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19 Dec 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: House of Ho (HBO Max)

When I first imagined what Vietnamese representation would look like on mainstream television, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. The show highlights a wealthy Vietnamese American family out of Houston. It’s sort of a cross between My Super Sweet Sixteen and A Real Housewives series. However, the quality level looks like it could be on the Bravo network so they’ve got that going for them! House of Ho is purely for entertainment. It’s not educational or inspiring, but it’s clearly tailored for an audience that is more modern and young. I don’t have a similar upbringing like the Ho family, but there were some similarities that I recognized about my own childhood. There are seven episodes today and we finished the series in two days.

What We’re Listening To: KATIE – Our Time Is Blue

This album actually came out the same weekend as “Evermore,” so it was a bit distracting trying to do both. I was able to dedicate more time to KATIE’s this week though and I loved it so much I added all six songs to my current playlist. KATIE was a new artist for me as I only discovered her through another person’s Instagram account that I follow. Her sound reminds me so much of the kind of old school R&B that I used to listen to like pre-Jhene Aiko or even present day Summer Walker. Also, we will never get tired of hyping up Asian American artists.

What We’re Wearing: [AllSaints Sandra Jaine Denim Shirt] – $185 – $88.80

You could say that this shirt is a bit out of character for me, but there’s a story behind this. As some of you know, we’ve spent a significant amount of time with BTS in the last few months. Naturally their sense of style has peeked my interested a bit. You might even say that I ripped this look directly off of Jungkook from this year’s MAMA performance of “Dynamite.” It’s fun though, right?

What We’re Eating: Trader Joe’s Hearts of Palm Pasta

I’ve decided that I think I don’t understand vegetable substitutes of pasta after tonight. There’s a chance that I could’ve butchered this in the cooking, but I think that probability is low. Tonight, I threw this in with garlic, green beans, olive oil and a sauce from my local market, but finished it feeling unsatisfied and hungry afterwards. I know that there are people who swear by vegetable pasta, but the real thing is so much better! I’m not convinced by these.

13 Dec 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • Twitter Will Now Let Users Share Tweets on Instagram and Snapchat [Hypebeast] Good, cause I’m tired of having to screenshot everything.

05 Dec 2020

This Weekend:

Watching: The Queen’s Gambit

After hearing for weeks about this Netflix miniseries, I finally finished it just last night. It was a great series to start after our Thanksgiving meal and since then, I’ve been chipping away at episodes every couple of days. I’m hearing now that this show has influenced watchers to buy their own chess set for the holidays. When I look back at everything I’ve watched this year since the beginning of quarantine, The Queen’s Gambit is one of the series that I find quite intriguing. In terms of enjoyment, I’d put it behind “Start-Up,” but it terms of quality content, I’d put it ahead of “Tiger King.” I know that these things aren’t always comparable, but I’ve now consumed more television and film content in a year than I have ever before in my life.

What We’re Listening To: Shawn Mendes – Wonder

Caught up in all the hype that is BTS, for awhile, I felt like all other music couldn’t reach me. Or rather, I wasn’t letting it. 2019 was the summer of Shawn Mendes for me. He had two summer hits and a concert that I still can’t believe I had a chance to attend. The publicity around this album has also been rampant with not one, but two Netflix programs. I’ve already watched the documentary, but have my on my to do list is concert special. This weekend, I’m really looking forward to spending more time on his album and dissecting every song a little closer.

What We’re Wearing: [Jouica Women’s Casual Lightweight V Neck Batwing Sleeve Knit Top Loose Pullover Sweater] – $27.99

My favorite part about shopping on Amazon is how long the titles are for every piece under the fashion category. I haven’t always shopped for my clothes on Amazon. To be honest, until the pandemic, I wasn’t doing much of my shopping on Amazon to begin with. An Instagrammer I follower, however, swears by some of the pieces she purchases from them. With her being a similar size to me and us having similar tastes in clothing, it was her influence that led me to the half zip sweater that I wear on a weekly basis. The other morning, I was in bed going through my IG stories when a video popped up of her describing this sweater above. It didn’t take me more than five minutes to add this to my cart and finish my purchase. With less of us going out and more time indoors, it doesn’t seem reasonable to be purchasing expensive sweaters especially if you can find them at the same quality and for a better price.

