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20 Jul 2019

A Pop Up Bar In A National Park

A couple years ago when I randomly by chance won a piece of Herschel luggage through a local boutique, my entire perspective on luck and giveaways changed. It may have taken me 27 years to “win” something, but in some crazy way, I thought my odds had increased. Going forward, I started to think that all was possible and that I’d have this continued luck again. I signed up for more giveaways. Lexi happens to be my designated friend when it comes to Instagram giveaway posts where tagging a friend is required. Don’t worry; I’m hers too!

The downside to all of this is that I receive 10x the amount of emails from brands than I ever did before. I’m still trying to find a block of time I set aside for myself to unsubscribe to all of these. I’ve learned to prioritize certain giveaways and opportunities. Every once in a while though, there’s one that is worth sharing.

Full disclosure: this event happened today, but I’m looking forward to seeing if anyone actually won it! In one of the most innovative contests I’ve heard of, Busch Beer has created a pop up bar within a national park somewhere in the country. There are 154 national parks in case you were wondering like I was. The winner that finds it will receive free Busch Light beer for life. There are a few runner up prizes too, but honestly they don’t compare.

In other facts you should know, Busch actually works with the National Forest Foundation and has committed to planting 100 trees for every person that finds the pop up. If any of you read about this winner before I do, I expect that you’ll inform me.


20 Jul 2019

HBO Taps Gossip Girl For Reboot

Does your facial expression look like Serena’s after reading the headline? Hear me out. In this day and age, I haven’t found a reboot that I have actually loved. 90210 was a bust and I can’t remember any that followed. I loved the Gossip Girl book series before there was even a television series. While the ending of the show wrapped up a bit too quickly and sloppily, watching the series was a college tradition for me. Every Monday, my floor mates and I would gather to watch it together and it was an entire thing.

Last year when I was on a work spree, I missed the show so much that I started it from the beginning all over again. A reboot may be questionable, but I happen to favor many HBO series. After they all, they are the ones who brought us Girls, Big Little Lies, and the latest Euphoria. It’s unclear yet if any of the previous actors and actresses will return. I won’t hold my breath for that. However, Joshua Safran, Josh Schwartz and Stephanie Savage, the former producers of the show will be.

What do you say? Can we give this another go?


13 Jul 2019

Relationships Over Time

Even though this is my first time seeing this visualization by Olivia de Recat, I think about relationships and their change over time often. It’s all made so clear to me in this one graphic. As I’m glazing over each one, I can pin point it to specific people in my life and agree with the way these have played out. Readers, do you agree with these or disagree? Since I’ve never had a dog, this is the only one that doesn’t resonate.


11 Jul 2019

Disney’s Mulan – Teaser Trailer

Over the weekend, the first teaser trailer for Disney’s “Mulan” was released! The original animated version will always hold a very special place in my heart, but there’s no doubt that Leslie and I will see this one too. Since “Crazy Rich Asians,” we’ve been on a trek to see movies with Asian leads including “Plus One,” “The Farewell,” and the upcoming Netflix thriller, “Secret Obsession.” The list is starting to get lengthy. But that’s what we call a pretty good problem to have!

I’m looking forward to the latest version of “Mulan” for a number of reasons. The way in which I’ll view this movie today is much different than as a kid. My only wish is that Mushu make an appearance, but I know that won’t be happening unfortunately.

06 Jul 2019

You’ll Never Hear Me Say Any of These Things

I discovered this earlier this year and to this day, it’s one of my favorite pieces of ‘tent ever. For a girl that loves wedding and love generally, I sure hate when people say any of these things out loud or in their Instagram captions.

06 Jul 2019

Movie Trailer – Charlie’s Angels

I’ll be the first to admit that I wasn’t keen on a Charlie’s Angels reboot when I first heard about it. Why? Because y’all know that I have never enjoyed Kristen Stewart in any film. You also know that I can have my mind changed. In the span of 10 years with Yow Yow! that has definitely happened. I played the trailer and clearly liked it enough to share it on the blog. If there’s anything that I’m most excited about, it’s that minus Kristen Stewart, the film is allowing two other leads to shine and come into their own.

Naomi Scott and Ella Balinska are names that I’m only hearing about it for the first time via this film aside from Naomi in Aladdin. It’s their big break essentially and who wouldn’t love something like that? The 2000 version will always hold a special place in my heart.

06 Jul 2019

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05 Jul 2019

Molly Moon Neitzel Is Up Front About Her Team’s Pay

In my job, I am constantly thinking about compensation – mine as well as others. In recent months, I’m learning more about compensation and how the market rate can vastly change over the period of one year. Spoiler alert – it’s FASCINATING. I wanted to share this VICE video for two reasons: because I, too, have thoughts about compensation and transparency and secondly because Molly Moon Neitzel is allowing her team to see what everyone in the company is making. Including herself.

For years, I’ve read articles from folks who frowned upon this. In this day and age, it’s still taboo to even be talking about what you make with anyone. However, if you don’t talk to people about it, how do you actually know if what you’re asking for when you negotiate is fair. How do you know if you’re within range or at “market rate?” Conversations like these shouldn’t be discouraged in my opinion, but I want to understand the right and wrong way to do it. Is there even a wrong way and if so, who considers it wrong? What’s wrong about it?

While I’ve never personally met Molly, myself, I did have a chance to [collaborate] with her back in 2014 when she let my friends and I come to her shop and taste test some new flavors. It was literally all that I’ve ever dreamed of. I’m excited to see a woman CEO leading this charge in pay transparency in my hometown nonetheless. I realize not everyone agrees with it, but I’m excited about what this could mean for both small businesses and larger corporations with her paving the way in a major city like Seattle.

30 Jun 2019

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