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16 Oct 2019

SF Eats: OMA San Francisco Station

Earlier this year, I shared a quick snippet of my birthday at McDonald’s which was glorious! However, that wasn’t the only celebrating we did. Before McDonald’s, we headed to my first Omakase ever. I’ve always been intrigued by the idea of it, but never had the occasion to try it. I can get by with some simple sashimi and a few rolls usually! My birthday felt like an opportune time to try this out so I took this recommendation from an Instagram friend of mine and went to [OMA San Francisco Station.] It hadn’t been open for long, but we recommend still making a reservation. They accommodate eight seats and a few times that they serve per day so walk-ins are tough.

It was a different feeling receiving each piece of nigiri one at a time. Since the price is steep and the pieces are minimal, I was worried about being hungry afterwards. Obviously, that quickly diminished as I got to the end of the meal and realized that you can order extra when the Omakase is done. It was nice to be able to savor each piece as it was crafted by our chef and to spend these moments enjoying the meal in a way I hadn’t experienced before.

We had such a great time for my birthday that we actually went back for a second time to celebrate Kevin’s. These photos are from both occasions! It’s important to note that their menu has four different categories which include different price points and amounts of Nigiri. Each time, we chose the Nozomi, which includes 12 pieces of Nigiri and one Temaki for $85. While I haven’t tried other Omakases in the city, I have heard that this price and the quality is a great deal!

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01 Sep 2019

A Collection Part 55

It seems like these posts always get worked on when I have chunks of time to carve out for myself. They are the ones that I want to be the most thoughtful about. So if I’m stressed because of a deadline or under pressure, it’s not a good time. However, it’s moments like these where I do feel a bit of stress, but it’s these images that put me at ease. I read somewhere recently that when you have anxiety at work, there are a few things to remedy it. You can count or you can start listing things in a category. Anything that takes your mind off of what it is that causes you stress for a bit does the job. For me, it’s these types of images. They are the ones that spark whimsey, creativity, or a different perspective. What is it for you all that helps get you out of a rut like mine?

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01 Sep 2019

Our Labor Day Weekend

I wish I could say that this weekend was completely labor-less, but of course it isn’t. A day and a half completely to myself without thinking of work? That I can do. The way that the work week ended completely determined what this weekend was going to look like for me, but I’m grateful for the extra day. I come from a profession that is a rollercoaster of feelings and emotions. There’s an equal spread of highs and lows and wins and losses. Over time, I’ve had to learn quickly how to deal with rejection. As I’m getting older, I’m noticing that while it does get easier, those jabs still take a toll on me and can affect my overall mood. It’s something I know I have to work on, but that surfaced pretty strongly in the last couple of days.

How I initially wanted to start this post though was actually about transition! There are two times in a year where I recognize I can make a change. The first is at the start of the year with New Year’s resolutions and the second is right at the start of fall. The turn of a new school year always signified to me that it was a time to start off fresh. That still rings true for me even being out of school for years now!

If you’ve been following me for a few years, you know that financial health is something that I’ve been working on for myself. I thought about it often, but realized I wasn’t taking major steps, just mental steps. It meant that I felt like I was doing right if I ate out less one week than another or didn’t shop for a week or two. Even while doing that, the money was going elsewhere. My friend and colleague Jac has had a natural curiosity about being a financial advisor so I offered to be her guinea pig.

We’ve only had two sessions so far, but already, we’ve created a budget for the month, changed the way I commuted into work saving myself lots of money and I have her voice in my head every time I think about spending. The most important thing is that now I have someone who sits by me every day at work holding me accountable for my spending habits. It’s a little too early to tell how this is going to go since we are one day in to the budget, but I’m looking forward to making significant progress. I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!


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