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29 Dec 2019

Football and My Fall Season

If you’ve been following my Instagram closely for the last few months, you may have noticed quite a bit of football content. It isn’t necessarily new, but it’s frequent enough that it has been brought up to me.

“When did you become such a fan? I didn’t know you were into football.”

“I’m not. I’m into the Seahawks.”

Growing up, my family has always been a fan of the team. Younger me couldn’t have been bothered, but what else could you expect from a kid who wanted to just read and play dress up? High school football games were just a social outing for me. I ended up at university that wasn’t even D1 for the longest time and even then, we still didn’t have a football team. I had this question myself recently – “when and how did I actually start liking football?”

It was when I moved to the Bay Area. I rejected Bay Area sports and didn’t want to become a fan of the 49’ers just because I lived here. It was the thing that I did with both Mandi and Eric and their love of football trickled down to me, but mostly, it was the thing that bonded me back to my hometown. Despite moving away, it was the thing that made me feel connected to my family and something that we could relate on. Originally, 2013 when I decided on this, the transition was rough. Coworkers ridiculed me on being a band wagon fan and that I didn’t know the rules and sure they weren’t wrong. There are a lot of rules! Luckily, I’ve picked up a lot over the last few years.

But here’s the funny thing about sports. People love to tease and bully you for it if you don’t come out of the womb loving it. Sometimes it doesn’t happen that way and that’s okay! We can all learn to embrace it when it makes the most sense for us. Today, is our last home game of the regular season and while I’m excited to see where it might lead for us, I’m also ready to get back to my Sundays!

29 Dec 2019

Favorites of 2019

Favorite Style Icon: Zendaya

What a year it has been for Zendaya! Between Spider Man and Euphoria, she’s had quite a year. And with that, many more opportunities to showcase her looks on the red carpet. We highlighted Zendaya for Snaps for a Snapshot multiple times in 2019 that was a no-brainer she’d be our pick. We can’t wait to see what she serves up for us in 2020.

Runner Up: Brie Larson

Favorite Getaway: Taipei

Okay, when you’re comparing a week long international trip to three domestic weekend trips, there’s an obvious choice here. As much as I enjoy my job and make excuses that it’s hard for me to find time to get away, this trip was worth every minute and penny. Catch my entire recap of the trip [here!]

Runner Up: New York

Favorite Artist: Maren Morris

I got invited to a Maren Morris show earlier this year and it blew me away. I started listening to Maren early on through a referral back when she just had her EP. Those were my five favorite songs for awhile! There was a brief hiatus somewhere in between that made me miss her entire first album. After that concert, I spent months going back through her discography and it was all I listened to.

Runner Up: Hayden James

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Fleabag

I still can’t go over how sad I am about there not being a third season of this series! Most of the time, I’m watching new shows without ever having much context about them and this was the most pleasantly surprising of all of them. It’s also the show that I continue to share with all my friends who haven’t seen it.

Runner Up: Watchmen (still in the middle of this by the way and loving it!)

Favorite item purchased this year: [Oak + Fort Bag 1913]

When it came to my work bag, I always thought I needed something that could transport my laptop from home to the office easily. It didn’t matter too much to me what that looked like. For years, I’ve basically been using this Madewell [tote.] There isn’t anything wrong with it and it’s completely functional. The downside? It’s a little bit too oversized for what I needed. While it had so much storage space, I felt weighted down by all things that I was bringing with me. It also made it challenging going from the office to evening plans. So while my new bag has less space, it is a great transition bag as well!

Runner Up: Orange Leopard Print Dress

Favorite Albums (in no particular order):

  1. H.E.R. – I Used to Know Her
  2. Anderson .Paak – Ventura
  3. Maren Morris – GIRL
  4. Maggie Rogers – Heard It In A Past Life
  5. Ariana Grande – thank u, next
  6. Kehlani – While We Wait
  7. Khalid – Free Spirit
  8. Hayden James – Between Us
  9. Mark Ronson – Late Night Feelings
  10. Daniel Caesar – CASE STUDY 01
  11. Tycho – Weather
  12. Snoh Aalegra – – Ugh, those feels again
28 Dec 2019

Yow Yow’s New York Minute

Since I had my Taipei vacation earlier in the year, I opted for two weekend trips this summer. While Mandi had moved to New York last year, I actually have a handful of friends that had been living there for some time. In my first visit with Mandi years ago, everything felt new to me! The majority of our time was spent seeing and doing all things tourists would do. It was a great experience, but not as crucial for us to follow the same route this time. For this visit, it felt like we had more time. There wasn’t a rush to get in line early anywhere even though we definitely did that waiting for tickets for Shakespeare in the Park! Instead, our time was spent in areas that I knew I loved (SoHo!) and more time with my friends.

