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04 Aug 2020

Blog Roundup

  • Michelle Obama Is Hosting A Brand-New Relationship Podcast [Vogue]
  • A Typing Test For You Because… Why Not? [Source] I’m at 94 WPM!
  • Mask Wars? New Yorkers Will Sit This One Out. We’ve Already Seen Enough Death. [Vogue]
  • The Definite 50 Worst Teen Drama Couples of All Time [Buzzfeed]
  • Actually, Mark Zuckerberg Is Wearing the Correct Amount of Sunscreen [Mel Magazine]
  • People Share 30 Reasons Why Group Projects Are the Worst [deMilked]
  • How NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert Became The Unexpected Launchpad for Musicans of Color [Hypebeast]
  • Can’t Fall Asleep? 17 Ways to Make You Feel Tired AF [Greatist]
  • How Dating My Reality Show Director Opened Me Up to a Real Relationship [Refinery29]
  • Who Influences the Influencers? [High Snobiety]
  • Every Decision is a Risk. Every Risk is a Decision. [FiveThirtyEight]
  • Nirvana Performing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” In A Music Store A Week Before Its Release [Kottke]
  • How Black & White Photography Became A Complicated Symbol of Female Empowerment [Refinery29]
  • The 20 Best Reality Show of All Time [Esquire]
  • The Best Instant Noodles [Wire Cutter | New York Times]
  • Padma Lakshmi Wants Us to Eat More Adventurously [New York Times]
  • Designer Creates $3,900 Wetsuit That Looks Like A Real Suit [deMilked]
  • Take A Look Inside Numbering’s Safe Deposit-Themed Flagship Store in Seoul [Hypebae]
  • J. Cole Is Training to Be in the NBA – Can He Actually Do It? [High Snobiety]
  • Soup Base Ramen Noodle Wrapper [Cool Material]

31 Jul 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Umbrella Academy Season 2

I never thought that I would enjoy superhero type shows, but in the last year I’ve been gravitating towards them. It has been a year and a half since we were first introduced to Umbrella Academy on Netflix, but now they are back for season 2. The cast includes who I consider a veteran, Ellen Page, as a lead, and a few newcomers to watch. We’ll be holed up all weekend finishing this!

What We’re Listening To: Eric Nam – The Other Side

It’s a weird time to be releasing new albums and such isn’t it? Eric Nam is someone I recently have been getting into, but I can’t even really remember how I first heard of him. He was raised in the states, but left it to become a singer in South Korea where he’s thriving. Eric has songs both in English and Korean and we’ve got a mix of both on our playlists. He just released his latest album this week and this song is a bop.

What We’re Wearing: [Lou & Grey Signaturesoft Plush Upstate Sweatpants] – $69.50

I’m not the type of person to own many pairs of sweatpants, but these have converted me into a fan. I own a long sleeved dress by Lou & Grey made in the same Signaturesoft Plush so having this in pants form is a dream. The good thing about quarantine is that no one can see me wear these many days in a row.

What We’re Eating: Ju-Ni’s Red Crab, Ikura, Salmon, and Hokkaido Uni Bowl

Ju-Ni has been getting me through this quarantine with all of their delicious bowls. Every time they create a new one, I can’t help myself from trying it. This bowl was delicious if you’re a fan of all of the above, however, fair warning that it is quite filling. The uni is creamy and the crab is heavier than it looks so if you’re going to order this, just make sure you come hungry.

25 Jul 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: The Kissing Booth 2

To All the Boys is still my favorite Netflix rom-com series, but fine, we’ll give into this. After The Kissing Booth premiered and was incredibly successful, I decided months later that it was time for me to see what it was about. It wasn’t exactly what I had predicted, but in a good way. The characters were likable and I really did feel like I was rooting for them. In the sequel, it was thrilling to see Elle struggle in a different way. Noah is kind of a bad boyfriend? And we like the dynamics of the new characters that join the film. What you don’t see from the trailer is that they spend a significant amount of time in another location and the film revolves a lot around this plot. We’re a fan when trailers don’t reveal the entire movie.

What We’re Listening To: Taylor Swift – Folklore

While I consider myself a fan now, I can’t say that I haven’t wavered in the past. We aren’t big enough fans to listen to her album the night it premieres though. I actually don’t know if there’s anyone that I would do that for. When new albums come out that I am generally excited about, I like to set aside time for it. It’s not the kind of album that I’d have in the background because I want to pay attention to the lyrics. Plus, sometimes we write reviews on here and I need to be able to construct my thoughts. From the poll that I did on my stories, many people seem to lean positively on it. I think we’ll save it for tomorrow!

What We’re Wearing: A White Blouse

Already labeled the closet staple of quarantine, the white blouse is one of my favorite versatile pieces. It has saved me for work days when I want to look put together on top, but comfy while wearing it with plain black leggings or cozy shorts. It’s funny to think that I almost left this behind in Seattle on my last visit because it has been the piece I run to regularly these days.

