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02 Jul 2020

Blog Roundup

  • How to Strengthen Your Immune System By Eating Better [GQ]
  • Racism Doesn’t Blink [The Cut]
  • iPhone User Creates Shortcut to Record Police Encounters [Hypebae]
  • 22 Awkward Situations You Might Experience During COVID-19 and How to Deal [The Thirty]
  • Why This Font Is Everywhere [Vox]
  • K-Pop Fans and TikTok Teens Successfully Sabotage Trump’s Tulsa Rally [High Snobiety]
  • Me, My Father, and Russell Wilson [Slate]
  • Nomadic Couple Transforms Ordinary School Bus Into Chic Tiny Home on Wheels [My Modern Met]
  • See How All 50 States Are Reopening (And Closing Again) [New York Times]
  • Microsoft to Permanently Close All Retail Stores [Hypebeast]
  • How to Clean Your Face Mask and Protect Your Skin [Vogue]
29 Jun 2020

Facebook Wants You to Think Twice About Posting That Article

With the election right around the corner, Facebook is cracking down on fake news. This is a big step for them in the right direction, but they aren’t exactly at the forefront of this movement. Twitter is doing a much better job currently. One of my biggest pet peeves in general is when people share things to social media and think they are all of a sudden “breaking the news.” What makes this worse is when the “news” is actually not only out dated, but false. What’s wrong with people? If you’re going to take the time to read the article (looks like you may not have) at least read the date it was published.

Now whenever a user considers doing this and the article itself is at least three months old, Facebook will notify you with a pop-up. It’s subtle, but helpful and could actually prevent you from receiving any backlash so maybe we should take the hint. This feature is already being used now.


29 Jun 2020

Kellogg’s Mashups

As a kid, I didn’t want to be confined to having one kind of cereal for breakfast. In our household, we were regulars at mixing together all of our leftovers for one meal and cereal was no exception. Everyone else must have had the same idea because Kellogg is now creating these mashup boxes that combine two of your favorite cereals in one. For now, Frosted Flakes and Fruit Loops is the only box available and is now in stores nationwide. Here’s hoping that this first box is the launch pad for other favorite combos!


20 Jun 2020

I Am Square

More than ever these days, when I’m checking in with my friends I receive back a wide range of emotions. These aren’t normal times. We acknowledge that while we work from home and that we’re grateful for the flexibility, there is a lot that prevents us from doing our best work. None of us have ever lived through a pandemic before. The country is hurting in many ways and because of that our emotions flip flop by the day, sometimes hours. Watching this animation by Paris designer, [Benoit Leva,] sums up what I often times, can’t articulate about how I’m feeling. Using a white paper carton, we see this shape into every emotion with the help of other animations and the use of sound.


16 Jun 2020

Oikumene Church, Indonesia

We’ve been mentioning how intrigued we are by religious structures and places of worship. Though I attended a private Catholic university, I don’t necessarily consider myself religious. When in college, many of my friends and I would consider ourselves spiritual and this was widely accepted by our university – a university that was already considered progressive.

Though we admire traditional religious spaces, I gravitate towards the modern. The Oikumene Church in Indonesia is made entirely of locally sourced wood waste. Since the roof is constructed at different height levels, it means that the space inside can remain cool even when temperatures rise to 90 degrees Fahrenheit and high humidity.


12 Jun 2020

Ramen Flavored Shaved Ice

When beating the heat, I will search everywhere for an ice cream to beat the heat, but normally I gravitate towards your standard flavors. I’ll take a strawberry or vanilla and when I’m feeling adventurous maybe one of the limited edition flavors at Salt & Straw. Tokyo ramen chain has announced their latest flavor of shaved ice: ramen and I can’t help, but wonder what its ingredients are! Should we expect sesame oil, green onions, a hint of corn?

Turns out I’m wrong entirely and the format is not what you would expect. Instead of your standard shaved ice, this one replaces the thinly shaved water you’re used to for frozen miso ramen broth. Underneath it, sits a bed of noodles. Surprise! To top it off, you can add chashu pork, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots. This special shaved ice is available now at Bankara locations and is being sold for $8 USD.


10 Jun 2020

A Gamer’s Coffee Table

It’s not exactly “adult” to have your video games lying around. And of course if we could, we’d have our favorite video games in arcade form in a part of our home, but that doesn’t exactly scream sophistication. For those of you who wrestle with these two ideals, [Love Hulten], has just created a new coffee table with built in arcade sticks. When you’re entertaining guests, it’s the perfect coffee table – a dream really. However, when you’re ready to play, a pull out reveals an arcade setup. According to the company, the wireless setup connects to your TV through a wooden console so that no cables are involved.


06 Jun 2020

Oghalé Alex’s New Series for Cold Laundry

One of my favorite things on social media this week, amidst a very challenging week, was the spotlight on African American creatives. Whether it was in fashion, music, art, design, or photography, it was the positive light in stream of some posts that weren’t always so. My favorite of the bunch and what I’m choosing to share on Yow Yow! today is this series by [Oghalé Alex] This series is for the fashion brand, [Cold Laundry,] where he’s actually the Director of Photography. However, I think this series is the calm that some of us needed to see this week. These images are stunning.


06 Jun 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • Donald Trump, The Most Unmanly President [The Atlantic]
  • The Professional Whose Job It Is To Wear Your Clothes Before You Do [Fashionista]
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  • When You Are Your Parents’ Retirement Fund [Refinery29]
  • Why Remote Work is So Hard — And How It Can Be Fixed [The New Yorker]
  • How Coronavirus Spreads Outdoors vs. Indoors [Vox]
  • adidas and AllBirds Are Joining Forces [Vogue]
  • Impulse Shopping Helping Americans Endure Coronavirus Lockdown [Study Finds]
  • In Quarantine, Cooking Is Our Love Language [The Cut]
  • An Influencer Responds to Backlash for a Black Lives Matter Protest Selfie [Dazed]
  • The Appeal of the TikTok Everyhouse [Curbed]
27 May 2020

These Wooden Doggies

It has been a terrible 48 hours in the world so to keep things light-hearted this evening, we’re sharing another post by [Colossal] Since we’ve been shelter-in-place the amount of doggies I’ve seen around the city have been few and far between. Seeing these wooden pieces of different breeds by Misato Sano was enough to cheer me up. Joy from these pieces span a number of reasons for me. I think they’d make great one-of-a-kind home decor pieces for one. They also have the best expressions and there’s a piece for everyone since they come in a variety of breeds. Here are just a few of my favorites:



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