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30 Jan 2020

Meet Barbie’s “Fashionistas”

Mattel’s Barbie collection has come a long way from my days of playing with the dolls. Back then, I can barely recall if Barbie had an Asian American doll, but nonetheless, the dolls that I did receive were your standard and signature. It didn’t have a negative impact on me then or garner any kind of reaction from me because I didn’t know any better. In 2020, I’m happy to see Mattel reflecting beauty in all different sizes, shapes, and skin tone.

Barbie introduced the “Fashionstas” line back in 2016 to highlight those were plus-size, tall and petite sizes. Now, they’ve taken it a step further with its latest collection. The latest batch features dolls that have varying hairstyles and are disabled. Even Ken, got a little bit more progressive and showing off longer locks!


18 Jan 2020

Instagram Will Make Messaging From Desktop Available

For some amount of time, I thought that I was only one wishing that this was a feature! I know it can be exhausting, but I like being dialed into all of my apps on various platforms. It’s one of the reasons that I love having iMessage because I can use it from my phone easily, sure. However, if I’m charging my phone in the other room and on my laptop, I can still get to my messages. In fact, it may even be faster from my laptop because I can type faster. There have many times where this is the case, but I can’t respond to a DM from someone from my laptop. It always fascinated me that this wasn’t an original feature. Now, it looks like it’s in the works at least in the form of testing with a few users initially.

Hopefully it will test positive and roll out to everyone. Also, does anyone else feel like Instagram has been releasing a ton of new features lately?


11 Jan 2020

Flourist Bakery and Flour Mill

all photos cred | Conrad Brown

When I was recently back home in Seattle, I was surprised to find that Capitol Hill’s neighborhood was completely transformed. There were alley ways full of shops, new restaurants, and a bakery on every single block. Everything was branded to a tee and it felt clean. I wanted to share this bit because it seems like that was the hope for Flourist Bakery and Flour Mill as well. It was the opportunity to redefine a Vancouver neighborhood alongside other shops that would come into play.

These photos from Conrad Brown are absolutely stunning. The way in which they are shot remind me of cafes in Asia.


10 Jan 2020

New York City’s Garment District Gets Playful

We will never get tired of sharing stories about city installations. New York City does such a great job about this, but we love seeing these types of things worldwide. 12 giant seesaws have landed in the garment district and not only glow, but play sounds as they are being used. At length, seesaws can range from 16 to 24 feet and are powered by LED lights. The installation was put in place to encourage play and will be around until January 31st!


09 Jan 2020

Nike’s Chinese New Year Ad

In the best thing that I watched today, this Chinese New Year ad by Nike. I know what you’re thinking. How can an advertisement that is only 1:30 speak so much to me? This underlying feeling of watching something that is so true to your life is an emotion that I won’t ever get tired of. I hope that we’ll have more advertisements like this not only from Nike in the future, but from other brands as well.

04 Jan 2020

Apple’s Option to Engrave Emojis on Your AirPods Cases

I am not yet the owner of AirPods, but with how often my friends are talking about them, that time isn’t far away. After a poll, it is easily the most favored Apple product of all. Apple has agreed to engrave emojis on your AirPods cases (that have been purchased) free of charge. For all new orders, you can choose any emoji to be engraved helping you to never lose these again hopefully! It’s a tough decision especially since there are so many great ones!


04 Jan 2020

Oreo Unveils Tiramisu Flavor

photo cred | Mandel Ngan

Growing up, I didn’t need complicated desserts to satisfy a sweet tooth. Hand me a package of Oreos, Nilla Wafers, or bake me a cake from a boxed mix and I would be good to go. It has been fascinating to see years later though that there are so many different flavors being released by Oreo. In their latest development, they are merging my classic favorite dessert with one that I love ordering out: tiramisu! Known for its layers, Oreo will attempt to replicated that with two layers of creme instead of one. We can expect these to hit shelves this coming April!


29 Dec 2019

Black + Colour Wedding

We’re a little bit early for Wedding Mondays, but I came across this two-toned wedding that I originally thought was a shoot at first and had to share! I’ve never seen anything quite like this before. If you’re looking for something that very much goes against all wedding traditions, this is it. The couple felt strongly that there was absolutely no white as part of their big day. One half of the couple claimed colour as their own while the other in black.

Ahead of the wedding, guests had only one rule they needed to follow. Couples needed to decide if they wanted to wear all black or dress in color. Individuals for the event were given an assigned color so that they could match the theme. In another exciting event, guests didn’t even know where the wedding would take place until the day of the event.

For more colourful details of the wedding, click [here]

29 Dec 2019

En Iwamura’s Ceramic Head Sculptures

I was scrolling through [Colossal] when I noticed just how cute these sculptures were and had to share on Yow Yow! Artist En Iwamura has created these sculptures made out of ceramic, but with minimalist facial features. I’ve shared some of my favorites below! However, if you want to see more sculptures and the process that Iwamura goes through in creating these, visit his [Instagram]


28 Dec 2019

24 Hours in a Conveyor Belt Sushi Restaurant: Sushiro

Interestingly enough, I’ll be in Singapore this coming summer! Should we give this spot a try? Growing up, conveyor belt sushi restaurants were all the rage. You knew that you weren’t always getting the highest quality, but had enough assurance that you might not get food poisoning from it. Qualities to like about it? It was fast, convenient, and you had a chance to visually see what you were getting before you plucked it off the belt. People like knowing they are in control of their own decisions.

We’re highlighting this video because once again, I love jobs – all kinds! While these were spots I frequented often, I never once thought what it would be like to work here.


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