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04 Jan 2021

Big Hit New Year’s Eve

For the first time ever, we were more excited for another country’s New Year’s Eve celebration. Honestly, it’s a low bar because I don’t even love New Year’s Eve to begin with! This year, I decided to split a ticket with a friend so that we could watch BTS’s label, Big Hit, throw their New Year’s Eve concert special. While the performances were pre-recorded due to COVID restrictions, they still aired it “live.” And if we do the math, live by Korea times equals to me waking up at 4:00 AM Pacific Time and wrapping up the show by 7:30 AM Pacific Time. The next day felt like the longest day ever as I tried to bring myself back to my normal sleep schedule, but it was worth it. Somehow, I managed to make it to midnight for our own New Year’s Eve, but fell asleep promptly after.

BTS performed their usual hits as of late, “Dynamite” and “Life Goes On,” but they also brought back a classic: “Best of Me.” Even though I wished their set list could have been longer, their collaborations with Steve Aoki, Lauv, and Halsey were still a treat. Big Hit wouldn’t share all of their performances with us, but they did post “Dynamite” and I never get tired of watching it. I’m also sharing TXT and Enhypen performances which I also loved!

04 Jan 2021

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03 Jan 2021

Performance of the Day

This isn’t a new song by any means, but I love how ITZY joined IU for her song BBIBBI. It’s such a sweet song and it’s always cute to see other Korean artists collab and perform together.

02 Jan 2021

Song of the Day

LeeHi ft. Crush – For You

When it comes to traditional holiday music, we’re not always a fan, but I am loving the songs that were released around the holiday time this year. One of them includes this collaboration between LeeHi and Crush in a very romantic duet. How cute is this?

29 Dec 2020

Favorites of 2020

Favorite Style Icon (s): BTS

Before I even started writing this post, I knew I was in for a challenge. I’ve never had an issue deciding who was the most iconic in fashion for that year because we could always go back and look at who we shared the most for “Snaps for a Snapshot.” In a year where we had fewer red carpet experiences, that made this choice harder. And yet, it was easier. BTS truly shined in their “Dynamite” era and we were served impeccable looks for every editorial, appearance, and performance. Each one continued to top the last. Over the years, the guy have come into their own on highlighting the style that they are most comfortable with. Even though they show up as an ensemble, you can tell that they make it their own.

Runner Up: Margot Robbie

We somehow managed to get one award show season before the pandemic hit and Margot Robbie continued to stun on every red carpet.

Favorite Getaway: Los Angeles

I only had two places to choose from for this category this year and honestly, I loved Los Angeles and Phuket for two very different reasons. I think what pushed me towards LA is that I had the chance to celebrate the bachelorette of one of my best friends in a city that I love. No matter how many times I visit, I’m always being introduced to something new. Celebrating moments were few and far between, but this one was so memorable.

Favorite Artist: Dua Lipa

In 2020, I listened to an unhealthy amount of Dua Lipa. “Future Nostalgia” is a superb album and with the year that we’ve had, it was just what we needed. Full of pop tracks and dance hits, it’s actually quite difficult to be upset at any part of this album. It was the soundtrack to my summer and an album I know I’ll listen to even further into 2021.

Runner Up: Griff

Griff is just starting to come into her own, but we’re so excited for what she’ll achieve in the next year.

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Selling Sunset

It’s not easy for me to add a new reality television series into the mix, but Selling Sunset had all the right components. The series was catty, smart, and somewhat educational? I learned so much about homes and real estate just from watching the show alone without all of the drama. The episodes are short so it feels easily digestible and it is great background noise in case you don’t want to pay attention too closely.

Runner Up: Emily in Paris

How could we forget the show that we thought we’d end up hating, but actually loved?

Favorite Item Purchased This Year: [Amazon Brand – Terry Cotton & Modal Oversized-Fit Quarter-Zip Sweatshirt] – $29.50

If you had told me that lounge wear would be my aesthetic this year (pre-pandemic) I would have thought you were lying. Contrary to what some may believe, lounge wear can be stylish as well. However, this year taught us that comfort is key. That denim jeans may be a thing of the past (for now at least) and that half zips are the ultimate basic piece to own. We’ve talked about this Amazon half zip so many times now across all of our platforms, but I could live in this for a week.

Runner Up: [BLANKNYC Good Vibes Faux Leather Moto Jacket] – $98

The girl who thought she could never pull off a leather jacket finally did!

