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25 Jul 2018

Catbird’s “Welding Annex” Gives You Permanent Jewelry

photo cred | Catbird

The word “permanent” has always been a low key fear for me. It’s one of the reasons why I could never get a tattoo. I’m a girl that likes my flexibility and maybe to an extent – my own sense of control. I’ve been a longtime fan of Catbird jewelry for some time, but my ears perked up when I heard their idea of “permanent jewelry.” It couldn’t possibly mean that jewelry was getting tattooed on, right? Of course not.

For just $94, Catbird’s “Welding Annex” will weld on a very tiny gold chain onto your arm. It’s so light and delicate that you may not even notice it there. So is it as permanent as it sounds? I suppose if you had changed your mind, there are ways of getting it off, but it’s not like your average bracelet that you can remove at the end of the night. I love the idea of a welded bracelet, but only if it’s something sentimental that I know I’ll keep on for a very long time. Readers, would you try it?


25 Jul 2018

Anna Campbell’s “Wanderlust” Collection

After months of not being able to get to my favorite wedding blogs, it felt so good to catch up this week. I can’t wait to show you the wedding videos I’ve got in the queue coming up. One of the posts that I stumbled upon didn’t have a wedding video tied to it, but did it end up being Anna Campbell’s latest “Wanderlust” Collection. I found myself scrolling through the post and having so many favorites that I had to share them here with you.

Anna is known for her beautifully embellished gowns and while I have never seen myself loving a gown that resembled this style, I’m quickly discovering how much it is growing on me!

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25 Jul 2018

Beauty for Breakfast Pt. 36

When we were younger, there really wasn’t such a thing as an evening skincare routine. In fact, my routine consisted of taking out my contacts and brushing my teeth. It wasn’t until the end of high school that I discovered Neutrogena cleansing wipes, but even I saw that as a chore in itself. Fast forward to 2018 and taking off your makeup for the day can take anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour. Aside from just washing your face, you have to use a cleanser, a mask, and toner. Well, let me tell you, I’ve got the lazy girl’s guide to an evening routine down, but it’s not one that I would advise for everyone. When bareMinerals sent me their Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion, I was thrilled to try it out. After making a purchase at their store a month before, I actually got to take home a sample. I had never tried anything quite like this. It was the perfect finish after cleansing and exfoliating my face in the evenings and went on so easily. All it requires are two little pumps to cover your face and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to also make sure you get your neck as that’s a part I generally end up missing. Vital Power Infusion feels like it locks in my moisturizer after a cleanse and doesn’t feel heavy at all after application. It’s exactly the kind of product you want when your skin can feel dry and tight after a wash. For your own Skinlongevity, click here.

23 Jul 2018

Wedding Mondays

I’ve been holding onto this video for at least a month, but writing about this wedding video requires a bit of care. For my best friend, I can’t just toss a bunch of words together. Despite the showers that day, Ashley and Daniel’s wedding went off without a hitch and became one of my favorite days this year. The two of them had an engagement that lasted a year and a half and boy, did that timeline just fly by. In the months leading up to her wedding, we had the bridal shower, bachelorette party, and then the big day. It was a busy last three months, but it meant that I got to see Ashley consecutively more and more leading up to everything. 

Y’all already know how I feel about weddings, but being asked to be a bridesmaid is one of the best asks I’ve ever gotten. I loved every minute being a part of this day. San Diego isn’t just where the wedding took place. It also happens to be the place where Ashley and Daniel have made a home for themselves. To have the celebration there and to be a part of their day was so special.

I kind of love watching this video over again because there’s always a new small detail that I’m catching. The video also doesn’t do the day justice. There really were so many moments that didn’t make the cut, but for a day that went by so fast, this is a great recap. Can you spot me standing at the front of the church wiping tears from my chin? I’d rather have that moment make the cut than when I was ugly crying into my napkin at dinner!

Videography by SJ Videography and Photography by Aga Jones Photography
23 Jul 2018

A Collection Part 51

For those of you who have been following Yow Yow! for years now, you know that these are some of my most intimate posts. Often times, I’m saying more with the images that I select than in the paragraphs I’m writing ahead of the post. For the first time ever, I’ve selected images that come from only one source. I recently discovered a new Tumblr that has become a fast favorite. Worried at first that I wouldn’t have enough material to use or even that the post would be an inaccurate representation of what I was hoping to convey ended up not being a real concern after all.

It has been a week of being completely stress free and living in my moments without having a plan. I think these photos depict an image of that. I think this is what carefree-ness and whimsy looks like and it’s entirely how I’m feeling. In these photos, you’ll notice that there are some up-close shots of a part of a body or detail zoomed in. I may not have known it at the time when I was picking out the photo, but it ended up being more intentional than planned. I wanted to focus and hone in on one thing specifically as opposed to doing the whole “big picture” thing.

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21 Jul 2018

Ice Cream Books

You can find an Instagram account for just about anything these days! If you’re interested, I’ll begin sharing with you more accounts that I follow! When I first joined Instagram, I loved following all of my favorite bloggers, but over time, there were a few other accounts that tapped into food and lifestyle in ways that I haven’t seen done before. There were accounts that had specific focuses and together – seeing them in my feed created a holistic viewing experience. Other times, there are just accounts that I find delightful. Ice Cream Books is one of them. The accounts features photos with scoops of ice cream smashed onto books which, oddly enough, is incredibly satisfying. Enjoy!

