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05 May 2019

Blog Roundup

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05 May 2019

Beauty For Breakfast Pt. 37

When traveling, it doesn’t always make the most sense to bring along your entire skincare regimen. I wanted to be effective, but also bring the least amount of items with me. There wasn’t going to be time for me to mask every night, but at the very least, I could wash off my makeup, right? I was at Target getting some last minute items when I stumbled across Neutrogena’s new makeup remover cleansing towelettes. Normally, you would recognize these in it’s own square packaging with about 25 wipes. Since that seemed a bit too bulky for my suitcase and I was only gone for a week, I decided to buy this instead. I knew I wouldn’t have to take it all with me and opted for just 7 – the amount of days I’d be gone.

I’m a fan. Each towelette comes individually wrapped for single use. As opposed to having the other package, sometimes I worry that I close it incorrectly causing it to dry out by accident. Maybe I should go on to say that I’m a fan of daily anything. I even use daily contacts because it’s more hygienic and I feel the same way about these wipes. You can purchase them at any drugstore or Target, but can find more information [here]. I’m excited now that I can take these on trips with me, but also pop them into my purse or work bag for any quick cleanses!

04 May 2019

SF Eats: Pearl 6101

Tonight, we’re starting with dessert! Whenever Winny is in town, our hangouts become a food tour of the city. It’s positive on both ends because she gets good food and I get to try out the new restaurants I’ve had on my list. We also both get fed! There couldn’t be more of a win-win situation for us. The Richmond area has had a number of new restaurants pop up in the last year and it’s well worth the trek to check out. I was excited to be able to arrive early for dinner at [Pearl 6101]! Between the two of us, we shared three plates, but this ice cream sundae with strawberry and black sesame ice cream scoops was the perfect combination. I never made sundaes when I was growing up because I always felt like it was too much for me. These days if I see it on a menu though, it’s my go-to-order because it’s perfect for sharing!

Yellowtail Crudo

04 May 2019

Five Favorite Pins: Margaritas

[Homemade Peach Lime Margarita]

You guys, I’m in no shape to even think about celebrating Cinco de Mayo tomorrow, but that doesn’t mean I want to deprive you of good drinks. For the first time in a long time, I’m suffering from jet lag and alcohol is the last thing on my mind. I know many of you might be celebrating tomorrow so I want to make sure you at least have resources. I’ve scrounged up five margarita recipes for you that sound both delicious and refreshing. Don’t hate me. I haven’t tried any of them so I can’t actually vouch, but it will all be fine. Happy celebrating!

[Strawberry Hibiscus Margarita]

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02 May 2019

SF Eats: Liholiho Yacht Club

[Liholiho Yacht Club] is the food darling of San Francisco. Even though I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area for years now, it took me nearly four years to actually eat at what most people consider their favorite restaurant in the city. The first time I had a bite here was actually in their basement bar – Louie’s Gen-Gen Room. If you’re ever in need of a spot for decent drinks and delicious snacks, make sure to make a reservation for Gen-Gen Room too. Snagging a reservation at Liholiho can be tricky. Sometimes, it can take months to grab dinner at a normal time. However, if you don’t mind an early dinner, I would recommend going on a weekend and lining up at 4:20 for the first wave when the restaurant opens at 5PM.

During our visit, Winny and I came hungry and ordered a number of plates (not all pictured here.)

  • Duck liver toast, jalapeno, pickled pineapple
  • Hopper shrimp, chicken fried broccolini, miso, satsuma mandarin, everything spice
  • Scallops, Misoyaki pork belly, napolitano squash, pecans, red flame grapes
  • Whole roasted cauliflower, bone marrow hollandaise, picked red onion, shoestring potatoes
  • (dessert) Baked Hawaii, caramelized pineapple ice cream, vanilla chiffon

There wasn’t anything that we didn’t love from our order. This also seems to be the same sentiment from everyone else – that you truly can’t go wrong.

07 Apr 2019

A Collection Part 54

For me, birthdays can act as complete shifts in your life. It was decided that this year, I wouldn’t celebrate the way I normally would and opt for smaller gatherings. The morning after last weekend’s wedding, my friends and I seemed to all decide that we were going to change our perspectives on how we had been “doing life.” In my day-to-day, my weekdays are now packed with activities every night while my weekends are seemingly quite open.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it worse to go out and have a night of drinking during the work week? Yes, it’s completely irresponsible, but I don’t make the rules here! I will say, that it does feel great to wake up in the morning on the weekends without a hangover and with a complete and clear mind to tackle the day. It also means I can make it to my 11AM workout class without any regrets.

This moment right now is not in balance, but I have some high hopes that we’ll be able to get there. Eventually.

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