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02 Jul 2020

Blog Roundup

  • How to Strengthen Your Immune System By Eating Better [GQ]
  • Racism Doesn’t Blink [The Cut]
  • iPhone User Creates Shortcut to Record Police Encounters [Hypebae]
  • 22 Awkward Situations You Might Experience During COVID-19 and How to Deal [The Thirty]
  • Why This Font Is Everywhere [Vox]
  • K-Pop Fans and TikTok Teens Successfully Sabotage Trump’s Tulsa Rally [High Snobiety]
  • Me, My Father, and Russell Wilson [Slate]
  • Nomadic Couple Transforms Ordinary School Bus Into Chic Tiny Home on Wheels [My Modern Met]
  • See How All 50 States Are Reopening (And Closing Again) [New York Times]
  • Microsoft to Permanently Close All Retail Stores [Hypebeast]
  • How to Clean Your Face Mask and Protect Your Skin [Vogue]
27 Jun 2020

This Weekend:

San Francisco summer has arrived! The fog has rolled in and the skies are a deep gray. I got out this morning for a little bit to pick up flowers, coffee and pastries, but I’ve basically been sitting on my couch for the past few hours with the candle burning. How is it that San Francisco’s spring season is so much more forgiving to us than summer? I’ll never understand it.

What We’re Watching: Sorry to Bother You

Ok, we’re cheating a little bit because technically we watched this last night. “Sorry to Bother You” has been on my list for some time and I decided I wanted to make time for it last night and take a break from K-dramas. The film is smart, witty, and overly quirky. While it leans more on the humorous side, there’s a bigger message in here to grasp. We’re also huge fans of Lakeith Stanfield. You can watch the film currently on Hulu.

What We’re Listening To: Teyana Taylor – The Album

This came out just last week, but I’m excited to dive into this. We’ve been long time fans of Teyana and seeing all of the collaborators on this album – Kehlani, Big Sean, Eryka Badu gives us promise.

What We’re Wearing – [TNA Atmosphere Legging] – $68

I ordered this pair and another last month, but this was the first time I’d ever purchased this kind. My normal leggings from Aritzia are usually less than $30 so for the longest time I would ask myself why I needed to shell out over double for a pair that was likely going to be the same. Turns out, the jokes on me because they are very different! The fabric is so light and smooth. For a day of errands or even just wearing them around the house, I’ve felt comfortable all day. In fact, I like these so much that I don’t even want to change out of them for bed.

What We’re Eating: The Pasta Shop’s Ravioli

We’ve done our fair share of cooking this week so when it came time to head into the weekend, I really wanted to make things easy for myself. I picked up a package of [The Pasta Shop’s] ravioli at Bi-Rite along with a Bi-Rite Romesco sauce to pair it with. The Pasta Shop is based out of Oakland and while this was my first time trying this brand, I was impressed. For being a packaged product, it’s quite fresh and comes in so many varieties. There’s really something for everyone.

27 Jun 2020

Normal People Isn’t Over Yet

When “Normal People” was released on Hulu, fans of the series binged it all in a matter of days. Personally, I found myself in stages of grief. Should I have finished it as quickly as I did? Why didn’t I savor it more? Wanting to know more about Marianne and Connell, I couldn’t accept that this was the end.

Announced this week, two very special episodes will be available for Ireland and Northern Ireland viewers that show us the rest of the story 40 years into the future. Titled “Normal Older People,” we really hope that there’s a happy ending in it and that all viewers will have it available on Hulu.



Okay, we found two clips, but this isn’t exactly what we expected.

23 Jun 2020

Netflix’s “Over the Moon”

I will never get over having those warm and fuzzies from watching a show or a film with an Asian lead. Animated or not, adult me is excited regardless for a younger generation that can grow up seeing leads that look like themselves. Pixar is the reigning champ in producing pieces that tug at our heart strings, but who is to say that Netflix can’t do the same? In their new film out this fall, “Over the Moon” tells the story of a young girl who loses her mother and recalls her mother’s favorite Chinese mythology tale. Yes, we’re ripping this bandaid off already.

