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Blog Roundup

  • Meghan Markle: I’m More Than An ‘Other’This isn’t a new post, but this was my first time reading this. With the announcement of the royal engagement, this is a reminder of just why we love her so much. 
  • On Blonde Girls in Cheongsams [Racked]
  • 5 Lessons from Jimmy Iovine [GOOD]

  • Alexa Chung answers questions while eating spicy vegan nuggets.
  • Airlines hate your smart luggage [Gizmodo]
  • Silicon Valley is sneaking models into their holiday parties [Bloomberg] This is absolute trash and disgusting. I hate hearing about this stuff. 
  • Google is rolling out a new feature that allows celebrities to answer the most asked questions about themselves – selfie style [Engadget]
  • YouTube will launch a paid music streaming service next year [Hypebeast]
  • Apple reportedly purchasing Shazam for $401 million [Hypebeast]
  • Hangover cures from your favorite food pros [Coveteur]
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An Afternoon with Orange Theory

I didn’t manage to get a decent photo of my Orange Theory gym last week when I was in class; only many many videos that I could save and watch for later. I mentioned back in 2016 that I had wanted to work on my health and get in better shape. I wasn’t always consistent and earlier this year I definitely went off the rails and abandoned my workouts and exercising regimen altogether. It wasn’t a good feeling and even worse, I started to feel unhappy in my life about it. My daily struggle and reality is that I’m not going to be able to make time for this every day, but if I don’t do it daily, can I do a little bit instead? Can I make up for it in another way whether that’s drinking more water, cutting out sweets and unhealthy snacks, or eating better at work or during my own meals? The answer to all of the above is yes!

My work was celebrating a “Wellness Week” last week and as a part of this they were offering up the opportunity to go to Orange Theory. I didn’t know too much about it other than the fact that two of my team members loved it and did it regularly. Since I’d only ever done Soul Cycle, I wondered if it would be like that. Some said it was a less “culty” Crossfit. Sounded appealing enough to me – sign me up!

It had been awhile since I had done anything this strenuous and I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t even read up on Orange Theory (very unlike me!) How did I prepare? No sugary Chestnut Praline latte at Starbucks that day – only making sure that I had breakfast and lunch and at least a bottle of water before I went off to class. I stood in a room with 11 of my coworkers – all of us extremely nervous since I think the majority of us had never taken a class before. Before we went in, we strapped a monitor to our chests (touching our skin, near our heart and underneath our sports bra – if you were a female) Then there’s me, “Oh, I’m not wearing a sports bra – just a regular one!” It all worked out. I do this all the time, clearly.

The class was supposed to be an hour, but it felt so much longer than that. I don’t know exactly how long we did everything at each interval, but I know the first half of it was just running. During the run, based on your comfort level, you would adjust things like speed and incline to give you a challenge. Surprisingly enough, this was the part that I enjoyed the most! Elementary, middle school, high school – I never liked running, but when you’re on a treadmill and you make that choice for yourself along with a pretty good playlist, it feels like you can do anything.

After the run, we switched to the rowing machine and went back and forth between this and the weight station. This was the most challenging for me because the movement between was inconsistent. Even though I personally felt energized by the run, my body was tired. My limbs weren’t working the way I thought they would after this. At one point, one of our exercises in the weight station involved holding a weight above our stomach and moving our legs up and down while lying on the ground. Almost immediately, I felt my legs seize up. This was something that I did all of the time at home in my routines, but now my legs had completely locked up. I think at one point, I looked at my next exercise and the time left on the clock and just decided to lay back on the ground. I was done and that was okay.