What We’re Eating: Jollibee’s Spaghetti

Ahead of our grocery shopping errands today, we stopped on over to Jollibee’s for breakfast. My favorite is their Spaghetti, which honestly, looks very simple and is something I could make myself, but don’t even attempt to. It’s slightly unconventional to be having pasta so early in the morning, but somehow it works and it’s delicious!

02 Dec 2020

Mariah’s Cookies

I’ll never forget that my favorite part of 2020 will be all the side hustles people thought were a good idea. As if Mariah Carey didn’t already kind of own the month of December with her holiday hit, she now is launching “Mariah’s Cookie’s.” It doesn’t really have a nice ring to it, does it? Starting December 4th, Mariah’s Cookies will be available to order in 30 different US cities.

Flavors you can order include:
Chocolate Chunk
Triple Chocolate Chunk
Heath Bar
Lemon Cooler
Spiced Oatmeal Raisin
White Chocolate Cranberry

And instead of doing it the old school shipping way, you can actually order them through your app. Ordering will be available through delivery apps like Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, UberEats, and Seamless for your convenience.

Wow, okay – are we doing this?


30 Nov 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • I can’t believe I was going to carve out time in my Monday night to watch what is half of a performance! Please, they should’ve given them a whole special.
  • Spotify Tests A Story Feature For Some Playlists [Hypebeast]
22 Nov 2020

Blog Roundup

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18 Nov 2020

Blog Roundup

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13 Nov 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Dash & Lily

The holiday season just feels so different this year, doesn’t it? Normally, I would make my list of series and completely veg out on my parents couch spending all of my holiday break watching all of my shows. Naturally, my family would also be dragged along for the ride against their wishes. This year though, it’s just me! Dash & Lily has just come out on Netflix and I’ve seen it pop up from a few people that I follow on Instagram who are raving about the series. We’re suckers for holiday themes, but also hello! An Asian American female lead!

What We’re Listening To: DJ Wegun, Jay Park – Everybody Sucks

Okay, technically this came out about two weeks ago, but we’re behind! I stumbled upon the Jay Park trend hard this summer and have since gone down a pretty deep rabbit hole alongside BTS and other K-Pop artists. Each track seems to be in collaboration with another artist. With only six tracks, getting through this album is going to be quick, but let’s hope it’s a good one!

What We’re Wearing: [Aritzia Auxiliary Ribbed Cuff Beanie] – $35

It’s officially beanie weather! I don’t know about you, but I have been freezing in my home since before the start of the week and at all times indoors, I’m always wearing wool socks. When I threw on my beanie just a week ago to go outside, I felt like my head was reuniting with an old friend. How did we get here? Wasn’t it just summer? So the above isn’t the exact same black beanie I have from Aritiza, but it’s similar and still available!

What We’re Eating: Hog Island Oyster Co. Clam Chowder

This is wishful thinking! I actually don’t know what I’ll be planning to have this weekend, but if it’s nice weather (unlike today’s rain) I’d like to stop by the Ferry Building. I’ve been thinking a lot about cozy meals that just make sense around this time and Hog Island Oyster Co’s Clam Chowder is one of my absolute favorites.

12 Nov 2020

Emily In Paris Gets A Second Season

That was quick! Shortly after it premeiered, Emily in Paris became an overnight sensation and soon, everyone was talking about it on social and creating respective memes for the series. It’s hard to believe that I ever doubted what a success story it could be! In my defense, episodes one and two were quite questionable. But, did anyone really anticipate how it would end? Maybe. Whatever the case, those of us who were hooked on the show might get an ending to that cliffhanger and that’s all I care about.

08 Nov 2020

RIP Alex Trebek

I grew up in my childhood home with Alex Trebek every evening. My family wasn’t good at trivia or rather, it’s not something that we actively pursue unless it’s on Jeopardy. Despite not being great at it, we didn’t care. Trebek was a constant for many people in their evenings. Whether he, himself, knew it or not, he brought people together. More importantly, a lot of these people were families.

In 2020, there are plenty of shows with hosts. Not many of them have been hosting a show for 35 years, but I am left wondering what has made him so unique. It was his kindness, his warmth, and his nature of just being genuine towards every contestant that came onto the show. I never knew anything about his private life aside from the cancer he battled, but he never made that the entire narrative. Even in his last days or weeks when things may have taken a turn for the worse, none of his really knew. After a historic win for the country, waking up to this news doesn’t feel good, but unlike 45, Trebek’s legacy will leave a positive mark and memory on all of us. May he rest in peace.

Alex Trebek’s last episode will air on Christmas Day.


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