24 Apr 2021

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In the weeks leading up to my appointment, I watched as friends of mine and people I followed receive the vaccine. For some, it was emotional. Others announced their victory across social. Not often mentioned, I could feel the relief on the other end. I felt like I blinked and my experience was over. As someone documents much of my life in video these days, I didn’t even have time to think. The auditorium like setting in Sacramento was organized chaos, but in the best way. The experience itself reminded me of going to the DMV, but you can just tell that everyone had positive spirits.

Other than my arm hurting for a couple of days after and feeling discomfort trying to sleep, life hasn’t changed much. It’s easy for me to become social again and believe it or not, we have trips that we are looking forward to again. I never thought this day would come. However, I can’t shake the feeling of how much different life was for us a year ago. I’m looking forward to what’s ahead and I hope all of you will do the responsible thing and get vaccinated yourselves as well!

Posted on April 24, in Life

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