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27 Jul 2020

Wedding Mondays

It is both heartbreaking and inspiring to see couples that I know and don’t know persevering through this time. None of them could have imagined what 2020 would have in store for them. All of them envisioned saying those two words solidifying their partnership and making it official official. However, all of them know that it’s not just those two words that make a partnership. It’s all not a grand ceremony that make a partnership. I appreciate both the couples that have moved their dates out of the concern and safety for others or the couples that have pressed on making adjustments to what they originally dreamed of.

Briana and Kris were one of those couples who had a wedding impacted by COVID-19, but decided they couldn’t wait until next year. Instead they threw the most beautiful intimate ceremony with guests that all promised to get tested beforehand. Vogue did such a beautiful job of capturing the special moment in their day through this summary and the photos will stick with you long after you’re done reading.


22 Jul 2020

A Floating Cinema in Paris

It’s going to be some time before life returns to normal. However, I’m loving how other cities and countries are taking this opportunity to be especially creative. Instead of your standard drive-in movie theater, Paris is upping the game by doing a floating cinema where movie goers watch films from boats. This is just a digital rendition of what this could look like, but you get the idea! From now until August 30th, you can experience this new movie viewing format. If interested, individuals can enter to be in a drawing to be selected for a boat or a deck chair socially distanced.


21 Jul 2020

Bright Comet NEOWISE Shot Above Mount Hood

Lester Tsai

I never grew up spending a lot of time outdoors, but these are the types of shots I aspire for. I recognize not everyone gets to capture a comet in action like [Lester Tsai], but even being under the stars or catching the sunrise would be enough for me. In these incredible shots, we see Comet NEOWISE in action! Portland-based photographer Lester Tsai traveled to Oregon to capture the comet from the highest mountain at Mount Hood in this incredible set. Since the beginning of July, Comet NEOWISE has been visible to those located in the northern hemisphere. It happens to be one of the brightest comets from this decade, but we won’t see it appearing for another 6,800 years after this.

Lester Tsai


20 Jul 2020

OffLimits Cereal

These aren’t like any other cereal boxes I’ve ever seen. I initially thought they were being used as props for another article piece, but they are the real deal. OffLimits is a new brand of cereal with flavors that you may have never imagined could be a part of your breakfast routine. If the packaging wasn’t enough to suck you in, the ingredients might. Arriving in just two flavors, Dash is made with Intelligentsia coffee and cacao. Zombie, on the other hand, is vanilla, pandan, and ashwagandha. Dash and Zombie may be interesting names for cereal, but they also happen to be the names of the respective characters on their box. Fun fact: Dash also happens to be the first female cereal character in existence.

For more on how this brand came to be, you can read this interview with the creator Emily Miller [here].

20 Jul 2020

Zen Work Pods

While we’ve been in quarantine, I’ve been fortunate to not have to share both my work and living space with someone else. It makes video meetings and calls externally a breeze. However, I know friends of mine who can’t say the same. They struggle with noises that they can’t control and roommates that feel like they’re all on top of each other. [Autonomous] has created these new functional and very minimalistic zen work pods that are quite pleasing to the eye, but come at a steep price. These mobile work spaces give you the privacy you need and come with some basic office furniture like a desk and chair. The only caveat though is that you actually need to have the space for it and for those in the city, that might be hard to come by.

From the website, it looks like there are three different options with prices starting at $5,400.


18 Jul 2020

Instagram to Release TikTok Competitor, Reels

While we await the fate of TikTok and whether or not it will get banned in the states, Instagram has announced the release of their TikTok competitor, Reels. Set to arrive in August, the feature will allow users to create short form content that can be edited with a wide range of tools and set to music or audio. No one is really saying it’s the exact same thing as TikTok, but we all know it kind of is. Other countries such as Brazil, France, and Germany have already began testing it.

Over the last few months, we’ve become huge fans of TikTok, but I’m also curious to see how Reels will compare. We know that TikTok also allows 60 second videos and that their “for you” page is iconic though we’ve still been given little information about Reels. We’ll soon be learning more in just a couple of weeks!


14 Jul 2020

Taiwan’s Wooden Orb with LED Lights

It was coincidental that I was having withdrawals this week thinking about last year’s trip to Taiwan. When I came across this post on [Colossal] I knew that it was serendipitous. Created for this year’s Taiwan Lantern Festival, artist Ling-Li Tseng crafted an installation that is “a whispering between human(s) and nature.” Located in the forest of Houli, “The Search of the Glow” is a wooden sphere dressed in LED lights. Instead of being your standard spherical shape, the pieces are a series of connected ovals.

At night, the sphere lights up the space of the forest, while in the daytime mist or fog, it appears to give a more subtle glow.


13 Jul 2020

Wedding Mondays

photo | Quyn Duong/Diligent Artists

When we first started doing Wedding Mondays, the idea was always to feature a video. It’s funny to look back thinking that the video was the make or break for these posts. Lately, I’ve found myself gravitating towards these longer-form wedding features particularly by [The Cut]. It’s the combination of the photographers capturing just the right images we swoon over and spending more time reading about the couple’s stories. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve loved the wedding blogs that I’ve spent years pining over, but so much of it was about the aesthetic and the vendors. The Cut does a great job of truly highlighting these individuals.

I loved Sarah and Ryan’s story. Also, doesn’t Sarah just look like the coolest bride ever? From start to finish, I enjoyed reading every part about this wedding day from the ceremony at Brooklyn Bridge Park to the reception at the intimate space at a restaurant for their friends and family.

For the entire feature, you can read all about it [here].

09 Jul 2020

Illustrations By Felicia Chiao

Many of the conversations I’m having with friends and family are showing me a wide range of how each of us is handling quarantine. It’s not always simple to talk about and unless you’re there, it can be hard to grasp. The best way to support each other is just that – through kindness and empathy. While I find that these conversations, don’t always paint a clearer picture for me, these illustrations by Felicia Chiao did. They are what I imagine how those closest to me might feel in their own homes and even without text, the illustrations say enough. Her illustrations typically cover anxiety and emotions that we find complex and that’s exactly what we’re seeing.


07 Jul 2020

South Korea’s Reminder Drones

After first implementing smart social distancing boundaries, South Korea returns with helpful reminders from their drones. It’s month four of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean the safe habits stop. Using 300 drones, a number of colorful displays were created in the sky to show mask wearing, washing hands, and thank you’s. The weekend show took place over Han River for a 10-minute show in the city of Seoul. While it may be unconventional, I’m supportive of this organized effort from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport to their citizens. To get a glimpse of what the show actually looked like to a spectator, here is the full video below.



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