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27 Aug 2019

2019 VMA Performances Worth Seeing

I would have loved to have caught the entire award show last night, but I was a little tied up with work. I did, however, manage to catch the only performances I was looking forward to. MTV blessed the world with two Shawn Mendes’ performances and naturally I’m still deciding which I enjoyed more. On top of that, I was blown away by Normani and there was no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t like Missy’s. It was a throwback for the ages.

An honorable mention goes to Taylor Swift because “Lover” is all I want to listen to ever.

24 Aug 2019

Blog Roundup

  • Stop Calling Asian Women Adorable [New York Times]
  • Dr. Ruth Says ‘Make Time’ For Sex [New York Times]
  • A Bowl of Cut Fruits Is How Asian Moms Say: I Love You [Taste] This is my own mother! <3
  • Why Everyone Is Watching TV With Closed Captioning On These Days [Kottke]
  • How Complaining Turns Co-Workers Into Friends [The Cut]
  • How to Tip [Grub Street]
  • LA Ice Cream Truck Charges Influencers Double [Ohnotheydidnt]
  • This warms my heart every time [Instagram]
  • 100 Best Memes of All Time [Thrillist]
  • Iowa Official Resigns After Sending Agency-Wide Email About Tupac [Fader]
  • How to Deal With Anxiety At Work, According to Experts [Bustle]
  • Let Your White Jeans Get Stained [The Cut]
  • In Memoriam of 2019’s Celebrity Breakups [W Magazine]
21 Jul 2019

Song of the Day

Brenton Wood – Great Big Bundle of Love

My favorite Sunday song to dance to!

06 Jul 2019

Song of the Day

Ralph – Gravity

I’ve only just recently started to listen to Ralph, but thought this was a great song mid-weekend!


  • take you on a holiday
  • Headed out of the city tomorrow ✌🏽
  • Amazon owns this city
  • this dusty light setting
  • And this week I’m in a puffer in the PNW. 🥶
  • The standout dish of our @chinalivesf meal this week!
  • 🍂🍂🍂
  • Another smirk photo.
  • 💫

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