17 Apr 2009

Audrina “Ceiling Eyes” Partridge gets her own show

The Hills will never die. I’m glad Lauren is getting out of but I feel like everyone that doesn’t have a life or an income after the Hills is over is trying to get their own show. Brody did it, Kristen Cavallari did it but her show on UPN “Get This Party Started,” lasted one episode. It was a shit show. What’s next? Spencer and Heidi? Stephanie Pratt? Dear god…

“It’s my life after The Hills, my journey. It’s going to be a little spicier, edgier, older,”

prove it!

“There’s going to be new love, romances,”

You wouldn’t really know that unless MTV bought these actors for you, or characters to act as your love interest.

at this point all of us are ready to branch out, and I feel like all of us have changed and matured so much that we’re ready to go out for the next big challenge.”

with… another reality show. That’s progress at it’s best.

Dear MTV,

I loved Laguna season one, I loved the Hills season 1, I loved a number of shows you have put together but please, please do us and your viewers a favor. Just stop. We know this isn’t real we’ve heard Lauren call it “scripted reality,” which means the crew tells her what to talk about but she doesn’t have lines persay. But we are tired, we don’t like your characters very much and the fact that they have the same drama and have new relationships every season does not excite us anymore. Find your “stars” other jobs and just close the book on this.

Thank you


– a concerned viewer

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  1. dawalls wrote:

    OMG words out of my freakin mouth…

    Posted on 4.18.09 · Reply to comment
  2. nomad wrote:

    Audrina Partride is the hottest thing since toasted sliced bread

    Posted on 4.20.09 · Reply to comment

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