29 Jan 2021

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: BLACKPINK: The Show

This was a completely last minute decision, but then I remembered that we’re still in a pandemic and what else are we doing Saturday evening? BLACKPINK was the K-pop girl group of my summer! We were more enthused about “How You Like That” than “Ice Cream,” but wasn’t everyone? Having only seen BTS’ online concert, I’m looking forward to another comparison point and a show at a reasonable hour.

What We’re Listening To: The Head and the Heart’s Live Concert at Pike Place Market on Amazon Prime

Okay so I’m cheating because this is sort of what I was watching, but also listening! Somehow, this got me feeling so emotional. Is it obvious that we’re homesick? I remember feeling such FOMO watching my friends down at the market for this set and knowing if I had been in Seattle that I would’ve been there since the morning finding the best spot in the crowd. If you’re looking for an easy watch, I highly recommend.

What We’re Wearing: The Flavr Blue sweatshirt

It has been so cold this week and with on and off rainy/stormy days, I’ve basically been living in cozy wear. This is one of my favorite sweatshirts of all time from a band I previously loved in Seattle. I love wearing this bright blue hue and in an oversize so that it can be paired easily with my leggings. Unfortunately, it’s sold out in their merch store, but luckily for me, this is one sweatshirt I’m never letting go.

What We’re Eating: Macadons

Lunar New Year came a little bit early to us in the form of these darling macarons! After having such a positive experience with [Macadons‘] BTS version, I really wanted to treat myself to another gift set. The flavors come in red bean, egg tart, and white rabbit (my favorite!) We’ll be snacking on these all weekend! Also we’re keeping up with the Seattle theme because Macadons is a Seattle-based bakery!

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