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17 Feb 2020

A Weekend in Suncadia

Even though I grew up surrounded by views like this, I remained a city girl at heart. It wasn’t until I moved to California that I realized how much of the outdoors I took for granted. For example, Tahoe is a four-hour drive from San Francisco. To some, that seems like nothing, but the mountains in Washington have always been much closer. Even Suncadia was closer to my parent’s home than a trip to Tahoe from SF.

However, the problem with always remaining in the city is that I’m not always prepared for climates outside of it. During this weekend, there was expected snowfall that I neither anticipated nor prepared for fully! Everything managed to be okay in the end, but it did stir up some anxiety prior to the trip.

One of my favorite parts of weddings that I don’t usually share is the location of it all. As much as I love a local wedding for convenience, much of the couples’ personality comes from the location itself. Like anything else, it is a part of their story. I was excited to go to Suncadia for a couple of reasons. First off, I’ve never been and it was an opportunity to get outdoors for the weekend and away from the city. How amazing are these views?!

Since I was attending my friend’s wedding as a guest and my roommate for the weekend was a bridesmaid, I had an empty schedule leading up to the event. There’s a hike down to the water from the resort, but since I was alone for the day, I decided to exercise caution and play it safe with the breakfast buffet. The best part was not being rushed in the slightest! Doing things solo is never easy. To this day, I’m not even fully 100% comfortable with it, but I like to practice when I can.

My weekend in Suncadia flew by, but it was such a treat to spend time outside and away from all the noise. I hope I’ll have a chance to return someday in the future!

16 Feb 2020

How I Have My Best Days At Work

“Tell me about your best day at work” is an interview question that I like to throw out to candidates. I leave it open ended because I know that so much can happen in a day and they all fall on a wide spectrum. Some of my best days can include three great phone calls, extending an offer, catching up with a colleague over coffee, or even celebrating a team win. After being with my company for over a year and a half now, I’m starting to get into a rhythm with my best days so much that it occurs often. I think I’ve figured out the formula to making sure that every day feels a little bit more balanced. Here are some of my tricks:

Don’t hit snooze

On average, I wake up at 6:45AM every morning if not a little bit earlier naturally. This is my usual alarm, but I always check my calendar the night before and adjust the time if I need to. If I know ahead of time I can sleep in, then I’ll change it. Hitting the snooze on your alarm may sound nice because you’re getting a few extra minutes, but it can actually make you more tired and more delayed in starting your day.

Give your body what it needs

Since I’m in the office usually by 8:45-9AM, I find that it’s a little bit too early for me to be putting food into my body. As much as I love breakfast and weekend brunch, I can’t be consuming that much food on a daily basis for work. My usual latte at Starbucks does the trick, but I recognize that everyone is different and has different needs. For special days where I want to treat myself, I’ll get a breakfast burrito or a breakfast sandwich, but usually half a bagel with cream cheese or nothing works too.

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16 Feb 2020

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11 Feb 2020

When Your Representation Is Recognized By Others

What a delight is has been to watch Bong Joon Ho this entire award show season! He’s the most refreshing part of every award show. I might even say that rooting for him rivaled how hard I rooted for the Seahawks during the fall season. With every event, you never knew what you were going to get from him. However, every secured win built up more momentum. “Parasite” was the underdog darling and you knew how beloved it was because every win ignited a standing ovation from the room. And it wasn’t a room full of Asian folks. Embarrassingly, I had my own doubts about how the film would fair, but when you’ve only seen films like these nominated for “Foreign Language” and not the “Best Picture” category, how can you imagine anything different?

How vital representation was occurred to me when “Crazy Rich Asians” was released. I sat on this [post] for weeks because of how overwhelming it was for me to talk about. As I sat on my couch watching Bong Joon Ho sweep the award show, I felt giddy and a sense of pride. I’m not Korean, but Bong Joon Ho is literally all of our parents and all of us as children, is he not?

