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13 Oct 2019

Camila Cabello – Easy (SNL Performance)

So I loved this song before I watched the performance, but does how much more I like Camila’s music now vs. before have anything to do with her relationship with Shawn? Absolutely, yes. We’ve been following it closely since “Senorita” came out, but even before then the two have been writing a number of songs about each other. And we’re here for it.

11 Sep 2019

Song of the Day

Alexander Lewis, Brasstracks, Armani White, BXRBER – Pearl Magnolia

Sometimes late in the evenings while we are working, we get a second wind. It’s a happy way to end my day, but at the same time it gets me a little too riled up to fall asleep quickly. >_< Here’s hoping that you all had the loveliest Hump Day!

07 Sep 2019

Song of the Day

Camila Cabello – Shameless

Camila has been spending her summer with Shawn Mendes, but before that she was also working on her album. In a surprise release this week, she dropped not one, but two singles. We happened to like this one a little more!


  • take you on a holiday
  • Headed out of the city tomorrow ✌🏽
  • Amazon owns this city
  • this dusty light setting
  • And this week I’m in a puffer in the PNW. 🥶
  • The standout dish of our @chinalivesf meal this week!
  • 🍂🍂🍂
  • Another smirk photo.
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