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06 Jul 2019

Being A Better Guest

There are so many useful adult life skills that I wish I had known before I had to experience it. Life would have been easier if I was able to do a trial run of my taxes for the first time. If I had had a crash course on equity when I first received it in an offer, maybe I would have negotiated differently. Sometimes even as an adult, I feel like I’m messing up the simple things. One of those was being a great well-mannered guest to my friends.

Up until a few years ago, it didn’t occur to me that I should be bringing something along with me every time I attended a dinner party. Unless it was stated ie) a Thanksgiving potluck, or a Super Bowl party, I would show up empty handed. It’s embarrassing to look back on this now, but back then I was clueless. Many dinners with Mandi and Eric went by with a home cooked meal they prepared and I only brought myself! I’m not sure when exactly that lightbulb went off for me, but it hit me hard.

For one, hosting is a great deal of effort. I rarely do it because I don’t have the space. If I am hosting, I’m typically a bit of a stress case wanting to make sure that my home is spotless and that everything is in its place. A small gesture of a gift goes a long way whether it is a bottle of wine or flowers. If you’re in need of other suggestions, this post by [Cup of Jo] was what inspired me to write this post. Fortunately, I’m visiting Mandi and Eric at the end of the month so I’ll have an entire weekend to make it up to them!

06 Jul 2019

SF Eats: Kibatsu

Spoiler alert: our dinner with a Japanese name was just ice cream! Just kidding! We’re actually starting this post off sharing the last part of our meal – dessert. And if I’m being honest, we didn’t take too many photos from this very late planned dinner anyways. After a drive up from south bay, I was craving sushi. I had already felt like I’d exhausted every spot around me, but [Kibatsu] was relatively new. Their previous owners had a restaurant before that they closed and Kibatsu was their new and improved. We arrived just as they had opened for their first seating and snagged a spot at the bar without a wait.

I couldn’t find a flaw in any part of the meal. Truthfully, it exceeded my expectations for sushi in San Francisco. Before this meal, Kevin and I were ready to throw in the towel. We’ve always been convinced that sushi in Seattle was superior to anything in San Francisco. We still stand by this, by the way. But that might be because something is off. Here’s what we’ve discovered and it maybe it’s a controversial opinion.

For the same price at Seattle’s Umi Sake House or Wasabi Bistro, you will get lesser quality here in San Francisco. What that means is that for a place similar to those types of restaurants, you will need to pay more in San Francisco to get better quality. It doesn’t seem very fair, but that is what we’ve observed since we’ve been here. Maybe it has something to do with the cost of living or maybe it’s harder and more expensive to get better quality sushi here.

Either way, Kibatsu is going to be more expensive than my Seattle spots, but it was well worth it. We both felt very well taken care of by the staff and thoroughly enjoyed our meal the entire time. I’m already surprised that I haven’t been back in the last eight months.

06 Jul 2019

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05 Jul 2019

SF Eats: Yin Du Wonton Noodle

The very first time Kevin introduced me to this spot, I was hooked. It actually works out nicely that him and I live in two different parts of the city because it means we are able to try more restaurants at a wider distance. Yin Du is a no-frills joint with an excellent selection of wonton noodle soups. For under $7, I get a bowl of noodles in soup with a meat of my choice and six or so wontons. On some occasions, I even consider ordering two bowls even though I know that’s pushing it.

You won’t find a website for Yin Du and the ratings on [Yelp] are so-so. When it comes to asian restaurants though, y’all know we can’t trust Yelp to do the right thing anyways. The restaurant fills up quickly and can sometimes be crowded, but the wait isn’t long because they’ll make you share tables with other guests. Don’t worry, you can deal with this for how good the price and the food is.

05 Jul 2019

Meet the White Boots

Sweater – Oak + Fort / Dress – Urban Outfitters / Boots – Something Navy

Believe me when I tell you that I never thought I could pull off these white boots. Even as I tried them on, I couldn’t help, but think that I was making a reckless shopping decision. I was torn. They looked good and I knew I had to have them, but boy, did I battle with these breaking them in. As you can imagine, they don’t look comfortable and don’t become comfortable until maybe seven wears. That being said, white boots were all that I longed for this past fall season despite a numbing effect. It’s a gamble in a place like San Francisco, but everywhere I went, they were noticed and that validation alone is all I needed to make this purchase worth it.

I’ve been wanting to share this post for awhile because I was excited to tell you all about them. I also wanted to use this opportunity to talk about something else that has been on my mind. When you start a new job, you have this chance to start over again. If you wish, you can reinvent your working wardrobe too. At the time of this purchase, I had been just a couple months into my new job. In tech, it doesn’t matter what you wear. Hell, in my first job I would wear oversized sweaters and leggings to work. Back then, that look was considered “in.”

