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20 Oct 2018

Danity Kane Tries To Make Yet Another Comeback

I just read an article that said that Danity Kane was about to have another comeback and while that news doesn’t speak to me that much, I ended up getting nostalgic for old Danity Kane. The girl group had such a great run. They were talented. They put out bops. And they had an incredible friendship growing up in front of the camera. Everything was good until it wasn’t. Don’t we say that about everything though? The comeback will only consist of Aubrey’s new face, Shannon, and Dawn so unfortunately, it’s not quite the same.

While we wait for the comeback, I just want to post videos from their earlier (best!) days instead.

20 Oct 2018

Spotify Ad Banned In UK For Being Too Scary

Can we talk about how this was the funniest commercial I caught all week? Spotify released an ad featuring Camila’s bop “Havana” and what was supposed to be fun and upbeat was downright terrifying. It was so scary for children seeing this ad that it had to be pulled entirely. If you get frightened easily, maybe don’t watch it. I, on the other hand, found this to be really entertaining and am still laughing over this days later. Why they turned this commercial into something scary, I’m not sure. Maybe it had something to do with Halloween? Either way, I’m glad Spotify can include a little humor.

A Spotify spokesperson had this to say about their ad: “We acknowledge the ruling from the ASA and regret any distress the ad may have caused the complainant,” a Spotify spokesperson said of the ad. “It was created as a tongue-in-cheek horror parody – intended to be a humorous ad that demonstrated just how catchy some tracks can be. We take our responsibilities as a marketer very seriously and continue to be mindful of the ASA’s guidance on the effective and appropriate targeting of advertising campaigns.”

I’m going to think of this commercial every time I hear this song.


13 Oct 2018

Song of the Day

Shawn Mendes and teddy<3 – Under Pressure

I’m loving this throwback of “Under Pressure” from Shawn Mendes and teddy<3 (formerly known as Teddy Geiger) teddy<3 has been more behind the scenes lately writing and producing even playing a large part in many of the song on Shawn’s album. The two are close friends and Shawn was there for teddy when she came out as transitioning earlier this year.

15 Sep 2018

Song of the Day

Jesse McCartney – Wasted

This little bop showed up in my Spotify Release Radar Friday and I’ve been loving it ever since. Younger me saw Jesse McCartney as totally basic especially when he was on that show “Summerland.” However, I’ll never forget that he defined my high school senior year with “Leavin'” I’m all for this. He’s still got it.

09 Sep 2018

Ariana’s Tribute to Mac Miller


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It didn’t take long for trolls to bombard Ariana’s Instagram after learning that Mac Miller had passed away from an overdose this week. The couple had broken up earlier this year with her alluding that it had something to do with his drug usage. She moved on to Pete Davidson and Mac Miller continued to support her wishing her happiness. It seemed like the two of them were both moving towards a positive direction until the news of his passing came up. People were quick to point fingers and blame Ariana, but that’s unfair. Then after the news came out, people blamed her again for not putting out a statement right away. Can we just let this girl grieve on her own terms? It doesn’t help that Ariana has to go through this and is also still recovering from her PTSD that arose after the Manchester incident at her concert. Yesterday, she shared this post. A black and white photo of Mac likely taken by her with her feet in view. Her comments are disabled, as no one needs to judge her for this, and there isn’t a caption because this photo says it all.

05 Sep 2018

Maggie Rogers x Pharrell Clip

There are certain moments in life where you hear something that you’re never gonna forget. I just recently re-introduced Kevin to music and had played Maggie’s “Give a Little” to him in the car. As much as I love this song, I’ll never forget watching the moment that Pharrell discovered Maggie, essentially leading the world to discover Maggie. It’s somewhat of a lengthy clip, but it’s worth watching. You can see the exact moments where he is absolutely stunned by her in different parts of the song. Not long after this, Maggie released more songs and then did the festival circuit. She was becoming a fan favorite, but this is where she started. I love moments like these.

26 Aug 2018

Music Video of the Day

It pains me a little to even write this post because I do not support The Chainsmokers in any way. What I am still in support of though is music videos. MTV didn’t do a stellar job of bringing back TRL and even then it felt like more interviews than music. There are many artists and bands these days that don’t even bother to make a video. Maybe they’ll reduce it to what some people call a “lyric video.” A quick Google search of the song would tell you that, but okay. Out of curiosity and because I like Camila Mendes, I watched the video she’s featured in for The Chainsmokers – Side Effects. Her dance moves were charming, the song is upbeat and you don’t see the duo at all. Score! She makes kind of awkward dancing actually pretty cool and that’s one of the reasons why I love it.

25 Aug 2018

Song of the Day

Maggie Rogers – Give A Little

Is this not the perfect song to say goodbye to our summer? Let’s be honest, it never really started in San Francisco, but it’s fine. We’re fine. In this video, you might spot a cameo by Riverdale princess Camila Mendes! Turns out the two are friends from college.


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