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13 Jun 2013

Hot Off The Taco Bell Heat

This happened today. A Wendy’s employee was photographed eating ice cream directly from the machine. Now, yes – this is something we all probably dreamed of as children, but never thought was possible. However, I’d like to revert back to that Pitch Perfect quote in which Rebel Wilson’s character Fat Amy says:

I sometimes have a feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm… better not.

Well, this is one of those times. This employee may have had inhibitions about eating the ice cream from the machine (like so many before him) but in this case, he should’ve just let this go. Oh social media…how you influence others.

The name of the employee and the location of the franchise is not known as of right now and Wendy’s has not released a statement, but let’s be real – that will come out tomorrow.


04 Jun 2013

In What Not To Do At Work Today…

Silly prank?

More like fired for prank.

This Taco Bell employee was recently fired for snapping a photo of him licking the franchise’s taco shells while working and posting it online. Is it time for people to take social media etiquette classes now?

Scratch that – I mean this isn’t just a social media issue, it’s a health issue above anything else, but c’mon he had to know this was coming.

Taco Bell released this statement today in regards to terminating the employee for this scandalous photo.

Taco Bell released a statement on Tuesday that the employee is in the process of being terminated from his employment.

Our franchisee is responsible for the employment and conduct of his restaurant’s employees and he has informed us that he immediately suspended the employee shown in the photo and is in the process of terminating his employment. The employee who took the photo no longer works there. As we complete our investigation we will work with our franchisee to implement any additional action we find appropriate to address this situation and ensure it never happens again.


01 Jun 2013

Currently Craving:

Cookies and Cream Peanut Butter

WHAT! And all you need to make it is just a couple ingredients and a food processor.

Yum. Breakfast?


06 May 2013

Out on the Town: 5/7

It’s National Teacher’s Day!

Teachers – all over the world…or just in the Seattle area – please stop by your local Cupcake Royale for a free scope of ice cream tomorrow. You deserve it!

15 Apr 2013

Boston Marathon

My heart goes out to all those affected by the Boston Marathon today on what should have been a wonderful memory for many. Please keep everyone impacted in your thoughts and prayers. This tragedy is both devastating and heartbreaking.

*Out of respect for today’s tragedy, Yow Yow will not post the rest of the day – please just spend the day reaching out to your loved ones.

07 Feb 2013

Valentine’s Day Kind Of Morning

Good morning readers! Since we’re doing all Valentine’s Day themed posts this week, I wanted to share with you my favorite Valentine’s Day commercial of the season by Verizon featuring the beautiful city of San Francisco.

Every time I catch this commercial on TV, my heart melts a little.


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