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Wedding Mondays

I know it feels like we just waved goodbye to wedding season, but even in October I’m looking ahead to what I already have for next year. Next up? Two weddings in March – one of which I’m a bridesmaid! Honestly, I couldn’t be more thrilled, but this just means that we’ve always got weddings on the brain. I don’t hate it. You already know that. I especially don’t hate the wedding video that I’m sharing with you all today. When you’re reading a post about a wedding being featured on a wedding blog site, it typically follows a general layout. You start with a photo – it’s simple, it’s the venue or the decor, the shoes, or the invite. Then you get scroll down and get to see your first glimpses of the couple, the dress, the wedding party. You’re basically unraveling a story. As you get more and more into the details, you sort of hope there will be a video at the end tying it all together. Ugh, isn’t that just like the true beauty of a wedding video?

This one between Aften and Brian is so sweet. There are no verbal exchanges, but there is a lot happening here. It also doesn’t hurt that they featured one of my favorite songs – can you guess which of the four it is?!


For the entire feature, click here to go to Green Wedding Shoes! (okay the song is Olmos – Hold Me! but ALSO Telepopmusik – Breathe) Trick question, it was two.

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Exercise for Dummies

You guys, I have a confession to make. I have no idea what I am doing! Since February when I first left my job, I made a promise to myself that I would start getting in shape again, but the problem was, I had no idea where to start. Let’s rewind back a little bit. Growing up, I never felt the need to exercise unless it was for a grade (hello, physical education as a class.) I went through the rest of my life… high school, college, post-college relying on my metabolism. For whatever reason, I couldn’t put on weight and stayed relatively the same. Last summer, I decided to pursue exercising again and noticed the impact of it almost immediately especially in my abs. I shrugged it off and thought, “What’s the big deal? This seems easy!”

Wrong! Fast forward five months later – I’m on a treadmill and done after 30 minutes. I do my normal exercises and find myself completely distracted from them and moving onto another activity like checking emails or making breakfast, anything that will stop me from finishing my workout. I also have been looking at myself in the mirror and wondering where these hips seemed to come in and why they’re coming in now. Have they always been there? I don’t know if I like them so I think I’d like for them to go away?

Laying it all out there, I will admit that I’m insecure with my body right now and a little embarrassed that I’m not able to make it through a full workout. Does anyone have any advice? Are there baby steps to ease me into it? Do you have a personal trainer or videos from a trainer that you think motivate you best? What foods and drinks do you avoid? How much water are you consuming? Do you eat before you work out? Are you better working out in the morning before you start your day or at the end of your day? I have so many questions.

Here’s my current situation that I know is not helping. I’m having a pumpkin spice latte every day! Crystal tells me that it’s probably not good for my arteries; it’s also not good for my bank account, but I can’t help it! To counter act this, I’m doing these things for the most part, but I’m not always consistent every day:

  • 60 sit-ups
  • 20 push-ups
  • Forearm Plank (30 seconds)
  • High Plank (30 seconds)
  • Side Plank (15 seconds on both sides)
  • Single Arm/Leg Plank (15 seconds for each arm/leg)
  • Plank to Push Up
  • 25 wide sumo squats
  • 25 Lunges/legs
  • 25 Lateral Leg Lifts

I try to keep this at a minimum and then throw in other exercises that I find and save through blogs/Instagram and use my adidas all day app. I don’t expect that I’ll ever become a pro or a fitness influencer, but I’d like to be better and live a healthier lifestyle. If y’all have any tips, please share!

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Blog Roundup

– ┬áThese museums actually allow you to have sleepovers there [My Modern Met]

– The evolution of women in stock photos over the years [New York Times]

– Here’s why you get better at things after 1-2 drinks [Mel Magazine]

– Advice vs. Feedback [Signal v. Noise]

– How to End a Bad Date [Man Repeller]

– Watching these two people tight rope between two hot air balloons gave me anxiety [Digg]

– Elevator etiquette in Japan [Medium]

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Why Do We Still Use Courtroom Sketches

I’ve actually been wondering the same thing for several months now so when I came across this Vox video on Doobybrain it was almost like magic. We live in a world where technology is everywhere. Our phones can take the best images that we’ve ever seen (of course I’m over here still using what looks like an iPhone 4, but whatever) and yet there is still someone sketching these drawings in every courtroom. It’s a fascination for me to begin with because of several factors – the level of detail, speed, why, what it’s used for. It’s true though what Christine Cornell says in this video… the sketch do capture another kind of emotion that photographs don’t.