Every year, I watch the collections of fashion week and take notes of the outfits that I like. More than ever, I started to notice how many Asian models were included. The volume of the collections we featured had risen. I used to breeze by some of these outfits that were now considered my favorites. Then I noticed a commonality. These models were Asian and for the first time, I saw someone that looked like me puling off an outfit that I never thought I could. The power that that holds! Isn’t that what representation is all about? That someday it becomes your new norm; you see others like yourself – that you stop noticing how different we all are. With that model, we’d stop celebrating wins in history like Bong Joon Ho made or him altogether. But let’s be honest, we’ll never stop celebrating or rooting for Bong Joon Ho.

08 Feb 2020

Weekend Thoughts: A Second Wind

As many of my friends get ready to turn 30, our conversations have really elevated on its own. All of us started our careers right out of the gate from college, but now that we’ve been doing this for almost eight years, it’s something that we can’t envision for the rest of our lives. For our parents, starting and ending with the same career wasn’t out of the ordinary. Back then a 9-to-5 was also standard. That in itself hasn’t been my normal since 2012! Clearly, the times are changing and while I’ve read a lot about women getting a second wind in different careers, I’m wondering how common it is.

Another question I have is, how early can you start your second career? While eight years of working sure does feel exhausting as I’m going through it, to an older generation, that’s nothing. Readers, I’m so curious; is this something that you think about for yourself? As much as I love my career, it’s not the thing that I dream about often. Some may say, I’ve created a ceiling for myself as to when I’d be ready for a completely different shift. Where that may be, I’m not quite sure as long as it allows to be a little bit more creative. It might involve spending more time on Yow Yow! A part of me has enjoyed crafts like florals and plants or running a shot. Let’s also not forget that my first love was always within music so in that case my second wind is really my first.

Who knew that turning 30 could be the year of reflective periods? I sure didn’t.

03 Feb 2020

What Actually Happens If You Get Coronavirus?

Social media in this day and age can be vicious. I watched in a matter of weeks how one news bit about coronavirus completely spun everyone into panic, even in our own office. The truth was, I hadn’t actually read enough about the coronavirus to be afraid of it yet. That’s where this video comes in! And for me, it was important to stay somewhat informed especially with an upcoming trip to Asian next month. What I like about this video is that it’s not meant to tell you what you do or don’t have, but educates on how you can contract it and what’s happening in your body. I hope all of you find this just as helpful!

01 Feb 2020

Welcoming February

I recognize that February is a random month to be considered a favorite, but Valentine’s Day helps that along. It’s something to look forward to especially because every year January seems to drag on forever. One resolution that I’ve been working towards is this idea of being “kinder” to myself. I mean that in the literal sense – removing self-doubt, negativity, and criticism. However, I also want to include more things in my life that bring me joy. It’s the month of love and loving yourself is just as necessary.

Today, was a series of that. After sleeping in, I was able to get myself to the workout class that I always make excuses for missing. Yes, it’s at 10:30, but mentally preparing for it isn’t easy. Following class, I popped on over to [Acme Floral Co.] to hand pick a bouquet, grab a coffee and actually sit down for a healthy breakfast at [Wholesome Bakery] Too often, I find myself wanting to grab something and go because I am either in a rush or don’t want to take up space. Instead, today we took up all the space and could just sit in stillness for a bit.

My Saturdays are often littered with tedious errands and for some reason I don’t know where all these come from. Every week, it’s a new set of things to get done. Today, I’m just happy to be able to do so many things for myself and to get the much needed rest after a work week. Here’s hoping that your Saturday and the first of February were treated with the love and care that we all need.


  • Never seen a gloomy LA until yesterday
  • One half of a breakfast spread 😋
  • We are outta here for the weekend! It’s our first trip of the year (of quite a few actually!) See you when we land 🤗
  • longest shortest week ever
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  • 10/10 would recommend adding mayonnaise to every @shakeshack bite

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