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01 Apr 2020

San Francisco Shut Down

The video that I shared earlier this week of desolate Los Angeles was actually filmed years prior. Above, is highlighting what is actually happening right now as the city of San Francisco is shelter-in-place shot by a drone. It is eerie to see my city and the neighborhood of my place of work this empty. The way this video is shot and put together doesn’t make it seem as sad as it looks.

There’s a part of me that wishes I could see it for myself, but don’t worry mom and dad. We won’t be doing that. There are times that I get grumpy because of the commute in the morning or people in my way. I think when things go back to normal, I likely won’t have those feelings anymore. I actually miss seeing the city in a hustle on those mornings with everyone having a place to go. I didn’t think I would miss that feeling, but I do.


01 Apr 2020

Joe Exotic Crochet Kit

I’m not sure if you could get me to watch Tiger King if it were any time, but now. It has clearly worked in their favor though! Very quickly, Tiger King was the cultural phenomenon that everyone was talking about. I don’t think any of us will be surprised this year when every other person is dressed as Joe Exotic, a tiger or Carole Baskin this Halloween. I certainly have mixed feelings after watching the limited documentary series, but we’ll save that for another post.

There is now a $7 crochet kit being sold on Etsy so that you can have your very own pairing of Joe and a tiger forever.


31 Mar 2020

Japanese Chef Illustrates His Meals for the Last 32 Years

Whether I’m traveling or trying out a new restaurant in my hometown, I often find myself thinking back to previous meals. I’m lucky to have Instagram to capture all of these if not in a post, at least a story. One Japanese chef takes the cake though for his idea!

For the last 32 years, [Itsuo Kobayashi], has been painting his meals in great detail capturing them in notebooks and standalone works.

What stands out is that all of these drawings feature an overhead perspective so that all of the ingredients of the food Kobayashi depicts can be seen. Furthermore, in the blank spaces in his compositions, the artist writes the names and prices of, and his opinions about the food and the ingredients he portrays. He adds positive descriptive words about his subjects, such as “delicious,” so that he may provoke good memories when he later looks at the drawings.

Since starting this project at the age of 18, Kobayashi has created at least 1,000 illustrations.


27 Mar 2020

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23 Mar 2020

Wedding Mondays

We’re headed into what I already know is going to be a difficult week. San Francisco’s gloom has rolled in, but that dark cloud of COVID-19 is still hanging over us. As much as possible, I want to try and spread some joy on Yow Yow! so we’ll do our best to keep it up with the positivity here. I randomly caught this wedding video recently while I was in Thailand. Without knowing anything about the couple at all, I still felt touched by it and wanted to share here.

One thing that has hit hard with COVID-19 is that because of the measures we are taking to protect ourselves, we can’t celebrate. Two of my close friends have had to put their wedding on hold. Under the celebration umbrella, funerals and birthdays are also stalled. I know this isn’t easy for anyone and it’s going to be hard for a long time, but we have to do this together.

26 Feb 2020

Blog Roundup

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26 Feb 2020

The Wasteful Side of Industrial Design

When it comes to being more environmentally conscious and sustainable in life, I would give myself a “D” grade. There is plenty of room for me to improve and it doesn’t help that I can think of five things right off the bat that I could change in my lifestyle to be better. One is composting. The second is snagging myself a reusable water bottle – a task that I put off so easily, but that would make a huge difference.

In [Dina Amin’s] latest stop motion series, she pulls apart industrial designs to showcase how wasteful the parts of it can be.

The video below highlights a cassette player, old cell phone, hairdryer and a point-and-shoot camera.


16 Feb 2020

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photo | Emily Soto
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02 Feb 2020

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31 Jan 2020

Kyoto’s Ace Hotel Now Accepting Reservations

I’ve never stayed at an Ace Hotel location, but I’ve also never heard a bad thing about them. Even though their newest location won’t open up until April 16th, 2020 officially, they are now starting to accept reservations. Architect, Kenga Kuma, known for also being the principal architect of this year’s 2020 Olympic Stadium, was a partner to the brand in this latest design. All of this, of course, ties together because the hotel will open just in time for the big event!

“I intended to design a cultural catalyst for various people to visit and create a seamless relationship with Kyoto’s community,” explains Kuma. In a previous life, the historic section of the building used to be the headquarters of Kyoto Central Telephone Company, originally designed by architect Tetsuro Yoshida.

In addition to accommodations, services onsite include gardens, a gallery, event spaces, and a cafe and three additional restaurants. Each of the 213 hotel rooms will host classic Japanese soaking bathtubs and original art by Saniro Yunoki. As you can imagine, the hotel will be stunning, but will come at a price. Reservations are [open] and during high season will start at $400 USD a night.



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