17 Jan 2021

Recipe to Try: Extra Petite’s Garlic Noodles

What kind of person would I be if I didn’t master at least one recipe during the pandemic? It’s hard to believe that just 10 months ago, I was a woman living in the city with an empty pantry and a refrigerator that was always 30% full. After I returned from Thailand and understood that shelter-in-place was right around the corner, I guess you could say I went into panic mode. Since March, my kitchen has completely transformed. Like riding a bicycle, I was able to quickly figure out a few recipes that I could rotate through on a weekly basis. Since noodles are often my carb of choice, I needed something that was fast, easy, and incorporated whatever I already had at home.

My hope someday is that I’ll be able to share with you all some of my favorite personal recipes, but for now, we’re going to lean on Jean Wang of [Extra Petite] I hope you’ll all love this recipe and be as addicted as I am for her [garlic noodles].

Posted on January 17, in Life

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