20 Jul 2018

Instagram Questions – Ways To Use It

photo cred | Taylor Lorenz – The Atlantic

There’s a little bit of anxiety when it comes to using the Instagram app. It is, no doubt, my favorite of all my apps, but comes with so many features not all of them being that intuitive until you’ve become a pro. Whenever Instagram unveils a new feature, I like to jump on it pretty quickly – polls, music, GIF, questions. I want to familiarize myself with it before it gets overused and I want to try and understand how people are using these features and if they make sense for my account – not all of them always do.

The appeal to questions is very clear to me. It’s your own personal “AMA” and human nature has taught us all that we love to talk about ourselves. While I received a handful of questions, I couldn’t imagine it being as engaging for my followers. Some of my responses felt pretty short and mediocre. It didn’t seem like good content. As a follower of other Instagram accounts that did the same thing, I also found myself disengaged. Then I noticed another Instagrammer using the Questions feature in another way. Instead of asking for questions so that they could answer, they used it to solicit suggestions from their followers. It makes this feature more of a 2-way exchange. The answers that I received on how I should spend my time off were much more satisfying than for me to answer questions about myself that took me back to the days of Myspace surveys.

While complicated to understand these features at first, I like that over time, we can see users applying them in different ways. They don’t have to be intended to be used in only one way. I had been feeling this way about Questions for a few days, but Taylor Lorenz’s article in The Atlantic brought it full circle. The Questions feature doesn’t have to be annoying. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to using all of Instagram’s features.

18 Jul 2018

Find Your Next Conference with conferCal

At my previous workplace, we had a benefit that allowed us to use $1,000 a year towards learning and development. Colleagues of mine put their budget towards books, online courses, classes at other nearby universities, and conferences. In my career, I have loved attending different events on recruiting or panels on culture. Conferences with speakers talking on all facets involved with HR, recruiting, and people energized me. It felt like I was using my time wisely and getting a lot out of it. The challenging part for me though was finding these conferences. Unless it was through word of mouth or passed onto me through social media, I didn’t have a clue what was happening and when. conferCal is a tool that allows you to look up conferences based off your interests – work related or not. While digging into the tool a little bit more today, I even found an upcoming conference just on food blogging. Additionally, you can use this tool beyond just finding a conference to attend. You can find those that you can both sponsor at or speak at. Here’s hoping that some of you will find something you like on here!

18 Jul 2018

Shoe Your Food


The excitement of this re-release wasn’t about the shoe itself, but the uniqueness of the colorway and the pairing of the food being as peculiar. . Chia seeds can be used in a variety of applications and have many health benefits. My joy of using them relates to their texture… and how that texture varies. The seeds alone do not necessarily correlate with the Air Safari, but after sitting it milk, I knew they would soften and slightly discolor it from white to a greyish hue. . There’s nothing like dipped ice cream! Along with the butterscotch dip aligning with the “Monarch” color, which represents the butterfly in the safari, the flavor also compliments the coconut. . The creativity of the pairing and the shoot were a blast! Enjoy and of course, #ShoeYourFood . — 👟SHOE Air Safari QS “Jungle Flashback” __ 🍴FOOD •Coconut-Chia Seed Ice Cream Pops •Butterscotch Sauce

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Food and sneakers – a combination we can get behind! The man behind this account, Bobby Martin, pairs sneakers with matching food items for a new way to look at these two things together. Bobby is a Senior Executive Chef so while food may be his bread and butter at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean he can’t take an interest in good footwear. Any sneaker head foodie would be a fan of this [IG account.]

16 Jul 2018

Brit + Co Holiday House

Merry Christmas from Brad and I halfway through the year! Last December, I got wind that Brit + Co was hosting their Holiday House down in Cow Hollow and needed to see it for myself. I had missed it the year before, but wanted to see their version of an infinity room and DIY craft stations. It was a small space, but Brit + Co utilized it well. Brad and I ended up spending a good 45 minutes there checking out every single nook and cranny. We posed in front of what feels like every single backdrop on display, took polaroids and put them in the best frames and lastly took this photo above where a real life Santa should have been, but wasn’t.

I know it seems like I can’t seem to make up my mind about these Instagrammable pop-ups and the truth is, I still haven’t come to a conclusion. I love to see how other businesses and companies put their spin on it. Brit + Co’s holiday house was up for the majority of December and completely free for visitors to stop in. Brad and I went the first week it opened so it ended up being a little less crowded that evening – perfect for us to try everything out!

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  • The other wedding look had more votes, but this is MY favorite wedding look ever! 😘
  • I felt like we could have sat here for hours and we’d watch the sky continue to change and we’d never get bored
  • Sharing a dressing room problems 😒
  • We have so many options in SF when it comes to choosing a spot for our regular dinners out. I love that this group just prefers to go to fast food and chain restaurants. OKAY 4/5 of us, but he still comes anyways for the company.
  • Melt in your mouth roast pork
  • The cheeky decor at the Park
  • golden glow ✨
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Magic out there

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