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22 Jun 2019

Music Video of the Day

I remember making the switch from iTunes over to Spotify like it was yesterday. It was 2011 actually. Kevin had introduced me to it and at the time, I didn’t believe that it was going to be something that would be a part of my daily life. Eight years later and I now have a time capsule of songs that I’ve created in the form of seasonal playlists. Naturally, this new bop from Shawn and Camila is a part of Summer 2019 along with many others.

The best part about this tradition though is being able to go back and see what I had on repeat back in 2012, 2013 or 2018. Every year my friends and I have a discussion about what’s going to be the song of the summer. Who has their money on this one?! Is it too soon to tell or will there be another hit in just a few weeks that we’re waiting for?

02 Jun 2019

Lil Nas X – Old Town Road

This is still my absolute favorite music moment of 2019. Seeing this song and Lil Nas X blow up brings me so much joy! It has actually been awhile since I’ve watched music videos and I realized after watching this one that I didn’t love it. The pattern that I’m noticing is that when I watch them, I just want it to be a constant stream of music. Instead, there’s always a story, which is fine, but then it’s broken up into pieces and feels choppier. I guess if I wanted to listen to the song without interruptions, I could do that without watching the video.

My only hope is that Lil Nas X continues to put out more bops like this one that become cultural phenomenons.

16 May 2019

Diary of a Song: Old Town Road

The timeline and history of how this song came to be is one of my favorite stories. “Old Town Road” is honestly so good, but I don’t want it to just become a one hit wonder. I really hope that Lil Nas X takes this and runs with it to make more incredible hits.

11 May 2019

Iris Zhang and her Shawn Mendes Covers

You may have noticed that Yow Yow! has been heavy on music content lately. It’s not by coincidence! Despite not taking the music career route in my own life, it is still very much something that I think about every day. When I’m not on the phone or in meetings, my headphones are always over my ears. At night, we come home and watch more YouTube music documentaries. I’ve recently become partial to YouTube’s Artist Spotlight Series and crave more, but they aren’t coming out fast enough! I’ve even been reaching out to friends of mine in the industry still to see how I can become more involved in my free time. Where we will find the time is beyond me, but I’m hoping we can make something work.

I recently stumbled across [Iris Zhang] while watching another YouTube video in which Shawn is watching one of her covers! And I quickly gravitated towards her channel. In early Yow Yow! days we were sharing covers all the time and I’ve really missed that and discovering new artists. Shawn Mendes, himself, also started out doing covers so this feels serendipitous.

10 May 2019

Artist Spotlight Series – Maren Morris

I’ve been looking into this series ever since I saw Shawn Mendes’ recently. I was surprised even getting chills just watching the intro to Maren’s short doc. I’ve been a fan of hers for a couple of years now, but seeing her live in San Francisco this year really solidified everything for me. “The Middle” was what skyrocketed her career, but now we’re getting a glimpse into the music that she’s really making and why it’s impactful. It’s not the cookie cutter mainstream pop that she did, but she can do that also.

This has been one of my favorite albums this year. I can’t tell you how many times I cycle through her songs on a weekly basis. She’s our ultimate girl crush and I’m so grateful to have learned about her early on. If you’re not onto her yet, it’s only a matter of time.

05 May 2019

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05 May 2019

Shawn Mendes Performs on SNL

Shawn is 20 years old and it’s a little weird to find ourselves attracted to him, but I will say that I find him extremely talented. His songs are simple and complex at the same time and usually written alongside Teddy Geiger. If some of you have been following Yow Yow! since the early days, then you also know that we find Teddy to be an incredible songwriter. She still is today and the two of them are very close.

I was listening to the radio today while running errands and of course, this song was everywhere. We learned that this song was actually written for Dua Lipa and in a turn of events, he kept it for himself. It was the right move because this song is exquisite. Since I’ve been battling insomnia from my jet lag, I basically listened to this song on loop after his SNL performance for hours straight afterwards. It spiraled into Shawn Mendes YouTube videos, but we don’t have a problem with this.


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