The tale tells the story of a moon goddess and years later, Fei Fei (the main character) is out to prove that she exists. Fei Fei, herself, is in STEM and builds a rocket that will launch her all the way to the moon. I grew up being a little bit of a space nut myself, so this film is right up my alley. We can’t wait to see this debut!


11 Jun 2020

Netflix’s Black Lives Matter Collection

When it came time to wind down after a long work day, I was greeted to a new welcome screen on Netflix. The streaming service came out loud and clear about their stance on Black Lives Matter and it was one of the more impressive things I have seen from a brand thus far. If you’re going to settle into a show or movie, why not make it educational? It was a move that not only spotlighted a movement, but one of learning. The collection includes 50 titles centered around social injustice and the experiences of African Americans. Popular titles include Oscar winning film, “Moonlight,” “13th,” “When They See Us,” and Netflix favorite and original television series, “Orange is the New Black.”

Netflix released in a statement, “When we say ‘Black Lives Matter,’ we also mean ‘Black storytelling matters. With an understanding that our commitment to true, systemic change will take time — we’re starting by highlighting powerful and complex narratives about the Black experience,”

Many of these television series, movies, and documentaries have been on my list previously. I’m just lucky that Netflix is now putting these right in front of me so that I can prioritize my watch list. Last night, we kicked things off with The Black Godfather, a documentary about music exec Clarence Avant.


08 Jun 2020

The Editing of Parasite

Doesn’t it seem like it was ages ago when “Parasite” won all of those Oscars? As some of you know, I’ve been on a Korean drama kick lately and the question I’ve been asking myself is “what it is that makes them so great?” They’ve been known for getting their watchers completely hooked and after watching five series, I can say that it’s a lot different than American television series I’m used to. “Parasite” became an icon this year and I’m excited to see this intersection of Korean actors and actresses cross over into more mainstream films. In this video, we take a look at how much of an impact the editing has on the film. These are really just subtle things that I would have never picked up on either.

06 Jun 2020

Blog Roundup

  • The 50 Most Influential Nike Dunks in History [High Snobiety]
  • Donald Trump, The Most Unmanly President [The Atlantic]
  • The Professional Whose Job It Is To Wear Your Clothes Before You Do [Fashionista]
  • Millions of Amy Coopers [The Cut]
  • When You Are Your Parents’ Retirement Fund [Refinery29]
  • Why Remote Work is So Hard — And How It Can Be Fixed [The New Yorker]
  • How Coronavirus Spreads Outdoors vs. Indoors [Vox]
  • adidas and AllBirds Are Joining Forces [Vogue]
  • Impulse Shopping Helping Americans Endure Coronavirus Lockdown [Study Finds]
  • In Quarantine, Cooking Is Our Love Language [The Cut]
  • An Influencer Responds to Backlash for a Black Lives Matter Protest Selfie [Dazed]
  • The Appeal of the TikTok Everyhouse [Curbed]
22 May 2020

Blog Roundup

Before this year, I didn’t know that May was Asian and Pacific Islander American Heritage month. While it has been a slow journey for me to become more acquainted with my culture and history, I know now I can appreciate this much more at my age. I think some of this has to do with the environment I grew up in and not having that kind of community until after graduating college and starting my career. Without even knowing how special this month was, we got into Korean drama all on our own and started to read and watch pieces that were all tied to the celebration of this month. By no means do I think that means I’ve done all the work that there is, but I’m excited to continue educating myself. I’ve really been enjoying this and have shared a majority of them here with you all!

