20 Feb 2021

Instant Noodle Aisle = Instant Serotonin

In a pandemic, you need to be able to find joy in the little things. When the highlight of your week is a trip to the grocery store, you zero in on what will become your favorite purchases. The instant ramen aisle is endless. There’s no shortage in new things to try and its array of colors and packaging make this aisle a lively one.

Also, I’m not sure where this trend came from of influencers taking photos in grocery aisles (we’ve done this too!) but it’s interesting to see what trends come out of pandemic times. Who would’ve thought that poorly lit aisles and mediocre items would be a hit? Not us, but here we are. I’m always on the hunt for some of the best instant noodles though my mother would not consider this a healthy diet. Share with us your favorite recommendations? So far my favorite has been anything involving Jajangmyeon!

Posted on February 20, in Life

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