21 May 2010

American Apparel in Deep Water

According to a recent report, American Apparel is currently $91 million in debt. The popular retailer has undergone some operating losses, which is leading people to believe that this may very well be the end of the hipster culture. They recently released a statement saying, “There can be no assurance that if either or both of these events [restructuring deals] were to take place, that the company would be able to obtain the additional sources of liquidity required to continue operations.”

My take: I used to love shopping at American Apparel because every piece I have ever brought from them was well-made and pretty comfortable. While half their clothing is wearable and the other half not so much, there’s no denying that they produce some of the softest tees and best sweatshirts. Don’t deny it. We ALL have one. However, I’ve been wondering sometime about their prices. Is it really worth it? Everything I’ve ever bought I have seen as an investment piece, but even I can admit that when I hand over my dinero I feel a slight bit of guilt.


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