  • Studio Ghibli Producer is Giving Free Drawing Lessons Online [High Snobiety]
  • Trump’s Refusal to cover up actually reveals his greatest fears [The Cut]
  • 11 Phrases People Love to Hear [The Ladders]
  • Forget Productivity: Let ‘Wuliao’ Be Your Quarantine Philosophy [Refinery29]
  • How to Make Pancake Cereal – TikTok’s Latest Food Trend [Hypebae]
  • MSG is a Valuable Kitchen Staple, If You Know How To Use It [The Takeout]
  • Where New Yorkers Moved to Escape Coronavirus [New York Times]
  • It Is Scientifically Proven That Flowers Make You Feel Better [Vogue]
  • The Ultimate Guide to Instant Noodles [Eater]
  • The Childhood Sweethearts Who Eloped to the Mountains [The Cut]
  • What K-Pop’s Beautiful Men Can Teach Us About Masculinity [Refinery29]
  • How Street Culture Shaped Asian-American Identity [High Snobiety]
  • Jay Park on K-Pop and Cultural Appropriation [VICE]

17 May 2020

This Weekend:

Doesn’t it seem like the weekends are just flying by once again? I guess in a way this means that we’ve adapted. I remember how early on in shelter-in-place where the days felt like they were stretching beyond just 24 hours. Now when someone asks me about my weekend, I can look back on it and actually feel productive. In California, companies are trying to figure out when it will be appropriate to return back to our offices. For now, it looks like I can expect a potential September return. If that’s the case, we’ll likely take a look at our current routine and modify it so that it’s sustainable for the next few months.

Here’s a little bit of what we’re up to this weekend!

What We’re Watching: The Last Dance (ESPN)

We’ve been watching this since the first night it premiered and I’m sad to finish the last two episodes tonight. It really has been an extraordinary documentary, if not, my favorite one of the year. I grew up knowing about how talented the Chicago Bulls were, but was obviously to young to comprehend the drama. For those of you who aren’t able to watch it on ESPN, the series will be on Netflix sometime next month for you to enjoy!

What We’re Listening To: Local Natives – Hummingbird (Deluxe Version)

Weekends are always reserved for some of my favorite albums. Whether I’m spending the day cleaning or writing content, I want to be able to have the soundtrack be something I’m familiar and comfortable with. I don’t think we’ll ever get sick of listening to Local Natives and even though this album is from 2013, it’s timeless in my eyes.

What We’re Wearing: Heels!

This isn’t the exact pair of Oak + Fort heels that I do own, but if you like these, you can save this [link] for when they are back in stock. Since we’ve been in quarantine, I haven’t worn any other pair of shoes except for sneakers. After all, we didn’t have a reason too! However, for a special outing yesterday, I wanted to feel a little bit more like my normal self. Contrary to what some may believe, it isn’t that difficult to put them back on again.

What We’re Eating: In N’ Out

It was my first burger of quarantine and boy, were we craving it! Since it had been so long, I wasn’t going to miss a chance to get my usual order – a cheeseburger animal style with well-done fries and a strawberry milkshake. To top it all off, we stopped next door at the Krispy Kreme to get a dozen donuts only to receive an extra free dozen on top of that! It was our lucky day!

14 May 2020

Blog Roundup

  • Alison Roman and Chrissy Teigen’s Feud Is About More Than Selling Out [Vox]
  • Protesters Inadvertently Prove They Can Work Out Anywhere [The Cut]
  • I Am 35 and Running Faster Than I Ever Thought Possible [New York Times]
  • Pedestrian Etiquette Guide for SF During the Pandemic [Curbed]
  • The Rise and Fall of TOMS
  • If you’re ordering pizza, make sure it’s not coming from Chuck E. Cheese [Food&Wine]
  • For Asians, Treating Our Mental Health Issues Feels Like Having to Pick a Side [Refinery29]
  • 17 Infuriating TV Moments That Should Have Never Happened [Buzzfeed]
  • The Hottest Thing A Man Can Do [The Cut]
  • Inside Masa’s $800 Takeout Sushi Box [Eater]
  • Center Stage Turns 20: [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Welcome to the Summer of Maude Apatow [WhoWhatWear]
  • Berkeley Will Fully Close Its Streets to Create Giant Outdoor Dining Rooms [SF Eater]


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