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21 Jul 2019

Song of the Day

Brenton Wood – Great Big Bundle of Love

My favorite Sunday song to dance to!

06 Jul 2019

Song of the Day

Ralph – Gravity

I’ve only just recently started to listen to Ralph, but thought this was a great song mid-weekend!

05 Jul 2019

Bumbershoot 2019 Lineup

We used to be so good at posting these lineups right after they came out! It just occurred to me that we hadn’t shared this one. When I was living in Seattle, there was never any question about whether or not I was going to Bumbershoot. It was a given. Whether or not I could last all three days of the festival was another question. That’s definitely something I couldn’t do now, but mostly because I’m old and I get tired. I see some outstanding headliners on this lineup though – more importantly: H.E.R., Alina Baraz and Taking Back Sunday!

04 Jul 2019

Soundtrack of the Weekend

Happy 4th of July everyone! This year, I’m opting to spend the holiday with a quiet day at home. It has been a long time since I’ve dedicated a whole day to just building content for Yow Yow! so regular work will have to take a seat today. Last night, I rewatched a movie that I haven’t seen in years: Celeste and Jesse Forever. Watching it reminded me just how good this soundtrack was back then and I had to share. If you haven’t seen it, I would describe it as light-hearted “Blue Valentine.” Even with Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg starring in it, it by no means, is a romantic comedy at all. It’s currently on OnDemand if you have it!

30 Jun 2019

Blog Roundup

  • Alexa Chung and Tan France will host “Next In Fashion” on Netflix [Fashionista]
  • How to Show Respect At Music Festivals [TheFader]
  • Keanu Reeves Walking to Music [Twitter]
  • Zoë Kravitz Was Just Trying To Get “Laid” And Got A Fiancé [Nylon] Best headline ever.
  • Instagram Predicts What It Thinks You Like And Is Likely Wrong [Mashable]
  • The Best Bars In America, 2019 [Esquire]
  • My Friends Eats Off the Kids’ Menu To Save Money, Is He Insane? [Mel Magazine]
  • A Sex Researcher Shares The Number of People Your Brain Can Handle Dating At One Time [Well + Good]
  • Bustle Digital Group Acquires Nylon [Fashionista]
  • Nordstrom Joins Forces With Rent the Runway [Fashionista]
29 Jun 2019

Song of the Day

Lizzo – Juice

I can’t believe how long it took me to discover this song. I want this on repeat for my entire summer!


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  • Today was hell, but also... am I levitating in this photo?
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  • Really the kindest side eye I’ve ever given 😒
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  • I recently wrote a post about the importance of being a great guest for any friend that is hosting something. A bottle of wine is the easiest gift to bring whether you are a red, white, or rose. I couldn’t decide on what to get for myself so I chose one of each!

I’m partnering with @winc to help all of you get your own set of 4 bottles for less than $40 and complimentary shipping! Use my custom link below to get your Winc wines delivered straight to your doorstep:

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