Favorite Albums (in no particular order):

  • Justin Bieber – Changes
  • The Weeknd – After Hours
  • Dua Lipa – Future Nostalgia
  • Kiana Ledé – KIKI
  • Tom Misch – What Kinda Music
  • JoJo – good to know
  • Kehlani – It Was Good Until It Wasn’t
  • Kygo – Golden Hour
  • Teyana Taylor – The Album
  • Jhené Aiko – Chilombo
  • Henry Green – Half Light
  • TWICE – Eyes Wide Open
  • BTS – BE
  • KATIE – Our Time Is Blue
27 Dec 2020

Song of the Day

Colouring – Flux

I love embracing much softer sounds when it comes to the winter season. In the summer, everything is poppy and upbeat which is completely reasonable. However in the winter, when things are colder and quiet, I also want a quieter soundtrack.

27 Dec 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Love Life (HBO Max)

I’m a little late to the “Love Life” game, but decided to start this on Christmas. As much as I love Anna Kendrick for her work as an actress, I was surprised to find that her portrayal as Darby is wildly unlikeable. It was quite a struggle to get through the first two episodes, but after you get past that hurdle, it’s somewhat smooth sailing from there. What’s great about the series is that you feel like you’re sort of growing up with Darby. While she makes many mistakes early on, she learns from them. Part of why it’s so difficult to like Darby is because many of us watching her see ourselves. Therefore, watching the show is triggering because our mistakes are similar to the one’s she’s making herself. And with that, we’re already on episode 8 and can’t wait to see how this all unfolds.

What We’re Listening To: The Postal Service – Everything Will Change

I used to think that listening to live albums were never going to measure up to the real thing, but in a year like 2020, any and every type of music has the ability to bring someone comfort. We don’t have an option to be picky this year. We’ve talked about this a few times now, but early on in the pandemic, Ben Gibbard’s daily 4pm shows helped keep my spirits up in a time of uncertainty. Everything Will Change is a live album from their two-night performance at Berkeley’s Greek Theater back in 2014 brought back to life with it’s 2020 release. This is actually one of the few albums I have on vinyl and now I feel like I need this version as well.

What We’re Wearing: [The Drop Women’s Mirabelle Long Bell Sleeve Open Front Cozy Cardigan] –

And the coziness continues! As we drag our feet through winter looking ahead to spring, I’m starting to swap out my thick sweaters for some lighter ones including this cardigan. I actually found this through an influencer I follow and love the ease of how you can pair this with any outfit. At the moment, the cardigan is currently unavailable, but there are similar styles coming from The Drop often!

What We’re Eating: Daeho Galbijjim

For Christmas this year, we ordered from Daeho! I’m probably the last person in San Francisco to finally try this place for the first time and have spent the last year hearing from my friends how much they love going to this spot. The FOMO was real. Now that I’ve finally had it, I can confirm that it really is as good as everyone says it is. The takeout itself was awesome, but I can only imagine how better it is to have in person and can’t wait to go there myself when things open back up again and are safe.

26 Dec 2020

BTS at 2020 SBS

Okay, so we’ve seen enough “Dynamite” performance to last us a lifetime, but I’ll never pass up watching any of their recent performances. That’s because despite them needing to continue to promote their Grammy-nominated single, every performance is different in some way. For the recent SBS award show in Daegu on Christmas, every performance had a holiday theme to it. It was a fresh take we didn’t know we needed. Since Yoongi is still out for his shoulder, the group also made sure to have a playful nod to him by making him a snowman for the “Life Goes On” and “Dynamite” performance. You knew it was him because the camera would always pan to the snowman during Yoongi’s parts and it even had a microphone in front of him at one point. We love all of their performances, but this one might be one of my favorites.

Unrelated, but we’re also a fan of the group’s younger “siblings” Together x Tomorrow. I can’t get enough of “Blue Hour” so we’re including their SBS performance as well.

25 Dec 2020

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24 Dec 2020

Song of the Day

V ft. Peakboy – Snow Flower

So while last night’s release by Jimin sounds a little bit more like a traditional Christmas song, V’s “Snow Flower” is more of a song for the season. Also, while I know the fandom feels completely spoiled by their constant releases and news a part of me just wishes the guys could take a break every once in awhile! When do they even have time to sleep or be with their families? In listening to both singles and while I’l love both of them and their talents, “Snow Flower” feels much more up my alley. Now, if only I could add these to my Spotify playlists already!


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