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22 Dec 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • Why Hiring ‘Rebel Talent’ Is the Best Way to Grow Your Business [Inc]
  • Eating Chilies Cuts Risk of Death From Heart Attack and Stroke, Study Says [CNN]
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  • Denny’s Is The Best Punk Venue In America [VICE]
  • Apple Will Reward $1.5 Million USD Bounty to Anyone Able to Hack An Iphone [Hypebeast]
  • Facebook Will Run Its First Super Bowl Ad Next Year [Hypebeast]
  • Donald Glover is Andrew Yang’s “Creative Consultant” [Fader]
  • Antelope Canyon Is Shutting Down Its Photography Tours [PetaPixel]
  • If You Can’t Find A Spouse Who Supports Your Career, Stay Single [Harvard Business Review]
  • Frank Ocean and Travis Scott Will Headline Coachella 2020 [Hypebeast]
  • America’s Best New Restaurants in 2019 [Bon Appetit]
  • 40 Favorite Interview Questions [First Round]
  • When You Hit Send Even Though You Know You Shouldn’t – podcast [The Cut]
19 Dec 2019

To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Trailer

The trailer is out! The trailer to the sequel of my favorite Netflix rom-com is here. I can’t believe it has been an entire summer and then some that we’ve waited for this to arrive. It’s no surprise that we’ll likely be watching this nearly a hundred times just like the first movie. Peter K. + Lara 4eva!

Though, are we feeling like this trailer is leaving out some major details? Why does John Ambrose show up at the very end? If I’m remembering back to the first trailer, I also recall not understanding what this film was about upon watching it.

18 Dec 2019

We’re on Adam Driver’s Side

Adam Driver walked out of an NPR interview the other day because they started playing a recording of him singing in his recent film, “A Marriage Story.” On one hand, everyone knows that anytime a celebrity appears on a show to promote their latest project, a clip is shown. It’s a given. However, I feel for Adam Driver. He has stated in interviews prior that he doesn’t like it. It makes him uncomfortable and prior to that NPR interview, the NPR team was notified of this.

Walking out on the interview, doesn’t, by any means, make him difficult. It was clearly stated and they were essentially given a warning. I’m not a performer so I don’t know what it is that irks Driver in this case, but I can relate. I once shared with someone on a first date that I had a blog (this one!) While we were at dinner, he proceeded to pull it up and start reading my posts out loud. It wasn’t just uncomfortable the first time he did this, but also the second time! Maybe we shouldn’t known then that this wasn’t going to end well, but I like to give people third chances.

We’ve been a fan of Adam since his days on “Girls” and all I have to say about this piece really is, respect people’s boundaries.

18 Dec 2019

Promising Young Woman

Could this film have come at a more perfect time? In the last few years, women have been frustrated with men more than ever and Carey Mulligan’s character is channeling all of our energy. In the film, her character “Cassie” narrates “Every week, I go to a club. I act like I’m too drunk to stand. And every week a nice guy comes over to see if I’m okay.”

For some of us, we’re familiar with this scenario and we know exactly what could happen. It isn’t always a pretty sight, but shortly after this, we recognize that “Cassie” is going to be just fine and is in total control.

Not only is the trailer intriguing and catching our curiosity, but it’s packed with an incredible cast. If you’re sensing some parallels between this and say… “Killing Eve,” it’s because the film is written and directed by Emerald Fennel – an executive producer and writer for the television series.

“Promising Young Woman” hits theaters April 17, 2020!


17 Dec 2019

Nora from Queens

We first fell in love with Awkwafina as Peik Lin in Crazy Rich Asians. In fact, even though that film meant so much to me and symbolized much of what I was seeking in life and my upbringing, she was the standout character. It was Awkwafina’s debut in a major film, but it’s not the first thing she’s ever done. Shortly after this release, it was announced that she’d be getting her own show on Comedy Central. We [covered] that too!

Now, we’re getting a first glimpse of the trailer for “Nora From Queens.” The Comedy Central show will follow her as she navigates through life as a 20-something alongside her father and grandfather. Another familiar face you’ll see? Comedian Bowen Yang who’ve you’ve been seeing all season long on Saturday Night Live! Nora From Queens premieres January 22nd.


01 Dec 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • ‘Being Careful’ Won’t Prevent Revenge Porn [The Cut]
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  • 6 Things to Stop Saying At Work – – and What to Say Instead [The Everygirl]
24 Nov 2019

Will Ferrell’s SNL Monologue

It’s a little embarrassing how hard I laughed watching this yesterday evening. I liked it so much that I stopped Kevin and I in the middle of a football game so that I could turn this on for us.

27 Oct 2019

Blog Roundup:

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  • How To Wake Up At 5AM Everyday [Better Humans]
14 Oct 2019

Sesame Street Tackles Addiction

It’s interesting for me to see clips of “Sesame Street” now in 2019 because I have so much context and general life experience, but I often wonder how I would have grasped ideas like this as a kid. Watching this clip now, they graze over the idea of “drug addiction” without actually saying it. Is it because it’s just enough information that viewers will discuss it with their parents afterwards? This leads me to become even more fascinated by the producers and those that create the content of the show. Regardless, these are important things to discuss. Growing up, I did have peers that faced difficult home lives and obviously they weren’t discussed often, but there were subtle clues that you didn’t know how to ask about or you did and had to tread those waters when you got there.

This isn’t the first time I’ve shared “Karli’s” story on Yow Yow! but even through a tough upbringing, she’s such a positive light. I’m loving her story line and appreciate how much it is resonating with viewers.


14 Oct 2019

Zoë Kravitz is Selina Kyle

It’s not confirmed yet that she’ll be Catwoman, but if we’re following the comics correctly, that’s basically what is going to happen. We couldn’t think of anyone more perfect to fill this role than Zoë. As Bonnie in the last two seasons of “Big Little Lies,” I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what her next big role would be. She will star opposite of Robert Pattison in the upcoming The Batman film with a slated release of June 25, 2021.



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