17 Jan 2021

8-Year Old Army Meets 42-Year Old Army

I often times get asked what the demographic of fans looks like for a K-pop group like BTS. Naturally, you want to assume it is young teenage girls. We associate it with that because for some of us, as young teenage girls ourselves, we loved boy bands growing up. The phenomenon around BTS though is that they don’t cater to one specific type of demographic. Attend one of their concerts and you’ll find a mixed crowd with people from all different age groups. Think because the majority of their songs are sung in Korean that the fans won’t sing along at their shows? Wrong. Their fans all over the world can sing in Korean too. After being an army for five months now, I’m not even able to pinpoint what type of genre they lean towards. They can do it all.

In things that popped up on my YouTube feed today was the most endearing video of two Army fans meeting each other for the first time. Despite that age gap, they’ve got quite a bit in common with each other.

Posted on January 17, in Music

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