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Jimmy Kimmel Last Night

Doesn’t it feel like every day the internet is sharing one of Jimmy Kimmel’s monologues? I’m tired of hearing these. He’s tired of having to film these. I could say that the past few weeks have been a nightmare, but honestly – hasn’t it been most of this year? We are already 10 months into 2017. We will have made it almost a year with Trump in office. Let that sink in for a bit.

I’ve been watching Jimmy’s monologues consistently for the past few weeks, but it’s hard not to tear up while watching this one. They are all worth sharing. He’s my favorite late night show host right now because of these and I think we’ve all just about had it. At one point do we finally say that this is the last straw because every day – every week, it gets worse.

I was in bed on Sunday night when I started hearing about the reports of the shooting. I watched the video like everyone else and I felt myself feeling sick. After the Ariana Grande incident earlier this year, this was already too much. I went to my first concert when I was seven years old and after that music festivals and a number of concerts that I’ve lost count of spanning the rest of my life. No one ever really believed that they would have to worry being in a place that they could enjoy so much, but it’s true what everyone has said. We’re no longer safe anywhere. I don’t have prayers because they’re not enough. I don’t have the words to express the sadness and anger that all of the victims’ families may be feeling right now. It didn’t feel right posting anything yesterday, but I did. I did because I didn’t know if I was ready to string my words along together to compose something like this. It still doesn’t feel right to me in this moment.

I expressed to my friends that I hadn’t had an easy day at work yesterday. I cried; I was emotional over something little and found solace in the fact that they felt the same way. That we were all feeling the same way because of what had happened. I have a lot of thoughts about this, but I’m trying to condense this as much as possible. This isn’t new. We need gun control and now. The second thing that upsets me is calling the shooter “a lone wolf.” Don’t think for a second that anyone will have sympathy for this man because of that labeling. I don’t feel sorry for individuals that commit acts like that and I definitely don’t care to read an article about what he enjoys – gambling and country music. Journalists can do better than humanizing people like this. Paint them for who they are. Leave their interests out of it.

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Things That Should Exist For Single People

I’ve been reading the blog A Cup of Jo since early college and recently (or at least within the last year or so) they’ve been highlighting the work of artist Mari Andrew. She does an illustration for the blog weekly and I find them to be so relatable and perfect for sharing! Here’s a little treat for you on this Sunday morning. <3


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What I Wish I Would Have Known About Moving

Can you believe that I’ve been living in my current place now for over two months?! Just in case you’re wondering, the above photo is not my home. My home isn’t quite Pinterest ready just yet, but we’ll get there in maybe six months or so. Recently, Manan expressed that he’d like to find a new place in the city and since I did the whole apartment hunting thing just a couple of months ago, I volunteered to accompany him on some visits. We have a different set of criteria, but my role is basically just throwing the questions out that we both may have never thought of before going into this and preparing for the actual move. When I look back on my recent experience, Kevin and I – who was with me for BOTH moves by the way, decided that moving from Seattle to the Bay Area was MUCH easier than moving from South Bay to San Francisco. You would think it would be the other way around, but honestly, after living here for a few years now, I’ve acquired way too many things that made the move more challenging.

Looking back on it, here’s a) what I wish I would’ve done differently or b) what I wish I had known:

Plan where everything goes

When I looked at my current apartment, it didn’t cross my mind whether or not I would have enough cabinet space for all of my dishes. I may not be using all of them on a regular basis, but I also didn’t want to part ways with them so we definitely got a little bit more creative, It’s important to consider when moving where everything is going to go and not just your furniture. Additionally, equip yourself with some measuring tape for those tricky questions of whether or not your bed will fit exactly in the bedroom and how much space you’ll have afterwards or where everything is places in the living room so that you’re not figuring it out as the move is in process.

Start packing early

Even a couple of weeks leading up to my move, I was in denial. There was a part of me that thought I wouldn’t do it and because of that I prolonged packing. I convinced myself in my last week that I didn’t need to pack all of my winter coats and sweaters right away because somehow there was going to be a use for them. I made plans for almost every day that week and when I came home, the thought of packing was so daunting that I just wouldn’t. Finally, I had to suck it up and that meant staying up very late the night before my move to get most of it done and waking up early to do more packing before the movers got there. If you know you’re not going to use it in your last week, just pack it. There’s also no reason to leave decorations and wall hangings up in the last week. You’ll be glad you did it all sooner instead of waiting until the last minute.

