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26 Jan 2020

To All The Boys 2: 2nd Trailer

I know what you’re thinking. Is it really necessary to post a second trailer of this film when I’ve already shared the [first?] The answer is yes. And if we’re truly being honest here, this won’t be the last post about this movie leading up to the premiere. You have been warned. In this trailer, we’re seeing a little bit more of John Ambrose and maybe a rivalry between him and PK? Even though there’s still one more film after this one, we know that the filming has wrapped on the series. We’re not ready for this to end!

26 Jan 2020

Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Crash

Kobe Bryant has died Sunday morning after being in a helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven other individuals. He was 41 years old and retired from the NBA in 2016. Kobe leaves behind his wife Vanessa and three daughters.

Kobe and his 13-year old daughter Gianna were on their way to a travel basketball game.


18 Jan 2020

Hillary (trailer) – Hulu

The 2016 campaign seems like ages ago. Can you believe that we made it through nearly all of Trump’s term? I can’t. In this new documentary by Hulu, we get to see an exclusive interview with Hillary herself, but also some behind the scenes of her campaign that were never shown. I never thought of Hulu as being the place where I’d want to watch more documentaries from, but I’m slightly curious about it since the whole Fyre Festival thing of last year. Readers, will you be watching this?

18 Jan 2020

Michelle Buteau on Roommates

I’m not sharing this post because I just wrote about Opening Ceremony’s sad news. I do, believe though, that we need to share a little bit more humor sometimes and maybe there isn’t enough of it on Yow Yow! I came across this clip on [Doobybrain] and had to share. I love these short clips cause they help break up the posts on Yow Yow! but they also add a little brightness into my days.

After watching this, I realized sometimes I can go through a whole day and not remember when I last laughed. Maybe nothing was funny that day or I didn’t even have room and space to catch my breath or talk with someone that could make me laugh. In the past two weeks, I’ve been staying later at work organically and catching up with friends over drinks and it has been the highlight of my weeks. If I could just sprinkle that into my every day work day more often, we’d be in good shape!

11 Jan 2020

Blog Roundup

  • Rami Malek, An Overnight Sensation 15 Years in the Making [GQ]
  • If You Actually Want Your New Year’s Resolution to Stick — Do This, Not That [ManMade]
  • How I get It Done: Stitch Fix CEO Katrina Lake [The Cut]
  • How To Get Ahead By Quitting – podcast [The Cut]
  • White Sands National Monument Designated As The Newest US National Park [CNN Travel]
  • Death Row Records Is Now Owned By Toy Company Hasbro [Consequence of Sound]
  • Amazon is Opening A Homeless Shelter Inside of its Headquarters [Hypebeast]
  • Every Day You Can Get Into National Parks For Free in 2020 [Thrillist]
  • How Weddings Changed Over the Last Decade – And What’s Next For 2020 [Vogue]
  • The Reality Behind America’s Miss Rodeo Pageant [Hypebae]
  • Tina Fey and Amy Poehler will return as Golden Globes award show hosts in 2021 [SFGate]
01 Jan 2020

A Collection Part 56

Somehow we’ve really nailed the timing of these posts and every time we’re due for one it’s right around New Year’s! But if I’m being honest, the New Year is when I’m feeling my most creative and inspired. These photographs represent that and my current state of feelings. I can’t believe this is the 56th post for “A Collection!” It’s not a significant number by any means; I’m just amazed we’ve had this many.

I love going back and visiting A Collection 1-10 or 10-20 because even those represent a much different time than how I feel presently. In a way, these happen to be my own personal journals, but written in the form of other people’s photos.

May your new year and new decade be full of life, simplicity, and joy.

Read more “A Collection Part 56”
01 Jan 2020

Yow Yow’s Top 10 Posts of 2019

Happy New Year everyone! This is still one of those posts that is such a wild card to me every year. For as long as I’ve had Yow Yow! you would think that I would know better about what types of posts do well and don’t. After 11 years, I still haven’t cracked it and I think that’s because we’ve changed so much over the years.

Here is your top 10 from 2019:

31 Dec 2019

End of Year Roundup

It’s New Year’s Eve and I’m enjoying such a peaceful day back home in San Francisco. I woke up this morning with a tickle in my throat so I’m still debating if evening plans are in the cards for me. Last year, I was in Seattle and attended a house party of one of my best friends. Since I missed my 10 year high school reunion, this was our version of it! While last year got a little bit rowdy, there’s something really special about the idea of having a quiet night in. Of course, if you know me, then you know we have these nights all the time! I am hydrating up because I actually think it could be lovely to venture out to a house party tonight and in a new dress! It will likely be a last minute decision!

