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30 May 2019

PLUS ONE Movie Trailer

There couldn’t be a better time for this film to come out than around wedding season. Watching this trailer definitely gives me deja vu vibes of one of my favorite movies – Friends With Benefits. The premise isn’t surprising. Two very close friends continue to be each other’s wedding dates until people start to recognize that they would actually make a pretty great couple!

In a way, this reminds me of Manan and I because while we are not and have never been anything more than friends, we have been to four weddings together.

The movie stars Maya Erskine who is one half of the lead in my favorite show PEN15 and Jack Quaid – son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Roberts. PLUS ONE comes out in theaters June 14th!

11 May 2019

Tyra Banks Is The Cover Star of Sports Illustrated Swim

Tyra may have retired back in 2005, but she’s still got it! In news that no one expected, Tyra Banks is gracing the cover of this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and killing it. At 45, Banks is proving to everyone that age and body can’t stop you from owning a cover shot. In fact, she cited this not only as her motivation, but a personal achievement for herself. Another reason why this cover is iconic, is because Banks also appeared on the cover back in 1997. Back then, she was the first Black model to ever appear by herself on the cover of the magazine.

This is Tyra’s third cover with the magazine and hopefully not her last!


05 May 2019

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05 May 2019

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas Married In Vegas

Trust me when I tell you that I never thought Sophie and Joe would become one of my favorite celebrity couples. I’ve always been a fan of The Jonas Brothers from the start, but I have never really watched Game of Thrones. I don’t even know their backstory even though I’m sure I could find it out in five seconds through a Google search.

Sophie first caught my eye when she appeared in their comeback music video for “Sucker” alongside the other Jonas wives. Back then, she was still a fiance, but a total scene stealer in the best way possible. Her moves were dynamic and unforgettable. Who could forget her taking a bite out of the bush? The two were slated to marry this summer in Europe, but then in a curveball move, headed to the alter in Vegas after the Billboard Music Awards. Did anyone see this coming? Both reps for the two have already confirmed that the two are, indeed, married. Diplo even live streamed the event for his Instagram. It’s poor taste because I would never do that, but it felt like all rules were out with this one. Congrats to the happy couple! Sophie wore a white Bevsa jumpsuit, but we can’t wait to see what she wears for their 2nd summer wedding.


04 May 2019

Nerdwriter Talks The Florida Project

The Florida Project was one of my favorite films from 2017, but didn’t actually receive that much recognition or attention. I remember watching this in theaters without having known the premise. There was a lot to love and take in, but until watching this video, I didn’t know why these things pulled me in. If you have a chance to see it, you definitely should. But don’t watch this video until after.

13 Apr 2019

Cute Watch Of The Weekend

Mila Kunis took over for Ellen this week and this is the cutest interview you will ever see. We’re actually going to post a string of videos tonight because at the end of the week, that’s all I have the capacity for! I kid. It has been a busy work week and today, Angel and I spent four hours planning our trip to Taiwan. Soon, we’ll really be on a mini hiatus from Yow Yow! but I can’t wait to bring back all this great Taiwan content back home to you all.

07 Apr 2019

A Collection Part 54

For me, birthdays can act as complete shifts in your life. It was decided that this year, I wouldn’t celebrate the way I normally would and opt for smaller gatherings. The morning after last weekend’s wedding, my friends and I seemed to all decide that we were going to change our perspectives on how we had been “doing life.” In my day-to-day, my weekdays are now packed with activities every night while my weekends are seemingly quite open.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it worse to go out and have a night of drinking during the work week? Yes, it’s completely irresponsible, but I don’t make the rules here! I will say, that it does feel great to wake up in the morning on the weekends without a hangover and with a complete and clear mind to tackle the day. It also means I can make it to my 11AM workout class without any regrets.

This moment right now is not in balance, but I have some high hopes that we’ll be able to get there. Eventually.

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06 Apr 2019

Noah Centineo Steals Our Hearts In “The Perfect Date”

Keep giving Noah romantic comedy films! No one else needs to own this space, but him. How is it that he joins yet another Netflix rom com as another character and we still are not sick of him? Side note though, have any of you ever seen his Instagram Stories? I’m convinced that he’s a complete weirdo, but if we don’t have to see that kind of behavior in his films that I guess we’re okay with that.

In “The Perfect Date,” Noah aspires to go to his dream college, but like most high school students, is broke. Instead, he finds a way to earn some cash on the side by stepping in to be a fake date for other ladies. Yes, I know what you’re thinking. This DOES sound highly inappropriate, but of course because it’s him and because it’s Netflix, no one is really questioning it.

“The Perfect Date” will hit Netflix April 12th. *swoon*

17 Mar 2019

Lilly Singh Becomes A Late Night Host

This week, we are celebrating the stunning Lilly Singh. Why? Because as Carson Daly retires from his late night show, Singh is taking over. She joins both Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyer for the late night lineup. Singh is the first Indian woman to be offered this role and her new show will be called “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” How much do we love this?!

“I’m so excited because I truly get to create a show from scratch, I get to make it inclusive, I get to create comedy segments and interview people and really create something that I believe in,” she continued. “I’m so honored and humbled.”

Singh may not be a household name yet, but she’s sure to make waves. With her career started on YouTube, Singh is a dynamic Indian Bi-Sexual woman who is going to leave her mark on the late night world. I grew up with Carson Daly from the TRL days and even watched his late night show well into college. He’s iconic for me in some way and while I haven’t stayed up THAT late in a very long time, I’m excited to see a new power woman step up into this position. Singh’s show will arrive this coming fall.


16 Mar 2019

Barbara Palvin is a Victoria’s Secret Angel

Model Barbara Palvin has snagged a spot as a Victoria’s Secret Angel! She has walked in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show twice and now joins the coveted club like many before her. Current angels include Taylor Hill, Stella Maxwell, and Jasmine Tookes. The 25-year old model is the first Hungarian model to be a part of the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

While Barbara is beautiful and shares so much of her personality on her Instagram, there’s much more to her story than this and of course, dating Dylan Sprouse. Barbara has been vocal about sticking up for herself after being fat shamed when featured in Sports Illustrated. There were also rumors that this may have been one of the reasons why she didn’t consistently walk in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Whatever the case, haters can step aside because Barbara earning the Angel title is all that matters. Here’s her Instagram post below of her making her big announcement!


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