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14 Oct 2019

Kate Jenkins’ Crocheted Baked Goods

If seen from afar, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that these were made out of crochet! Since we’ve had Yow Yow, these are some of the posts I love sharing. Growing up, all of my toys came from the toy store and nowhere else. Everything was plastic and like every other toy my friends would own. Pieces like these tug at my heart strings though. They are so unique and made with a certain kind of care that you just can’t find at a store. While I think these would make for interesting pieces in a home, I imagine that they’d be even more delightful for a child who dreams of being a future baker and coming up with their own creations out of these.

I’m in love with Kate Jenkins’ designs and if you love these, you can view more on her [Instagram].

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23 Sep 2019

Wedding Mondays

It is such a treat when I get permission to share a wedding video from one my friends. In our last Wedding Mondays post, it may have seemed like I was completely fed up with the series that I created on Yow Yow! but this post is quite the opposite. You may not believe me, but I likely would have posted this even if I didn’t know Anji and Sherwin. Prior to them hiring Kapsule Co. I had been following them on Instagram for some time. It’s unclear how I first discovered them, but I loved them for their simplicity and timeless elegance. It’s not just the weddings they shoot that fall into this category, it’s their natural aesthetic. The only downside? We wished the wedding video could have been longer because it left us wanting more – just like the day itself.

Sherwin and I met as coworkers back in 2014 and remained friends even after we both left the company. It was that same friendship that led us to working together again in present time. So of course, nothing could make this more special than seeing someone I’ve worked alongside closely for years get married! It was a perfect day in Winters, California. The venue itself was flawless serving all aspects of the day with four designated areas in one: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dance party. I haven’t seen a better transition from one area to another in any other wedding that I’ve attended.

In addition to their Winters wedding, Anji and Sherwin also had a ceremony in China. This juxtaposition within the wedding video of merging these two events is one of my favorite parts and a nice addition given that many of their friends and family didn’t get to see this part since it was kept small.

Honestly, my commentary of this wedding doesn’t do it any justice. Instead, here’s a nice feature of it from the Park Winters [wedding blog] that is worth reading/viewing from start to finish!

07 Sep 2019

Chicago Will Be Home To Largest Starbucks

In a world in which you would believe Seattle would be the clear winner, it actually isn’t! Prior to Chicago now taking over with the largest Starbucks, that title used to belong to Tokyo. This November, the Chicago Starbucks will move into the 4-story 43,000 square foot store front that used to belong to a former Crate & Barrel. Like other Starbucks locations that you have known to grow and love, it will feature an array of teas, coffees, and cafe food selections. I’m really unclear on how it needs to be 4-stories, but I’m curious to see how the space will be used.


02 Sep 2019

Wedding Mondays

It’s been a little bit quiet on the “Wedding Mondays” front and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. In a way, we’ve sort of outgrown wedding videos! Don’t worry; I was as shocked as you when I discovered this revelation in myself too. Here’s how I got to this point though. When you’ve been watching wedding videos on a consistent basis for this many years, you’ve seen them all. When I first started this series, I would watch a handful and love every single one. Back then in 2009-2010, having a wedding videographer wasn’t as popular because it was another expense. As more and more vendors come onto the scene, I find myself identifying with very few.

More often times than not, I will start a video and within seconds, I know I don’t want to finish it. It’s not because I know it won’t be good, but because I know how it will end. Those aren’t the videos that I want to see anymore and of course, I want to stress that this is in no way meant to be disrespectful to a) couples or b) the videographers who have made a living out of this. But at the end of the day, I do decide what I want to post.

For Yow Yow! though we’ve just outgrown this tradition that we’ve known grown to love. I know this doesn’t come as a surprise because the time in between from every last “Wedding Mondays” post would start to stretch even longer. From time to time, there will be a video that I’ll come across and want to post, but it just feels like the right time to sunset this series. Don’t worry; I still love them. I still want every friend of mine to have a wedding video no matter what.

I chose this one today because it was, in my eyes, different! I love seeing shots of Europe and destination weddings mostly because I have never been to Europe myself. The detail shots completely make this and the bride’s headpiece was a scene stealer for sure. To view the entire post on Style Me Pretty click [here]

01 Sep 2019

A Collection Part 55

It seems like these posts always get worked on when I have chunks of time to carve out for myself. They are the ones that I want to be the most thoughtful about. So if I’m stressed because of a deadline or under pressure, it’s not a good time. However, it’s moments like these where I do feel a bit of stress, but it’s these images that put me at ease. I read somewhere recently that when you have anxiety at work, there are a few things to remedy it. You can count or you can start listing things in a category. Anything that takes your mind off of what it is that causes you stress for a bit does the job. For me, it’s these types of images. They are the ones that spark whimsey, creativity, or a different perspective. What is it for you all that helps get you out of a rut like mine?

