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14 Feb 2020

To All The Kevins

By now, you all know that I’ve watched the sequel more than once! We might have even gone overboard and watched the premiere at 6:30 AM the day it came out before work. It’s very clear that the series is a cult favorite and Wong Fu got ahead of the release by posting their parody shortly after. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! And may you all watch the first and second film of To All The Boys over and over again this weekend!

12 Feb 2020

Hair Love

Last year, Bao won the Oscar for animated shorts and in 2020, Hair Love takes the win! Every year, Manan and I have a tradition of watching the Oscar Shorts (Live Action) before the award show. This year we kind of blew it and realized the day of the award show that we forgot to make plans to see these in theaters. Don’t worry, we’re going Thursday. But despite that, animated short films is the category we miss every year. After Hair Love won this year, I went back to check it out and had to share this sweet short with all of you.

10 Feb 2020

All the Winners from the 2020 Academy Awards

What an incredible moment watching “Parasite” take home four awards yesterday evening! When I was recommended to see the film and had actually watched it, I knew it was a good one. Never did I ever imagine that it would not only be nominated for this many awards, but also win them. After years of the hashtag #OscarsSoWhite, you know not to have high expectations. I have so many more thoughts on why these wins are so important, but I’ve got another post up my sleeve. For now, I just want to share all of the winners from yesterday’s award show – all deserving. It was an incredible year for film!

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02 Feb 2020

Blog Roundup

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01 Feb 2020

Lakers Pay Tribute to Kobe and Gianna

It hasn’t been a full week yet since we heard the news of Gianna and Kobe Bryant’s passing last Sunday and the world is still grieving. For the Lakers’ first game after the news, the Staples Center paid tribute in a huge way. Everyone attending the game would receive a Kobe Bryant jersey. One side would receive “24” while the other side would receive “8.” Two seats on the sideline were decorated with roses to represent the two of them. Before the game had started, both Usher and Boyz II Men sang “Amazing Grace” and the “National Anthem” respectively. You may have seen it by now, but LeBron James also gave a heartwarming speech and dedication to Kobe.


28 Jan 2020

Driveways [Trailer]

It’s a special thing for me to get to share more movie trailers in the last two years featuring Asian leads than ever before. If you’ve seen Watchmen on HBO, you may recognize Hong Chau who portrayed the dynamic Lady Trieu on the series. In “Driveways,” she travels with her young son Cody to clean out the home of her late sister with intent for it to be sold. Shy Cody also manages to form a bond with Korean War vet and neighbor, Del. As the summer continues, the mother and son start to develop a home for themselves in their new setting. Expect “Driveways” to be released this coming spring.

26 Jan 2020

To All The Boys 2: 2nd Trailer

I know what you’re thinking. Is it really necessary to post a second trailer of this film when I’ve already shared the [first?] The answer is yes. And if we’re truly being honest here, this won’t be the last post about this movie leading up to the premiere. You have been warned. In this trailer, we’re seeing a little bit more of John Ambrose and maybe a rivalry between him and PK? Even though there’s still one more film after this one, we know that the filming has wrapped on the series. We’re not ready for this to end!

26 Jan 2020

Kobe Bryant Killed In Helicopter Crash

Kobe Bryant has died Sunday morning after being in a helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven other individuals. He was 41 years old and retired from the NBA in 2016. Kobe leaves behind his wife Vanessa and three daughters.

Kobe and his 13-year old daughter Gianna were on their way to a travel basketball game.


18 Jan 2020

Hillary (trailer) – Hulu

The 2016 campaign seems like ages ago. Can you believe that we made it through nearly all of Trump’s term? I can’t. In this new documentary by Hulu, we get to see an exclusive interview with Hillary herself, but also some behind the scenes of her campaign that were never shown. I never thought of Hulu as being the place where I’d want to watch more documentaries from, but I’m slightly curious about it since the whole Fyre Festival thing of last year. Readers, will you be watching this?

18 Jan 2020

Michelle Buteau on Roommates

I’m not sharing this post because I just wrote about Opening Ceremony’s sad news. I do, believe though, that we need to share a little bit more humor sometimes and maybe there isn’t enough of it on Yow Yow! I came across this clip on [Doobybrain] and had to share. I love these short clips cause they help break up the posts on Yow Yow! but they also add a little brightness into my days.

After watching this, I realized sometimes I can go through a whole day and not remember when I last laughed. Maybe nothing was funny that day or I didn’t even have room and space to catch my breath or talk with someone that could make me laugh. In the past two weeks, I’ve been staying later at work organically and catching up with friends over drinks and it has been the highlight of my weeks. If I could just sprinkle that into my every day work day more often, we’d be in good shape!


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