So here are my final thoughts:

  • I’ll give any class a shot. There are so many different ones out there and I knew immediately that Soul Cycle wasn’t for me, but Orange Theory was actually much more enjoyable! I would definitely do it again especially if it was a benefit offered by my company. ;)
  • Working out with your coworkers isn’t weird. It might even almost be better than being in a room full of strangers because…solidarity!
  • For two days after Orange Theory, my body was extremely bloated. It was like my body went through a bit of a shock because I hadn’t done something that intense in quite some time and it was storing water for days. Next time, I’ll likely prepare my body for something like that by being more active in the days leading up to the big workout.
  • Even though you’re able to see everyone’s numbers and what your peers are doing, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is different and you can’t really compare yourself to anyone else in that room. It’s not even a competition.
  • The best part about this was that I didn’t realize how strong I was. Using an 8-pound weight wasn’t easy for me and it was the lightest one on the scale of all the weights, but it was more than I thought I could do in the first place. I completely surprised even myself doing the workout and I think walking away with that feeling was the best part of my week. I didn’t know I could run that long and not hate it. I had never used a rowing machine. Everything was a challenge, but it made me want to be better.
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Wedding Mondays

I had a few moments at work today where I kind of glanced off and started thinking about my own thoughts and what I happened to be thinking about was wedding videos. I hadn’t picked a video for today yet when I was at work. When I went to my bed last night and closed my laptop I had three videos up at the top of my tabs. Would one of them be it? Sometimes none of them are for that week. I started to ask myself why I loved wedding videos as much as I did. How could I possibly become very emotional about something that has absolutely nothing to do with me at all most of the time? It wasn’t just because of my background in event planning. It’s not cause I love romantic comedies. One of those reasons is because I love the work that goes into making an incredible wedding video. I currently work for a company that is heavily involved with media and I grew up in a family surrounded by the arts. It has been there for me since before I could remember and it’s still a part of my life now. A wedding video is a couple’s story, sure, but it can can convey so much more than that.

I hope you all will enjoy this wedding video. There are so many beautiful elements to this New York City warehouse wedding and their story will tug at your heart strings. For the full feature, click here.

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Wedding Mondays

Usually when I’m writing these posts, I’m multitasking. I’m watching the wedding video, I’m writing about it and I’m watching my television all at the same time. It takes a very special wedding video though for me to stop everything and give it my full attention. When it comes to Yow Yow! or any other platforms that I use, I don’t like to brag about my friends. They know how much I love them, but the only time I’ll truly do this is for Wedding Mondays.

Earlier this year, we celebrated Jennie and Zac’s wedding back in Washington and that evening was so wonderful that I wish I could go back. The day went by so fast, but I really enjoyed reliving that experience through this video. The entire day was something out of a fairytale, but more importantly, I loved our Princess Jennie getting everything she wanted that day! In some future posts you’ll find out why we call her that!

If this isn’t your first time here, then you may have heard me toss Jennie’s name around a few times. More often times than not, she’ll ping me on Mondays asking me if another Wedding Mondays post is coming her way. Well, this time it’s hers! Her and I share a love for wedding videos and actually spent a fair amount of time discussing hers and dissecting others (in a good way of course) Jennie and Zac are two of my favorite people to visit in Seattle and even though I’m seeing them when I’m returning to my hometown, they never miss a moment to play host whether that’s treating me out to dinner, sharing dessert with me at their home or letting me watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette on television with them. These two are just the sweetest and everyone loves being around them. I am so excited for them to share their life together.

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Blog Roundup

– Neopets and its internet girl culture movement [Rolling Stone]

– How to plan a wedding your guests will enjoy [Vogue]

– 5 Different women on getting dressed for work [Racked]

– What the “Stranger Things” logo could have looked like [Vulture]

– If you’re obsessed with “Jelena” like we are, here’s a timeline for every important moment in their relationship that you need to know [Vogue]

– My LinkedIn Photo [The New Yorker]

– 101 Ways to Make a $1000 [Money]

– Apple Park Visitor Center now open to the public [Inhabitat]

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It’s the eve of Thanksgiving and I’ve been thinking about this post for the last week. I’m just going to be very honest about this. There was a time, before we even got into 2017, where I had a sinking feeling that this was going to be my worst year yet. It sounds dramatic even just writing that last sentence, but I felt like I was heading into a year of unknown. For someone who has typically planned out life every step of the way without too much surprise, this was an adjustment for me.

