06 Feb 2021

When Disney Makes You Choose A Side

Leave it to the younger generation to get the rest of us involved with a Disney love triangle. This is one of the reasons why I find TikTok to be such a darling. It has the ability to make things blow up and make you care about things you never would have previously. A few weeks ago, I noticed a trending sound – a new single – from a name I had never heard of before. Olivia Rodrigo, who is an actress on Disney+’s High School Musical show, apparently had her heart broken and wrote a gut wrenching song about it. The man taught her how to drive! And now that she does have her license, she can’t even use her license to drive over to his house because they are no longer together.

Also, I’d like to note that I’ve read and watched many TikToks about this scandal, but I feel like it isn’t confirmed that they actually were dating and just speculation. One half of the crowd actually believes this is all a PR scheme. Why? Because the boy in question and her co-star (nothing to write home about honestly) is now dating another Disney star, Sabrina Carpenter. Not only did Olivia and said guy, Josh, also release songs in the same time frame, but so did Sabrina!

Who really cares about the guy though? I’m going to drop both songs here and let you all decide which you prefer. Sabrina says her release is not in response to “Driver’s License,” but how can it not be? We know this can’t be a coincidence. Honestly, they are both bops. I just want to know why these two amazing ladies might be pining over some mediocre guy.

Posted on February 6, in Music

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