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11 Jul 2019

Disney’s Mulan – Teaser Trailer

Over the weekend, the first teaser trailer for Disney’s “Mulan” was released! The original animated version will always hold a very special place in my heart, but there’s no doubt that Leslie and I will see this one too. Since “Crazy Rich Asians,” we’ve been on a trek to see movies with Asian leads including “Plus One,” “The Farewell,” and the upcoming Netflix thriller, “Secret Obsession.” The list is starting to get lengthy. But that’s what we call a pretty good problem to have!

I’m looking forward to the latest version of “Mulan” for a number of reasons. The way in which I’ll view this movie today is much different than as a kid. My only wish is that Mushu make an appearance, but I know that won’t be happening unfortunately.

06 Jul 2019

You’ll Never Hear Me Say Any of These Things

I discovered this earlier this year and to this day, it’s one of my favorite pieces of ‘tent ever. For a girl that loves wedding and love generally, I sure hate when people say any of these things out loud or in their Instagram captions.

06 Jul 2019

Movie Trailer – Charlie’s Angels

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t keen on a Charlie’s Angels reboot when I first heard about it. Why? Because y’all know that I have never enjoyed Kristen Stewart in any film. You also know that I can have my mind changed. In the span of 10 years with Yow Yow! that has definitely happened. I played the trailer and clearly liked it enough to share it on the blog. If there’s anything that I’m most excited about, it’s that minus Kristen Stewart, the film is allowing two other leads to shine and come into their own.

Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska are names that I’m only hearing about it for the first time via this film aside from Naomi in Aladdin. It’s their big break essentially and who wouldn’t love something like that? The 2000 version will always hold a special place in my heart.

06 Jul 2019

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05 Jul 2019

Molly Moon Neitzel Is Up Front About Her Team’s Pay

In my job, I am constantly thinking about compensation – mine as well as others. In recent months, I’m learning more about compensation and how the market rate can vastly change over the period of one year. Spoiler alert – it’s FASCINATING. I wanted to share this VICE video for two reasons: because I, too, have thoughts about compensation and transparency and secondly because Molly Moon Neitzel is allowing her team to see what everyone in the company is making. Including herself.

For years, I’ve read articles from folks who frowned upon this. In this day and age, it’s still taboo to even be talking about what you make with anyone. However, if you don’t talk to people about it, how do you actually know if what you’re asking for when you negotiate is fair. How do you know if you’re within range or at “market rate?” Conversations like these shouldn’t be discouraged in my opinion, but I want to understand the right and wrong way to do it. Is there even a wrong way and if so, who considers it wrong? What’s wrong about it?

While I’ve never personally met Molly, myself, I did have a chance to [collaborate] with her back in 2014 when she let my friends and I come to her shop and taste test some new flavors. It was literally all that I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m excited to see a woman CEO leading this charge in pay transparency in my hometown nonetheless. I realize not everyone agrees with it, but I’m excited about what this could mean for both small businesses and larger corporations with her paving the way in a major city like Seattle.

30 Jun 2019

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28 Jun 2019

The Farewell Movie Trailer

This year, I watched the trailer for “The Farewell” and found myself tearing up. Over a year ago I saw Awkwafina for the first time in the trailer for “Crazy Rich Asians” and I cried every single at the time. You’re reading this correctly – the freakin’ movie trailer. The movement of Asian Americans in television and film is a powerful one for me. There were so few individuals in these fields for me to look up to growing up, but it was all that I wanted. I aspired to be a performer and naturally, loved the center of attention. Against my parent’s wishes, it wasn’t a possibility. Also, maybe I didn’t have the talent. The probability of me succeeding wasn’t high because who else had truly done it?

This time for me has passed. It’s not too late for other young girls coming into their own. In everything I’ve seen of Awkwafina, I’ve known her to be the funny character. In “The Farewell,” she stands on her own as the lead and in a more serious role. The relationship between her and her grandmother draws parallels to mine and I think that’s why this film resonates so strongly with me. I can’t wait to see this in theaters. I just know I’ll be crying buckets.

08 Jun 2019

Brittany Runs A Marathon

It feels like we’ve been posting a lot of movie trailers lately, but the funny thing is I am actually going to the movies. While I was in Denver with my girlfriends, we went to see “Booksmart” together. Now Leslie and I are making plans for “Plus One.” Seeing a movie in theaters isn’t necessarily the most cost efficient thing to do, but it is an experience I still enjoy. I also believe it’s important to show up for important movies. The last one that meant a lot to me was nearly a year ago with “Crazy Rich Asians.” And while not every movie has to be a whole thing and a movement, it can still just be something we do for the fun of it.

01 Jun 2019

Uber Will Deactivate Riders With Low Ratings

For years, we’ve known that drivers could be penalized for their poor ratings, but why shouldn’t riders be held to the same standard? In an announcement from the company, Uber is sharing that riders that have consistently low ratings can now be booted from the app if they fall below their city’s average. Many of my friends have some of the highest ratings I’ve ever seen which makes me think it’s hard to get a low score, but it does happen. As a rider, you just have to make sure you’re not puking, being loud, or being rude. Sounds simple enough right? Also, maybe don’t bring your pet into an Uber or eat in it.

If this post gives you a little bit of anxiety, you don’t have to worry yet. If you’re on the cusp of getting kicked off, Uber will start sending you ways to improve your score so that that doesn’t happen. I assume they are reminders to be friendlier and more polite.

Readers, what are your Uber rider ratings and do you feel like it is deserved?


30 May 2019

PLUS ONE Movie Trailer

There couldn’t be a better time for this film to come out than around wedding season. Watching this trailer definitely gives me deja vu vibes of one of my favorite movies – Friends With Benefits. The premise isn’t surprising. Two very close friends continue to be each other’s wedding dates until people start to recognize that they would actually make a pretty great couple!

In a way, this reminds me of Manan and I because while we are not and have never been anything more than friends, we have been to four weddings together.

The movie stars Maya Erskine who is one half of the lead in my favorite show PEN15 and Jack Quaid – son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Roberts. PLUS ONE comes out in theaters June 14th!


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