More boxes are better

There are plenty of places where you can purchase boxes for your move, but with moving already being so expensive, this is one of those costs that you don’t need. The first place I looked was at work. We were always receiving packages so anytime I saw boxes going straight to the recycling, I would just transport them to my car instead. Secondly, ask your co-workers if they have any spare boxes. The week that I was packing, two people in my office had just moved and still had their boxes that they could pass to me. Another popular box that people like to purchase is that fancy one with the bars inside that acts like a clothing rack. Save yourself the trip and ask if your moving company provides these as part of the move and use their instead!

Donate Donate Donate

The more you can get rid of, the less you’ll need to bring with you. Also it’s such a relief to let go of your belongings. If you need another reason, the third is that when you donate the old, you can upgrade to something newer and better! On that note, make sure that when you’re getting ready to move that you give your movers clear instructions because they will wrap anything and everything in sight. They ended up packing a frame I had in a corner that I had been meaning to throw out and now it’s still on the side of my couch and I haven’t done anything with it.

Care For Your Fragile Items

You can write “Fragile” on all of your boxes, but it won’t actually mean that much if you aren’t taking extra care of the items inside. When I first started packing my dishware, I had no idea what I was doing. Elisa came over and saw the job I had done and basically re-did it for me because she said all of my plates were going to break. Buy the extra wrapping paper, the bubble wrap, and anything else you think you’ll need. Strategically put them into your boxes – you can’t just put those things anywhere.

When considering movers…

Not only is moving a crazy time suck and a hassle in general, but it’s incredibly expensive. In California, we have something called Double Drive Time, which means that they charge you per hour in the transporting and then double it just because! On top of that, there’s always gratuity. It’s tough to find the best moving company because there are so many so don’t make the same mistake I did which is continue researching and then make a decision too late that they already booked up for the time and date that you need it. When this happened to me, I was completely stressed and scrambling for an alternative moving company. Luckily, I was able to snag one, but was now paying more than what I had intended. Make sure you ask your movers what everything entails in the price and then do your part to see where you can cut on costs and time. ie) the easiest part is DOING that packing yourself and letting them box it up.

Is your home move-in ready?

When I moved in, I was disappointed to find that my place wasn’t what I considered “move-in” ready. The counter tops and the drawers were not the cleanest and my shower wasn’t working and needed to be seen by someone. I didn’t even think to ask about these things when I was first moving, but if I could go back, I would’ve asked my landlord or property manager to make sure that the place was fully cleaned out professionally before I moved in and would have tested every thing in the home.

A lot of these things may or may not be within your control, but it never hurts to ask! If I’m missing any other things that you thought might be key – let me know!

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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday morning everyone! I don’t believe that I’ve ever shared a wedding video from the team at Lalo Vargas before, but just a few seconds into watching the beginning of this, I knew we had to include it in our series. Since this was a Mexico destination wedding, you’ll see a few different scenes as part of the wedding weekend. I’ve been doing this series of Wedding Mondays for as long as I can remember. And just so you know, the whole interest in this from the beginning was always events. I was not that little girl that dreamt of her future wedding day when I was five like many might think. What caught my eye about this wedding though is that it was so elaborate, but authentic and genuine. Often times, you don’t see the whole wedding weekend. A few years ago, you didn’t even get a wedding weekend, you would have a day or an evening and that was it. I’m always going to be #teamweddingvideo and I love that this is a thing for our time. Yes, it does need to be something that gets budgeted, but it’s so worth it.

To view the rest of the wedding feature, click here to visit Green Wedding Shoes.

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Wedding Mondays

Happy Monday everyone! I hope many of you are enjoying your day off if you have one and for those that are working today – thank you. It’s been a busy month over here with moving and a week-long vacation back home that we’ve actually neglected Wedding Mondays a bit. I decided to spend yesterday getting caught up on what I may have missed from all of my favorite blogs, but the one that we’re sharing today is actually a personal one. This past Memorial Day Weekend, I flew to Raleigh, North Carolina (my first time in the south, really!) to watch one of my first friends from college walk down the aisle.

Jodie and I met during our summer orientation before freshman year of college and she was the first friend I saw once I moved into my dorm. Over the years, the two of us have shared so many memories together both inside of school and outside. Shortly, after I left Seattle for California, she relocated to North Carolina and while I never did get to visit her before her wedding day, it was nice to spend a few days there getting to know the space that she lived in. Manan and I made a little trip out of it and ventured to a number of neighborhoods and sampling all of the must-have meals.

She was the most beautiful bride and this wedding video captures her and Greg’s special day perfectly. Thank you so much for letting us be a part of it!

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