment about remaining hopeful for 2021. This has to end. And instead my own comments, I am using the rest of this post to share the voices of people I really looked to in college or rather – the type of people I turned to at the end of the day for a recap – late night television hosts. We basically have the same sentiment.

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