What We’re Eating: Queen’s SF

I’ve been doing a good job of cooking at home when I can and only reserving take out for special occasions or once a week. Tomorrow, Kevin and I are exploring another neighborhood in the city and one place I’ve been excited to try is Queen’s which serves hot meals that you can take away, but also doubles as a market. We’re likely going to be doing some shopping while we’re there and I’m excited to try a few of their dishes!

12 Jul 2020

This Weekend:

At this point, it doesn’t even feel like we’re in quarantine anymore unless it is by choice. And for the most part, that’s exactly what we’re doing. Parts of the country are re-opening up, but it hasn’t been successful. After several months of this, I generally feel like I’m doing okay so we stay indoors and limit ourselves to the deck attached to my apartment. I did, however, run a few more errands than I normally do this weekend which was a welcomed surprise because I love taking longer drives.

What We’re Watching: The Claudia Kishi Club

I binge watched Netflix’s revival of “The Babysitters Club” in two days and could not get enough of Claudia Kishi. She was my favorite character back then in the books and she’s even cooler in 2020. Growing up, I was a huge fan of the series and Claudia playing a young Japanese American girl with her creative flair resonated deeply with me. She was the opposite of the stereotype that we have all become familiar with and some of us needed her character to pave the way ourselves. Netflix’s “The Claudia Kishi Club” says it’s a documentary, but it’s only 17 minutes and we wish it were longer. The special features six Asian American creatives discussing what Claudia Kishi meant to them growing up and it’s the most heartwarming thing you’ll watch all weekend.

What We’re Listening To: JoJo – good to know (Acoustic)

Before I knew we were going to write this post this weekend, I already [shared] that I was listening to JoJo’s acoustic release of her “good to know” album. Two days later and we’ve still got this on repeat. I always love original albums, but there’s something about one that is stripped down that really tugs at the heart strings. We’re just so excited about her come back.

What We’re Wearing: [Leith Ruched Body-Con Tank Dress] – $56 – $29.93

I’ve been having a lazy week lounging in leggings, but because yesterday was Saturday, we pulled on this latest dress that we purchased. Since I’m new to becoming a regular at online shopping, I never know how my purchases will turn out, but I’m glad that this was a perfect fit. Now looking back on it, I wish I had purchased this in several colors! It’s the perfect day to night dress and one that I know I would’ve loved wearing around the office. For now, we’ll just wear it around at home, but we’re okay with that.

What We’re Eating: Soondubu

Ever since Kevin and I discovered the Soft Tofu Kit at the Korean Market that we go to in Daly City, it has become our favorite thing to make! The kit itself just holds the tofu and the sauce, but all you have to do is add water and your favorite toppings and you’ve got a meal. My usual adds:

  • 1 tablespoon Sesame Oil
  • Oyster Sauce
  • Soy Sauce
  • Sugar
  • Bell Peppers
  • Peas
  • 2 eggs
  • Mushrooms
  • Green Onions
  • Black Pepper

Cook it all up and serve it over rice and it’s the perfect comfort meal.

What We’re Drinking: Yakult Soju

This is the easiest cocktail to make! Normally, I don’t drink by myself at home, but since we’re not going out to bars, I figured this could take the place of my happy hours. I was introduced to this combo at a bachelorette party earlier this year so ever since, I’ve just had it on hand in my fridge. All you have to do is mix soju with the Yakult yogurt drink. I’m told it’s even better if you add Sprite, but we have yet to try that!

10 Jul 2020

What We’re Listening to This Weekend:

Our favorite comeback so far in 2020 has been JoJo’s and she served us with not only one album, but two. This week, she released an entirely acoustic version of “good to know” and it’s the kind of album that evokes all of the feels. I kid you not, we had in the background as we were cooking dinner tonight and I nearly found myself in tears to “Think About You.” After all the drama that she had to deal with, this is truly her redemption period and no one deserves it more. If you loved “good to know” when it was released earlier this year, you’ll love the acoustic version 10 times more.

08 Jul 2020

BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” Dance Cover Contest

We’re not embarrassed to admit that we’ve been singing and dancing along to “How You Like That” every day since it came out. Shortly after the release, covers of this dance routine were popping up all over TikTok. I decided to give it a try myself and it wasn’t easy! Since quarantine started, I’ve been following the dance trends and trying out various routines as they come. After attempting “How You Like That,” I noticed a significant difference between this routine and the others. These are not simple moves that just anyone can do. K-pop performers and BLACKPINK for example perform technical dance routines. While you feel awkward doing them in the moment, the result is that it looks incredible on camera. Don’t take my word for it though; watch for yourself above in a video they created just to highlight their routine.

According to an official announcement on social media, the group is holding a contest for groups to cover their routine and the prize is hefty! Three winners will receive 20 million KRW or approximately $129,644 USD split amongst them. Anyone is eligible to enter the contest and all you have to do is upload your video to YouTube with the #HYLT_Dancecovercontest and fill out an [online form].

You can submit your entry from now until July 20, 11:59 p.m. KST (10:59 a.m. EST).



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