In 2019, it’s not unacceptable, but it’s not my choice for a work outfit. My new job was an opportunity to see if I could get others to perceive me the way I wanted to be perceived. Flats and sneakers weren’t allowed to come to work with me. From 2013 – 2017, I owned three different pairs of Tieks that I would rotate on the regular. Kevin got me into sneakers at a young age and I live in my Nike Flyknits and adidas UltraBOOSTs. I just didn’t see a place for them at work. In my heels, I felt that confidence. I felt taller and because of that I let myself believe that I was taken more seriously. To be clear, no one has ever said to me that my shortness in height made them not take me seriously or respect me.

This was something that I brought upon myself. From time to time, I might wear my sneakers to work. They don’t bode well with the carpet so I’ll slide across them from time to time and nearly slip. The heels hold some power. I feel different when I’m wearing them. They make me feel more put together whether I’m in a dress or if I’m in pants and a top, the heels are the instant boost. I’ve been in my role for nearly a year now and for some time, I started to believe this was all in my head. Then a couple of months ago at a happy hour a co-worker said to me “So, what is it like down there?”

“Down where?”

“You know, being your height.”

It was the most innocent ask, but at the same time it took me back to middle school when I knew the people asking me that question asked me because they were jerks. And then it came full circle for me. The heels are a work thing for me now, but it reminded me of a place I didn’t want to be in again. I didn’t want to feel looked down upon for my height and yes, believe it or not, even in your adult life someone can still make you feel small. I have spent many years embracing my petite stature. This was a weird little blip, but it reaffirmed my decision. The heels make me feel some sort of way. Maybe it sounds superficial, but the reality is I’m wearing them for myself and for others and it’s okay. In some sense, I feel like they protect me.

04 Jul 2019

SF Eats: Kaiyō

Hokkaido scallops

It wasn’t until I moved to the Bay Area that I started to develop this interest in trying out new and trendy restaurants. In Seattle, I stuck to my comforts. There were a handful of places that I had been frequenting for years and that I knew would be around for years more. In San Francisco, there’s a new restaurant popping up every week – each with its own unique flavor and fusion. [Kaiyō] caught my eye last fall as spot that merged Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. It had only been a few weeks old when Leslie and I went so we relied on our waiter to give us all the recommendations.

This place is great for sharing and trying a lot of little things. However, I will say admittedly, that we over ordered. By the time our Pork Belly arrived (in block form) we had tapped out. Next time advice for us? Order one less dish.

30 Jun 2019

What A Change Of Scenery Can Do For You

My cul-de-sac growing up used to go all out for the 4th of July. However, as an adult, I have found myself becoming much more reserved around this holiday. If I could have a BBQ lined up every year at this time, we’d be in good shape! That’s not always the case though. Last year, I was poolside with a cheeseboard at my disposal in the East Bay and home before the fireworks. It was low key, but I didn’t find myself missing anything.

We’re a few days away and I’m still without plans, but I’m not worried. This weekend, I considered getting away just for the day and doing a staycation. Could I find a hotel in wine country or along the coast with an extra room? How pricey would it be? While the change of scenery would be nice, it would also mean an extra cost for me. That doesn’t exactly help the bank account when I learn about getting invited to another trip this past weekend that I should save for. I’m not a writer professionally so what I want to understand is if a change of scenery truly helps.

Last year, during my time off I took my laptop to different places in the city – open spaces and cafes. I did it because I had the time and flexibility, but I can’t say for certain if I actually felt more inspired. In my eyes, I felt like the content was flowing because I had the energy and space to think about it longer rather than just the environment I was in.

Readers, help me out. Should I plan a last minute get away for myself (so long as it is within reason) and spend the day writing for Yow Yow?

30 Jun 2019

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30 Jun 2019

Bay Area Eats: Mints & honey

Now that we’ve moved to the city, it’s rare for me to select a spot for brunch down the Peninsula. [Mints & honey] was just one of those cafes that kept popping up for us though. Technically this was our second attempt at it since the first one was a ploy to get Elynn engaged! Upon our arrival, it was clear that Mints & honey was no secret. In fact, we were probably the last ones to learn about it from the sight of the line. What to order: the toast, obviously, but we recommend the sampler so you can try as many things as possible.

Together Elynn and I split the following:

  • tomato + cheese
  • avocado + egg
  • smoked salmon
  • peach + ricotta

Generally, I’m more of a savory person when it comes to breakfast, but I was very tempted by the waffle menu which includes on that comes in a churro flavor! I wish more places like this existed in San Francisco for me.


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