27 Jan 2021

A Kraft Valentine’s Day

We were slightly okay with this when we thought it was macaroni and cheese dyed pink. It’s unconventional, but we get it given the theme. However, learning that this is a sweetened version of mac and cheese, we have major reservations. First off, who is asking for this?

How exactly is the macaroni and cheese sweetened? ie) what gives it the sugary taste? According to a spokesperson, the shade of bright pink comes from beetroot and carrot concentrates. It could be worse, but it actually sounds healthy. As for the taste though, you’ll find fructose, natural flavors and vanilla extract. Basically, this meal is going to taste like candy.

While it is an interesting PR move, you won’t be able to find this special edition box in stores. Kraft instead will be holding a sweepstakes where 1,000 winners at random will receive one of these select boxes. You can enter now until February 8th [here]. And yes, while I’m completely confused by the idea, I did enter because I like to win.

Posted on January 27, in Design

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