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The Gist:

Fashion. Music. Design. SEA/SF. Lifestyle

Who am I?

My name is Katie.

I’m a transplant from Seattle living in San Francisco and recruiting for tech. I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management at Seattle University. This blog highlights little aspects of my life and things that just interest me. I am genuinely interested in and like everything that I write about.

Tell me about the blog:

Yow Yow! was born January 2009 when I was entering my second quarter of college and was made for all of the students who needed something to past the time during lectures.

Okay, real talk here. It often times became difficult for me to converse with others because no one else was reading blogs or the same content I had been reading. I always wanted to talk about news and all of those things you see listed above. As a way to combat that, I created Yow Yow! so that my friends could then fit in with me. See what I did there? Yow Yow is my daily outlet and allows me to express myself in ways that I just couldn’t in the classroom or even anywhere else for that matter. Therefore, I put it all in one place. So far it has been a pretty interesting ride being able to learn about the things that I am reading while blogging and getting to meet some incredible individuals.

What’s a Yow Yow?!

The act of Yow Yow’ing is an expression or sound you make when you are excited! Yow Yow’s name was inspired by the lovely Sokina and all of her quirky phrases.

Thanks for taking the time to read my blog!

Contact: Katie[at]itsyowyow.com


  • The other wedding look had more votes, but this is MY favorite wedding look ever! 😘
  • I felt like we could have sat here for hours and we’d watch the sky continue to change and we’d never get bored
  • Sharing a dressing room problems 😒
  • We have so many options in SF when it comes to choosing a spot for our regular dinners out. I love that this group just prefers to go to fast food and chain restaurants. OKAY 4/5 of us, but he still comes anyways for the company.
  • Melt in your mouth roast pork
  • The cheeky decor at the Park
  • golden glow ✨
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Magic out there

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