I quit my job. I had to learn to interview again after 3.5 years of not interviewing. I got a new job. I moved cities, but luckily only an hour north.

It was a lot of change for one year, but not anything that I regret. I am very thankful for a lot of things this year – all of which are very personal to me.

  • for a job that feels like a community on its own and that stimulates me
  • for co-workers that feel like friends
  • for my health and caring about my wellness and bringing exercising back into my life again
  • for supportive friends and family who stuck by me through these life changes

I didn’t know if we could get here – to this place. Today. But if I’m truly reflecting back on this, I wouldn’t say that this is the happiest I’ve ever been, but it’s definitely the most comfortable. I feel stable and stability to me is sometimes…everything. I’ve had to learn how to do a lot of things on my own this year. I’ve overcome some challenges that I had a second chance at. I’ve made mistakes that I’ve had to just own up to and be accountable for.

I’m grateful that another year that I was dreading actually turned out to be a pretty great one in the end. That’s supposed to sound more happy than not, but Happy Thanksgiving y’all!

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Currently Craving: Thanksgiving Stuffing Tots

I spent all afternoon down at Crissy Field today and while it was a beautiful day with an even more gorgeous sunset than I could have ever imagined, I was really looking forward to winding down this evening. I love my friends and doing things socially throughout the weekend, but I’m also the biggest homebody you’ve ever met. My nights consist of snuggling underneath my king size blanket draped over my couch, watching a movie, lighting some candles, and vegging out on comfort food. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it’s no surprise that I’ve got a craving for all of my favorite dishes from the holiday. I came across this recipe this weekend that combines my two loves – stuffing and tots! How does this get any better? Gravy dipping sauce. You’re welcome.

I haven’t done a whole lot of cooking in a few years, but I took a glance over the recipe and it definitely seems doable. Readers, any of you up to give this a try before me?

Check it out here!

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Ashley Judd on How to Handle Sexual Harassment

I’ve been holding onto this video for a couple of weeks now and usually when that happens, it’s because I want to marinate on things a little bit longer before I post. These past few weeks – past month – have been littered with news calling out numerous individuals across different industries, but mainly entertainment, for sexual harassment and sexual assault. At times, the details are disturbing and hard to read, but I continue to do so because it’s important. I know that the victims, both men and women, likely struggled to spit those details out for fear of re-opening those wounds. I have so many thoughts on all of this that I could write an essay about it. However, I want to focus for a second on the video posted above.

The assaults, the harassment – all of it is just bad. One thing that consistently irks me is the cat calling. I don’t know how we can get away from it. I wish I could say that I’m someone that is quick on my feet and that when it happens to me, I’m able to shoot something back out at the caller, but I am never that person. You want to know what kind of person I am? The one that comes up with a comeback four hours later. It can be hard to call out the people that are calling YOU out, but I really loved Ashley Judd’s advice in this video that she did for Teen Vogue. I hope that others find this useful as well.

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The Puzzle Place

Isn’t it funny how something in your day-to-day can instantly remind you of something from your childhood? I was at work today when Crystal had mentioned to me a sushi restaurant in the city called “Zushi Puzzle.” I hadn’t thought about my favorite childhood show since I was probably a kid, but immediately was reminded of The Puzzle Place! I was in love with this show like I loved Sesame Street and something that was really important to me even back then, was seeing another character that looked like me. I didn’t know it then, but I certainly know it now and understand why Julie Wu was my favorite character of them all. Our favorites are always the ones that can identify with us in some way or another. Anyways, I’m not sure if anyone watched this growing up, but looking back I’m impressed with how diverse their characters were. Well done, PBS!

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