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27 Nov 2019

Taylor Swift – Lover (First Dance Remix)

After hearing “Lover” for the first time, I wondered if I’d be hearing it at any of my upcoming weddings next year. Coming from someone who has an entire playlist of songs that can be used at weddings, it embodies many “first dance” traits. The pace and tempo, lyrics, and Taylor’s vocals are among a few of those. This is the third version of the song so far, but there’s a noticeable difference between this one, the original, and the one with Shawn Mendes. Any takes on whether we’ll hear a 4th version before the end of the year?

25 Nov 2019

2019 American Music Awards Performances

I know that paying for cable is something most people don’t do these days, but I love watching award show performances live! I’m sharing a few of my favorites from yesterday evening because we all know they’ll be taken down soon enough. Naturally, Camila and Shawn steal the whole freakin’ show. And even though we’ve all seen disgustingly make out, they still continue to tease us in performances.

And unfortunately, I can’t find the Taylor medley.

17 Nov 2019

Song of the Day

David Guetta, Martin Solveig, Don Diablo – Thing For You (Don Diablo Remix)

10 Nov 2019

Performance of the Day

It has been a full week and I’m still not at all over this song. I actually watched two performances of her doing this in the same week and considered posting both, but didn’t want to get too crazy with it. May the rest of her album be full of bops like this one.

01 Nov 2019

Song of the Day

When I first heard a snippet of Dua Lipa’s new song “Don’t Start Now,” I wasn’t so sure. Disco isn’t really our thing. But then you hear the song in its entirety and that changes everything. Dua Lipa has returned and I cannot wait to hear the rest of her album following her debut.


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