17 May 2021

Beauty for Breakfast Pt. 39

If there’s anything that truly saved me during the pandemic it was the combination of Mighty Patch’s Micropoint for Dark Spots and Invisible+. My face wasn’t used to having a mask on along with everyone else! Essentially this further trapped the oils on our face underneath our pores, but once the maskne hit, I quickly found a solution. For years, I sampled different patch products never quite landing on a favorite. Along the way I learned about Hero Cosmetics and its founder, an Asian-American woman named Ju Rhyu. I did some internet research from their Instagram and reviews and found that products were easily purchasable through Amazon or at my local Target.

Within a couple of months, my maskne was clearing. For everyday use, Invisible+ is what I frequent the most. For the pesky ones, a combo of the two products works best. Sold at an affordable price point, I can’t say enough good things about Hero Cosmetics and it’s the one product I boast about the most. Plenty of product I’ve tried promise “invisibility,” but none quite like this. And if patches aren’t your thing, might I suggest using silk masks?

Hero Cosmetics is a brand I’m keeping my eye on. Since the release of the patches, it seems they’re exploring other avenues for skincare too!

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