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08 Jun 2019


I’m fast to admit that breakfast is not a part of my daily routine on the weekdays. I often wonder actually if that impacts my work or how focused I am in the morning not having anything in my stomach. On the weekends though, I live for brunch and feel spoiled by my options in San Francisco. Since breakfast is one of my favorite meals, [Tessa Dóniga]’s take on how breakfast is broken spoke to me. Here are some of my favorites that I wanted to highlight:


04 May 2019

Opinion: Instagram Removing Like Counts

The first time I noticed “like” counts was when there was a shift in how it was displayed after you hit a certain threshold. It was years ago, but users remember this. In recent years, the pressures of even having an Instagram account have spiraled. As much as I love Instagram, I’m grateful the platform never existed when I was growing up. As a late 20’s person, I, too feel the pressures of FOMO and validation. I know that at 14, that feeling would have been 10x what it is today.

In a recent test, Instagram is removing the “like” count on photos publicly. As a user, you will still see the number of likes you have on a given photo, but no one else will. While I think this is an interesting move in a good direction, there’s still a long way to go. Validation also comes in the form of how many followers you have and engagement. How many comments do you receive per photo? These two things are not being adjusted at this point.

I think we can agree that this is a positive step towards a healthier wellbeing and mental state when dealing with Instagram. One criticism that I foresee is how this affects influencers and those that rely on likes as a metric for business. Without this, businesses and brands have to do more research on the types of individuals they partner with. It might mean taking a chance on how this reach affects them. If that’s the only downside, then I think I’m okay with it. It is something to consider especially for those that have quit their day jobs to pursue this as a full-time gig though.

Since this is still in exploratory stages, it’s too soon to tell what the impact will be. If this product change helps people feeling better about themselves, then I think it’s worth whatever risk there is to take. I’m looking forward to seeing how this change progresses, but curious to hear your thoughts! Is this move by Instagram a positive or a negative one for you? Do you care what happens to influencers? Should any of us consider how this affects influencers at all?

14 Apr 2019

Karen Jerzyk’s Lonely Astronaut Series

There was a point in time where that space helmet on Amazon was a very cool thing to own. Now when I see it in my home, it’s just a reminder of the other identity that Veronica and I had created for myself. This photo series by Karen Jerzyk makes me feel seen! If we would have continued on with Space Girl for a few more years, we probably could have reached this level of cool! But since we didn’t, this post is all about our appreciation for Jerzyk.


07 Apr 2019

A Collection Part 54

For me, birthdays can act as complete shifts in your life. It was decided that this year, I wouldn’t celebrate the way I normally would and opt for smaller gatherings. The morning after last weekend’s wedding, my friends and I seemed to all decide that we were going to change our perspectives on how we had been “doing life.” In my day-to-day, my weekdays are now packed with activities every night while my weekends are seemingly quite open.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it worse to go out and have a night of drinking during the work week? Yes, it’s completely irresponsible, but I don’t make the rules here! I will say, that it does feel great to wake up in the morning on the weekends without a hangover and with a complete and clear mind to tackle the day. It also means I can make it to my 11AM workout class without any regrets.

This moment right now is not in balance, but I have some high hopes that we’ll be able to get there. Eventually.

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11 Mar 2019

Wedding Mondays

Think we can keep Wedding Mondays going regularly again? I’m headed to my first one of the year at the end of the month and I’ve got weddings on the brain. It looks like it might be a light year for me, which just means that I’ve got more love to share at the two that I’m attending. Jen and Jeremy’s wedding video is a breath of fresh air. I queued up more than a handful yesterday and this was the first one right out of the gate. It’s certainly not like any other wedding video we’ve seen and it was elegant and simple in its own way.

For the full feature (it’s worth checking out!) visit [Green Wedding Shoes]

04 Mar 2019

Wedding Mondays

It’s hard to not love a wedding video that doesn’t start out with this kind of energy! Benedetta and Jeff exude this very free-spirited love that is infectious. Also, how can you not love a video that features their son?! I’ve been holding onto this wedding video for some time now, but knew that it would be a favorite when I saw it. I’m very excited to be able to share this with you all this evening and hope that it kicks off your week right.

For the rest of this beautiful feature, click [here] to visit Style Me Pretty! This dress and her hair are my favorite details, but watching the video, you’ll notice she also had a stunning second dress!

02 Mar 2019

Pixar’s ‘Purl’ Promotes Inclusion in the Workplace

Living and working in the Bay Area has made me all too familiar with the term “workplace inclusion.” It may sound like a complex concept, but it’s actually very simple. How do you feel at work? What does your company and its employees do to make you feel included and like you belong when you show up to work? Pixar’s latest short “Purl” paints this visual clearly for those that are familiar with how this feels and for those that are hearing this for the first time.

It’s a powerful short that highlights Purl’s first day on the job surrounded by men – her new colleagues. Sure enough, these men promote “bro” culture and are quick to shut her out. Purl finds a way to fit in and relate to the men, but begins to lose some of her own identify. When her transformation to one of them is complete, she recognizes another new employee caught on the outside the way that she once was.

This short was written and directed by Kristen Lester and produced by Gillian Libbert-Duncan. Inspired by how she once felt in her own work environment, Kristen felt compelled to share her story.

“When Kristen came to me and said, ‘This is a story that I want to tell,’ I looked at her and I said, ‘Oh my gosh, I have lived the exact same thing,'” Libbert-Duncan said in a companion video.


01 Mar 2019

Nike – Dream Crazier

If you missed the Oscars last weekend, then you may have missed the debut of Nike’s latest campaign, “Dream Crazier.” I’ve been holding onto this video all week with the intent on sharing it, but now it seems more fitting today because of International Women’s Day on March 8th. Narrated by Serena Williams, the campaign goes against the negative stigmatism women feel when we get called crazy. That crazy can actually be amazing and it’s true because women have done these amazing things.

“If we show emotion, we’re called ‘dramatic.’ If we want to play against men, we’re ‘nuts.’ And if we dream of equal opportunity? ‘Delusional.’ When we stand for something, we’re ‘unhinged.’ When we’re too good, there’s ‘something wrong with us.’ And if we get angry, we’re ‘hysterical,’ ‘irrational,’ or ‘just being crazy.’

But a woman running a marathon was crazy. A woman boxing was crazy. A woman dunking, crazy. Coaching an NBA team, crazy. A woman competing in a hijab; changing her sport; landing a double-cork 1080; or winning 23 grand slams, having a baby, and then coming back for more? Crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy and crazy.

So if they want to call you crazy? Fine. Show them what crazy can do.”

Personally, I have some strong feelings whenever I hear my guy friends call a girl ‘crazy.’ And I correct them. It’s not fair when guys do this and it’s not fair that the women aren’t there to defend themselves. We all can be better by removing this word from our vocabulary and I commend Nike for putting a positive spin on it.

21 Feb 2019

Why Safe Playgrounds Aren’t Great For Kids

I loved this little bite sized clip. Obviously, it’s not something that I considered or even thought of while growing up, but it makes so much sense. Playgrounds are designed to keep kids safe and while there is imagination there, there is a block as well. It does prevent us from really letting that creativity fly.

17 Feb 2019

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