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26 Jan 2020

11 Years of Yow Yow!

How did we almost let January slip by without a post about our anniversary?! I’ve been putting off writing this post not because my feelings have wavered about the blog at all, but because I wanted to be clear and intentional about my thoughts. Over the holidays, we pushed out nearly 70+ posts. Yes, we had three weeks of uninterrupted time and I wasn’t working my day job, but nonetheless, I was proud to feel productive. I hadn’t felt that energized in a long time. The last time I had a stint of time where I could write that much was in between jobs, but back then the focus wasn’t on Yow Yow! It was on myself. It was about getting myself back to a place where I was confident, taking care of my mental and emotional health, and preparing to return to work.

This past holiday was different. I was able to wind down work just in time to focus entirely on Yow Yow! and get some much needed rest of course. I’ve been sitting on an idea for a series for a year. That doesn’t feel good to say. It sounds like we procrastinated for a year and are making excuses. I’ve given this a lot of thought though. In a year, I gave myself time to focus on a purpose for this series and articulate why this was important to me.

Yow Yow! has opened many doors to me. In the past few months, we had some partnerships, but the goal has always been to go beyond that. I think having this platform can be a window to new voices other than just my own. In the next couple of months, I want to prioritize how we do that. I want to express my gratitude to everyone in my life that continues to support Yow Yow big or small. Some of you continue to read it on your own time sometimes telling me or not. Those closest to me are giving me ideas or taking photos for me. And many of you continue to ask me how things are going and generally taking in a small interest into what I call my side hustle that does not produce an income or money. Thank you all.

22 Jan 2020

Create & Cultivate

I can’t remember a time where I had an opportunity to attend a conference that was purely just for me and my interests and not for work. Luckily, one of my company’s benefits includes using $1,500 towards your own growth and development. Peers of mine have used it for classes or conferences and while [Create & Cultivate] seemed like a bit of a stretch, I was able to make it work. The LA-based org is a community for women and hosts conferences in different cities to bring women together. Branding from their Instagram caught my eye in the summer and planted the seed.

I was reminded of Create & Cultivate over and over again. Details from the event were constant – the date, the fact that it would be in San Francisco, and their celebrity speakers – one of them including Kourtney Kardashian! As much as I love my career, I know that I have a long life ahead of me. It’s not uncommon that many people in their lives will have more than one career. In fact, because Yow Yow! came first, in a way, recruiting was my second career or some of you may say – my third.

The Day of:

From an event planning statement, the organizers did such a phenomenal job! Prior to the event, every attendee received a small special package that included an enamel pin (not cheap!) along with details for the day and the badge you would wear to the event. From the time that I arrived, I knew exactly where I needed to go and how to navigate. The flow of everything throughout the day was seamless. For a former event planner, it was quite impressive, but honestly, I had no doubts. The day was packed with various sessions and panels, but there was plenty of time to roam around. Yuqing and I actually skipped out on a panel halfway to take advantage of visiting all the vendors inside while there was down time.

Try to tell me that there is something better than all the free swag at any conference, I dare you. While it’s nice to take home freebies, it was also a great opportunity to learn about new brands that I hadn’t heard of. Since the conference was made for other ladies who are hoping to become their own entrepreneur or influencers, every booth was perfection. Everything needed to be worthy of being an Instagram backdrop; and it was.

Being an attendee

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed at events like these! A part of me is still trying to figure out months later where the anxiety even comes from. As I sat in different sessions and panels I noticed my energy level decline. I went from being enthusiastic about the day to a feeling of dread and I couldn’t understand why. The purpose of this event was supposed to be uplifting and motivating, but somehow my mental shift led me to imposter syndrome. In a room full of inspiring, powerful, driven women I couldn’t help to ask myself these questions:

  • Am I doing enough?
  • Have I been wasting time?
  • Why am I not where these ladies are in my life?
  • Am I in the right career?
  • What is the right career path for me?

Turns out, we still don’t have the answers to these questions. And these questions don’t go away. I mentioned in a previous post that a new years resolution of mine is to be kinder to myself. Too often we’re hard on ourselves and forget just how far we’ve actually come. It’s likely that the women on these panels who are thriving have also been in our position. They asked these questions just like us and in their own time when it was right for them, it all worked out. Reminder to all of you that these things can’t all be done in a day, but even just the act of surrounding yourself with people who can make you better helps get you farther.

I know it sounds like I described a stressful situation being at this conference, but ultimately I walked away with a lot from it and felt more inspired than I had in a long time.

20 Jan 2020

2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Nothing like writing your resolutions 20 days later! In all honesty, I’ve been sitting on this post for awhile. I’m headed into a new decade of my life so naturally the decisions you make around this time are amplified for no good reason at all. We make resolutions every year. Then, I write about them on Yow Yow because I think it will make me feel accountable, but like every year, they get a little lost. Over the holidays, I read a post about resolutions and why we’re constantly getting them wrong. Apparently, there’s a formula to it so in an effort to do better in 2020, here’s mine:

  • Less drinking, more tea and water
  • Less Ubers, more bussing and walking to get to where I need to
  • Remembering to be kinder to yourself
  • Balancing nights in with one concert every month
  • More books, less social media
  • More quality time with friends
  • Get ready for bed 30 minutes earlier; get out of bed five minutes earlier

I’m not following the process outlined [here] perfectly, but I did tailor this to match more of what I actually want to work on for myself.

11 Jan 2020

The Maze of Making Plans

I love this graphic so much! As annoying as this entire process is, this piece by [Christine Rai] makes it hard to hate. After three weeks off, it has been so challenging to transition back into not only my work life, but my social life. It seemed like around the holidays, it was much easier to push things off until the new year. However, I didn’t want to return both to work and evening social plans every night so I didn’t! I left most of my week and even this weekend open to give myself the time and space I thought I needed. I’d like to think that as we reach a certain age, we all just have this mutual understanding for each other and that everyone wants the same. Everyone needs a vacation from their vacation or an easier transition back.

11 Jan 2020

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04 Jan 2020

Bridal Gown Snaps

No, it’s not for me! Before we jump to any conclusions, I have to say how fortunate I am to come on this ride with Elynn. Out of all of my friends, she’s the first that is giving me the most in depth look into this entire process. And of course, it’s completely different than what I originally expected. When it gets to be my time, I’ll be more ready than I ever was before! Not too long ago, I tagged along with Elynn’s Maid of Honor and her parents to see her try on dresses for the first time. It was a moment in which I thought just her parents would get emotional, but it was the opposite. It truly is an overwhelming (in the best way!) experience and breathtaking.

There’s no way to best describe it. If I could, it’s like watching your friend graduate into the best gown of her life though. You’re watching them transform right before your eyes. Dresses that hung lifeless on hangers in the store now are the most magnificent pieces you’ve ever seen. That’s what that’s like!


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