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11 Aug 2020

New York City’s Floral Burst

It hasn’t been an easy year for anyone, but especially for New York City dwellers who were hit with COVID-19 the worst. As cases start to dwindle and normalcy returns, it’s clear that the city could use a little bit of brightness. Garbage cans and random parts of the neighborhoods have been hit with a floral bomb courtesy of [Lewis Miller Design]. We love a good floral installation so a part of me hopes that they could stay up forever! Apparently, this isn’t the first time they’ve done this within the city, but it’s as timely as ever. For more photos, click to view their [Instagram].


10 Aug 2020

Mac ‘N Cheese Is Breakfast Now

In a weird flex, Kraft has announced a mac ‘n cheese rebrand to now being breakfast food. According to them, 56% of parents have served their kids mac ‘n cheese for breakfast. It’s weird because I grew up knowing 0% of kids that ever had this as a breakfast alternative. The limited edition “breakfast” box isn’t just getting a new look though. Inside the box, you’ll also find a cup, a magnet and a coloring mat. How big is this cup though and how does it fit into the regular sized box?


06 Aug 2020

Mini Outdoor Adventures in COVID times

It’s tough to feel like our summer is slipping away from us by the day, but in the grand scheme of things, are we missing out when our behaviors are in the interest of saving lives? Through COVID-19, we’ve seen many new projects that artists have been working on during this time and this one is a favorite. Artist [Tatsuya Tanaka] creates miniature outdoor summer scenarios with current COVID-19 staples that we’re all familiar with. For example, the unfolded mask above resembles a pool with perfect swim lanes.


05 Aug 2020

Instagram’s TikTok Competitor Reels Made Its Debut Today

We knew Instagram would be releasing Reels in the US early August, but most people didn’t know the exact date as with every Instagram feature. As I woke up this morning and watched reel after reel being done by celebrities and influencers, I wondered when it would make its way to my app! The wait was unnerving, but eventually we got there. As someone who has spent the last few months on TikTok, I was eager to see how Reels would match up. Around lunchtime, I tested it myself. Within 30 minutes, I was able to [learn and record] a dance routine to Calvin Harris, Migos, and Frank Ocean’s “Slide.”

Here are some of the things I observed:

  • There were significantly more Reels within feed than normal, but you also had your fair share of regular Instagram videos. The content switching between both and photos were tough to get used to. It’s almost like content overload.
  • It took me several minutes to find my drafts folder.
  • It’s great that the music library within Instagram is something you’re familiar with if you already use it for your stories, but there’s no way to save sound clips (or I haven’t found it yet) This feature is important on TikTok because sometimes I want to save a clip and record the video later. Instead, on Reels, it beckons you to record that video in the moment with that audio.
  • Are the effects that you can use within Instagram just filters? Am I missing it?
  • You can share your Reel to feed, stories, or the dedicated Reels part of your Instagram. At first, it wasn’t clear to me that you didn’t have to share it to feed automatically.
  • Posting to feed and reels is decent quality. If you post to stories, the quality is bad.
  • Videos can’t surpass 15 seconds unlike TikTok.

Overall, I found the process a bit clunky, but I’m willing to give this a little bit more time. For the time being, I plan on recording videos to both TikTok and Reels to become familiar with it, but I don’t find this to be intuitive. If you think about it, Instagram now houses feed, stories, reels, and IGTV. That’s quite a lot going on!

One thing that I considered is how Instagram is generally perceived. Instagram has a reputation for being perfect. Users share content that is aesthetically pleasing and create a well-crafted feed. Is there any question that Reels won’t fall into that same pattern? Users that may not be comfortable with video will have a tougher time getting their foot in the door. That pressure of continuing to keep something looking perfect will create some tension. And it’s apparent that Reels is on another level than the quick snapshot of Stories.

In some ways, this couldn’t have come at a better time. With TikTok being on the verge of being banned by President Trump, this is a prime time for Instagram and Triller to move in. The question is, are Instagram users willing to adopt it?

04 Aug 2020

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30 Jul 2020

You Can’t Stop Us | Nike

Before I got into the career I’m in today, I once considered advertising. I loved commercials like this. The idea that you could create something so original and never seen before was exciting. I can’t say for certain that I would be the brains behind that creativity exactly, but I knew it fascinated me. I can’t stop watching this because of the impeccable editing job. It also just feels so timely with everything going on in the world.

29 Jul 2020

Barbie Campaign Team

We are less than 100 days away from election day and Barbie is sending the message to young girls about who they can be. The Barbie campaign team highlights a number of roles including the candidate, campaign manager, fundraiser and the voter herself. These diverse set of dolls were designed to inspire girls to see themselves in roles that make up a winning campaign. We love this very timely release! While an election themed Barbie was first released in 1992, this package looks a bit different. Instead of one individual, it is a team and highlighting different ethnicities including a Black candidate. The set was released yesterday and is retailing for $39.99.


28 Jul 2020

Paintings of South Korea’s Small Convenience Stores

Seeing this post on Colossal is timely as I’ve been watching many Korean dramas in quarantine and these types of convenience stores appear often. In the most recent drama I finished, “Encounter,” the main character’s family owns a fruit shop very similar to the one above. Artist Lee Me Kyeoung captures the delicate portrayals in her paintings. By no means did this project come all of a sudden though. Kyeoung has been speaking with shop owners for decades and these painting are all part of her ongoing series, [A Small Store.]


27 Jul 2020

A Goodbye to Wedding Mondays

When I first started Yow Yow! I didn’t want to hone in on one specific theme. I wanted to keep things broad so that I could always continue to write about whatever I wanted. This is something I still want today, but the things that I want to write about are shifting. Earlier this year, we said goodbye to “Sunday Words” our weekly dose of inspirational quotes. And now it’s time to say goodbye to “Wedding Mondays.” Both of these series have been with Yow Yow! since at least 2012 so while it isn’t easy to wind down, it does feel right.

I think it’s perfectly normal to want different things for your blog within an 11-year time span. I’ve done a lot of growing up during this time. It doesn’t mean that I don’t like weddings or that I will stop appreciating the details of a beautiful wedding or discontinue watching wedding videos. I’m grateful that the series has lasted as long as it did, but something that I’m realizing in 2020 is that I don’t want my content to feel like an obligation. Having a regular series is a huge undertaking. Keeping this blog afloat while having a day job at the same time has never been easy for us. Winding down this series means that we can bring the focus back to content that has become more important to me.

I want to sincerely thank those of you who came to Yow Yow! every week for this feature. We’ve seen some incredible weddings over the years and shared videos that were truly pieces of art and a trigger for tears. I had the chance to share the weddings of friends (always with their permission) and spin off the Wedding Wednesdays series with Mandi covering her entire wedding planning process. And lastly, having the chance to experience the Nordstrom Wedding Suite and capturing all of the details from the Seattle flagship will always be a special memory.

27 Jul 2020

Wedding Mondays

It is both heartbreaking and inspiring to see couples that I know and don’t know persevering through this time. None of them could have imagined what 2020 would have in store for them. All of them envisioned saying those two words solidifying their partnership and making it official official. However, all of them know that it’s not just those two words that make a partnership. It’s all not a grand ceremony that make a partnership. I appreciate both the couples that have moved their dates out of the concern and safety for others or the couples that have pressed on making adjustments to what they originally dreamed of.

Briana and Kris were one of those couples who had a wedding impacted by COVID-19, but decided they couldn’t wait until next year. Instead they threw the most beautiful intimate ceremony with guests that all promised to get tested beforehand. Vogue did such a beautiful job of capturing the special moment in their day through this summary and the photos will stick with you long after you’re done reading.



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