Did I mention that my two girlfriends are trying to get me to move to New York? I’m usually the planner for most of my trips, but they did an amazing job making sure that my entire weekend was laid out for me. The first time I was in New York, we were in between winter and spring. This time’s trip was the complete opposite! I’ve never been in humidity like this in my life. How do people survive it? Despite that, I had the best time! It was hard to get on my flight to go back home after that weekend.

And in true vacation tradition, I also managed to squeeze in a haircut at Rudy’s one morning!

Can people live in SoHo? Is this where I would live?

A Mets game!

A quick summary of everywhere we went:

  • [Momofuku Noodle Bar] (food)
  • [Shakespeare in the Park] (activity / entertainment )
  • Tomoe Sushi (food) – 172 Thompson St
  • Levain Bakery (dessert)
  • Stumptown (coffee) – 18 W 29th St @Ace Hotel
  • Grand Banks (food) – Pier 25 Hudson River Park
  • Fifth Hammer Brewing Company (drink) – 10-28 46th Ave, Long Island City
  • Mets game at Citi Field (entertainment)
  • Smorgasburg Prospect Park (food)
  • Gantry Plaza State Park
26 Dec 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • 11 Things In Your Kitchen You Need to Throw Away Now [Food & Wine]
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  • The Case for Actually Being Honest When People Ask How You Are [Self]
  • Confessions of a Serial Outfit Repeater [Vogue]
  • How to Spend 48 Hours in San Francisco [Cupcakes & Cashmere] many of these are right in my neighborhood / are my favorites!
  • 5 Habits of People Who Don’t Feel Lonely [GOOD]
23 Dec 2019

Wedding Mondays

Since I’m on my holiday vacation, I finally have some time to share the posts that I want to share! We haven’t been consistent with Wedding Mondays in the last year and that may be for a couple of reasons. Wedding videos are getting to be a lot longer! They pile up for me at the end of every week and instead of looking forward to them like I used to, Wedding Mondays feels like a chore. I’m into my 2nd week of vacation though and tonight, the idea of wedding videos felt calming to me. As the years go on, I become a bit pickier. I’m surprised at how quickly this caught my attention and became the one I wanted to post though.

From Lily’s dress to the Southwestern wedding venue, every detail seemed like a dream. It looked like the type of party you wanted to go to. It’s a celebration, but casual and not too stuffy the way some weddings often times feel. You never hear Lily and David speak in this video, but from their interactions and body language, you can tell that they are a fun and playful couple.

For all of the details, I highly recommend checking out their post on [Green Wedding Shoes]

22 Dec 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • Why Hiring ‘Rebel Talent’ Is the Best Way to Grow Your Business [Inc]
  • Eating Chilies Cuts Risk of Death From Heart Attack and Stroke, Study Says [CNN]
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  • America’s Best New Restaurants in 2019 [Bon Appetit]
  • 40 Favorite Interview Questions [First Round]
  • When You Hit Send Even Though You Know You Shouldn’t – podcast [The Cut]
18 Dec 2019

2019 Best Nine

This year, I held my breath as I waited for my 2019 Best Nine to generate because I really did not know how the rankings would look. That is, except for one post in particular. Our #1 photo was me celebrating my birthday at McDonald’s this year! If I’m being honest, this will likely continue to be my favorite photo for a long time.

In 2019, I couldn’t quite figure out the recent Instagram feed algorithm and while I had more viewership on stories, I watched my actual posts see a decline in “likes.” My account has been impacted yet by hidden views on likes, but it’s still something that I believe is the right thing to do and that I support.

Our Top 9 includes mostly outfit photos as usual, but three photos from my trip to Dallas? Not what I was expecting! Again, I couldn’t post these photos without the help of someone else. So thank you to my dear friends and Instagram brother for always helping me have new content.

18 Dec 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

[Google Pixelbook Go] – $849

I’m not sure how we were able to start this gift guide before Thanksgiving this year, but it seems as if everyone had the same idea! The guides are out and it’s exciting to see what made the list. This past quarter, I’ve tried my hardest to be a bit more financially focused. In years prior, I’ve never had a budget when considering gifts for my family, but this year it’s at the top of my to do list. Finding the perfect gift for every family member is key, but if I did a bit of research on prices and deals, I’d also be doing myself a favor too. There’s no reason why we can’t have both, right? This year’s guide is covering gifts across all areas and at different price points:

[VSCO Annual Subscription] – $19.99

Read more “Holiday Gift Guide 2019”


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