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31 Aug 2019

SMOKO’s Adorable AirPod Cases

I’m likely the last person in my office without AirPods and I’m still continuing that streak of not caving. These adorable cases by [SMOKO] are about to change my mind though! I’m obsessed with all things cute and this is no exception. Not only are they just the food and drinks that I like, but they are the ones that I love. Those AirPods can be quite pesky and as I hear from my friends always getting lost. Why not keep them safe by purchasing one of these for $12 a pop?


25 Aug 2019

Cutest Dumpster Fire

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Here's my first #ComicCon exclusive reveal, the limited edition DUMPSTER FIRE resin toy. Is everything around you a waking nightmare? Celebrate with some kawaii trash, just like your life! This toy is based on my Dumpster Fire GIF and pin. You’ll be able to choose between a regular version, which is limited to just 50 pieces, and a blue flame variant, which is limited to just 10. Each of the 3.5″x3.5″x2.75″ toys (which were beautifully hand casted and painted by the amazing @propsandpop ) come signed and numbered by me, and will retail for $50 each! You can get yours at booth 1532 #art #artwork #resin #resinart #toy #designertoy #cute #kawaii #100soft #sdcc #sdccexclusive #resintoy #dumpster #dumpsterfire #trash #trashfire

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Easily, the cutest thing I’ve seen all weekend long in content. I’m a little overdue on finding this post, but from now on every time I use this phrase I’ll think of these cuties. Okay, but polling all of you – is this considered inappropriate or work-appropriate for a desk in the office?

24 Aug 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • Dr. Ruth Says ‘Make Time’ For Sex [New York Times]
  • A Bowl of Cut Fruits Is How Asian Moms Say: I Love You [Taste] This is my own mother! <3
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  • How Complaining Turns Co-Workers Into Friends [The Cut]
  • How to Tip [Grub Street]
  • LA Ice Cream Truck Charges Influencers Double [Ohnotheydidnt]
  • This warms my heart every time [Instagram]
  • 100 Best Memes of All Time [Thrillist]
  • Iowa Official Resigns After Sending Agency-Wide Email About Tupac [Fader]
  • How to Deal With Anxiety At Work, According to Experts [Bustle]
  • Let Your White Jeans Get Stained [The Cut]
  • In Memoriam of 2019’s Celebrity Breakups [W Magazine]
13 Jul 2019

Pacifica’s Taco Bell Is Officially Remodeled

On a recent outing to Half Moon Bay, Kevin’s only wish was a trip to the Taco Bell Cantina on the ride home. To our dismay, when we arrived it was completely fenced up for remodeling. As of today, the remodel is done and the restaurant is back open for business! Though I haven’t been here personally, I’m pretty sure it’s the nicest Taco Bell to ever exist. Not only is it beachside, but it’s one of the few Taco Bells that serves alcohol – a rare commodity. How can you not have your nachos with a cold beer or a glass of wine though?


13 Jul 2019

Joseph Lee’s Abstract Portraits

Having grown up with an artistic parent, I am naturally drawn to different interpretations of art. [Colossal] is one of my favorite blogs because of how they are always highlighting different artists. I’ve never seen the same thing twice here and it’s an outlet for me to be able to share on Yow Yow! as well. Based out of LA, Joseph Lee creates portraits using different strokes, colors, and amounts of oil paint. Collectively, they all add up to a portrait, but the level of strokes bring about a certain kind of texture and depth.

Lee began painting as a way to channel his creativity after a failed acting audition. “After working on a long project, I needed to protect my energy and be selfish with my time,” he told Shape/Shift Report. “I don’t have any formal artistic training and coming from a theater background, human behavior and emotions were the closest references I had to paint.”

For more of his work, visit his Instagram [here]



  • Headed out of the city tomorrow ✌🏽
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  • Breaking my feed aesthetic to bring you the ✌🏽 things I loved in the last week: mango white claw and the largest pizza slice I’ve ever had wrapped in a paper towel for later

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