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26 Jan 2020

Halsey on SNL

There is no doubting how talented Halsey is as a performer because she’s been the musical guest on Saturday Night Live for two consecutive seasons. And each time, she continues to blow me away. I first heard of “You Should Be Sad” not too long ago and didn’t recognize the country spin on it at first. I’m a little embarrassed to say that I wrote off Halsey way back when after her first collaboration with The Chainsmokers. While that may have been one sliver of her career, it definitely doesn’t speak to the rest of it showcasing just how much she can do. I was a fan of both of her performances last year, but these two are now my favorites!

25 Jan 2020

Taylor Swift | Miss Americana

A couple years ago, I spent New Year’s Day watching her Reputation tour on Netflix. Maybe I didn’t need to because I got to see it in person, but it was still just as good. Lately, I’ve been really into the documentaries on Netflix including the very cult-favorite “Cheer.” This trailer is such a snippet of a lot of different things and leaves more to be desired, but we’ll definitely be watching it. In fact, we’ll probably watch it the night it premieres because we can’t resist watching it a day later behind everyone else.

The documentary will be released in select theaters and on Netflix on January 31st.

20 Jan 2020

Cover of the Day

I was searching for a wedding video for Wedding Mondays tonight and didn’t come across any! I did, however, find that a couple used this cover for their “first dance” song. It was the first time I’ve ever heard this version from Childish Gambino and I had to share it with all of you.

12 Jan 2020

Song of the Day

Halsey – You Should Be Sad

Interestingly enough, we never post about Halsey’s music, but I heard this other day without knowing it was her and enjoyed it on my commute home. I like how stripped down it is without a lot of the gimmicks or The Chainsmokers attached to it. While I don’t listen to much of her music, I enjoy watching all of her performances. They are such opportunities to showcase more of her creative side.

07 Jan 2020

Bonnaroo 2020 Lineup

We’re sort of loving this half space theme that’s going on right here. At a glance, the lineup appears to be light, but we know that there will be more added as we get closer to the date!

06 Jan 2020

BottleRock Lineup 2020

I’m in love with this lineup! Pending that I don’t have any upcoming plans for Memorial Day Weekend or a Bachelorette Party, I’m on the verge of purchasing tickets for this. However, I feel like I’m too old to be spending an entire weekend at a music festival so we’ll opt for a day pass. For more information, click [here]


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