Since we’re not only reaching the end of 2019 and the end of a decade, I’m loving everyone’s round up posts. Here a just a couple of my favorites that I’m sharing with you all!

29 Dec 2019

Favorites of 2019

Favorite Style Icon: Zendaya

What a year it has been for Zendaya! Between Spider Man and Euphoria, she’s had quite a year. And with that, many more opportunities to showcase her looks on the red carpet. We highlighted Zendaya for Snaps for a Snapshot multiple times in 2019 that was a no-brainer she’d be our pick. We can’t wait to see what she serves up for us in 2020.

Runner Up: Brie Larson

Favorite Getaway: Taipei

Okay, when you’re comparing a week long international trip to three domestic weekend trips, there’s an obvious choice here. As much as I enjoy my job and make excuses that it’s hard for me to find time to get away, this trip was worth every minute and penny. Catch my entire recap of the trip [here!]

Runner Up: New York

Favorite Artist: Maren Morris

I got invited to a Maren Morris show earlier this year and it blew me away. I started listening to Maren early on through a referral back when she just had her EP. Those were my five favorite songs for awhile! There was a brief hiatus somewhere in between that made me miss her entire first album. After that concert, I spent months going back through her discography and it was all I listened to.

Runner Up: Hayden James

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Fleabag

I still can’t go over how sad I am about there not being a third season of this series! Most of the time, I’m watching new shows without ever having much context about them and this was the most pleasantly surprising of all of them. It’s also the show that I continue to share with all my friends who haven’t seen it.

Runner Up: Watchmen (still in the middle of this by the way and loving it!)

Favorite item purchased this year: [Oak + Fort Bag 1913]

When it came to my work bag, I always thought I needed something that could transport my laptop from home to the office easily. It didn’t matter too much to me what that looked like. For years, I’ve basically been using this Madewell [tote.] There isn’t anything wrong with it and it’s completely functional. The downside? It’s a little bit too oversized for what I needed. While it had so much storage space, I felt weighted down by all things that I was bringing with me. It also made it challenging going from the office to evening plans. So while my new bag has less space, it is a great transition bag as well!

Runner Up: Orange Leopard Print Dress

Favorite Albums (in no particular order):

  1. H.E.R. – I Used to Know Her
  2. Anderson .Paak – Ventura
  3. Maren Morris – GIRL
  4. Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life
  5. Ariana Grande – thank u, next
  6. Kehlani – While We Wait
  7. Khalid – Free Spirit
  8. Hayden James – Between Us
  9. Mark Ronson – Late Night Feelings
  10. Daniel Caesar – CASE STUDY 01
  11. Tycho – Weather
  12. Snoh Aalegra – – Ugh, those feels again
26 Dec 2019

Blog Roundup

  • How Often Should I Clean My Water Bottle [Mashable]
  • How To Protect Your Home From Burglars, According to Burglars [Mel Magazine]
  • This Is The Longest Walkable Distance on Earth [Popular Mechanics]
  • Second Life Podcast: Eva Chen – Director of Fashion Partnership @ Instagram [WhoWhatWear]
  • Cap Your To-Do List At Three Things Every Day [Medium]
  • Which Airline To Fly Based On The Free Snacks [Huffpost]
  • The Rise and Fall of Jell-O
  • Man Surgically Implants Tesla Key Into Hand [Hypebeast]
  • 11 Things In Your Kitchen You Need to Throw Away Now [Food & Wine]
  • If You Don’t Want To Have Kids, You Don’t Have To Want To Have A Career Instead [VICE]
  • How To Ride An Escalator [Life Hacker]
  • There’s A Scientific Reason We Watch The Same Things Over and Over [The / Thirty]
  • 11 Things That Are Amazing When They’re Good, Terrible When They’re Bad [Mel Magazine]
  • 10 Sleep Myths People Actually Believe [My Domaine]
  • Proverbs For the Modern Dating World [Medium]
  • 5 Things You Can Do Today To Help Close the Pay Gap [Create Cultivate]
  • How to Be the Mentor You’ve Always Wanted [Marie Claire]
  • The Science Behind How Dating Apps Are Changing Our Brains [The Every Girl]
  • How to Get a Selfie with Elizabeth Warren in 8 Steps [New York Times]
  • The Case for Actually Being Honest When People Ask How You Are [Self]
  • Confessions of a Serial Outfit Repeater [Vogue]
  • How to Spend 48 Hours in San Francisco [Cupcakes & Cashmere] many of these are right in my neighborhood / are my favorites!
  • 5 Habits of People Who Don’t Feel Lonely [GOOD]


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