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23 Sep 2019

Wedding Mondays

It is such a treat when I get permission to share a wedding video from one my friends. In our last Wedding Mondays post, it may have seemed like I was completely fed up with the series that I created on Yow Yow! but this post is quite the opposite. You may not believe me, but I likely would have posted this even if I didn’t know Anji and Sherwin. Prior to them hiring Kapsule Co. I had been following them on Instagram for some time. It’s unclear how I first discovered them, but I loved them for their simplicity and timeless elegance. It’s not just the weddings they shoot that fall into this category, it’s their natural aesthetic. The only downside? We wished the wedding video could have been longer because it left us wanting more – just like the day itself.

Sherwin and I met as coworkers back in 2014 and remained friends even after we both left the company. It was that same friendship that led us to working together again in present time. So of course, nothing could make this more special than seeing someone I’ve worked alongside closely for years get married! It was a perfect day in Winters, California. The venue itself was flawless serving all aspects of the day with four designated areas in one: ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner and dance party. I haven’t seen a better transition from one area to another in any other wedding that I’ve attended.

In addition to their Winters wedding, Anji and Sherwin also had a ceremony in China. This juxtaposition within the wedding video of merging these two events is one of my favorite parts and a nice addition given that many of their friends and family didn’t get to see this part since it was kept small.

Honestly, my commentary of this wedding doesn’t do it any justice. Instead, here’s a nice feature of it from the Park Winters [wedding blog] that is worth reading/viewing from start to finish!

15 Sep 2019

How Much Do YouTubers Make?

There are so many videos like this on YouTube and while I typically skip past these, I decided to take a chance on this one. Okay, so another blog I read daily posted it so it helps when you have some sort of a referral, right? in 2019, influencers, bloggers, and vloggers have pretty much paved the way to creating their own career path. While it may have been unheard to make a living off of this so-called “occupation” when I was graduating college, no one bats an eyelash today.

Even though this is the now, I can see a self made vlogger pivoting out of this career when it’s all over and going back in-house based off the experience and know-how they’ve learned on their own. As much as we want to reject this as the now, it is completely the future.

02 Sep 2019

Wedding Mondays

It’s been a little bit quiet on the “Wedding Mondays” front and there’s a perfectly good reason for that. In a way, we’ve sort of outgrown wedding videos! Don’t worry; I was as shocked as you when I discovered this revelation in myself too. Here’s how I got to this point though. When you’ve been watching wedding videos on a consistent basis for this many years, you’ve seen them all. When I first started this series, I would watch a handful and love every single one. Back then in 2009-2010, having a wedding videographer wasn’t as popular because it was another expense. As more and more vendors come onto the scene, I find myself identifying with very few.

More often times than not, I will start a video and within seconds, I know I don’t want to finish it. It’s not because I know it won’t be good, but because I know how it will end. Those aren’t the videos that I want to see anymore and of course, I want to stress that this is in no way meant to be disrespectful to a) couples or b) the videographers who have made a living out of this. But at the end of the day, I do decide what I want to post.

For Yow Yow! though we’ve just outgrown this tradition that we’ve known grown to love. I know this doesn’t come as a surprise because the time in between from every last “Wedding Mondays” post would start to stretch even longer. From time to time, there will be a video that I’ll come across and want to post, but it just feels like the right time to sunset this series. Don’t worry; I still love them. I still want every friend of mine to have a wedding video no matter what.

I chose this one today because it was, in my eyes, different! I love seeing shots of Europe and destination weddings mostly because I have never been to Europe myself. The detail shots completely make this and the bride’s headpiece was a scene stealer for sure. To view the entire post on Style Me Pretty click [here]

01 Sep 2019

A Collection Part 55

It seems like these posts always get worked on when I have chunks of time to carve out for myself. They are the ones that I want to be the most thoughtful about. So if I’m stressed because of a deadline or under pressure, it’s not a good time. However, it’s moments like these where I do feel a bit of stress, but it’s these images that put me at ease. I read somewhere recently that when you have anxiety at work, there are a few things to remedy it. You can count or you can start listing things in a category. Anything that takes your mind off of what it is that causes you stress for a bit does the job. For me, it’s these types of images. They are the ones that spark whimsey, creativity, or a different perspective. What is it for you all that helps get you out of a rut like mine?

Read more “A Collection Part 55”
24 Aug 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • A Bowl of Cut Fruits Is How Asian Moms Say: I Love You [Taste] This is my own mother! <3
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  • Iowa Official Resigns After Sending Agency-Wide Email About Tupac [Fader]
  • How to Deal With Anxiety At Work, According to Experts [Bustle]
  • Let Your White Jeans Get Stained [The Cut]
  • In Memoriam of 2019’s Celebrity Breakups [W Magazine]
09 Jul 2019

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Lil Nas X How To Make A Panini

The title speaks for itself. It’s a random collaboration, but after all Lil Nas X actually has a track called “Panini.” Who better to teach him how than Gordon Ramsay himself? It all goes down at one of Ramsay’s joints in London, Lucky Cat Restaurant.


06 Jul 2019

Chris Lane – Big, Big Plans

Okay, despite my last post, are you all ready for some cheesiness? I only know of Chris Lane’s name because of Lauren Bushnell. Lauren Bushnell is only famous for being the winner on a season of The Bachelor. Spoiler alert: Chris Lane was never The Bachelor. In fact, he was her second serious relationship after splitting with The Bachelor Ben Higgins who has since moved on as well so we don’t have to feel all that bad.

However Lauren is engaged once again to country singer Chris Lane and he proposed to her at her parents house by singing to her this song that he wrote accompanied by this music video. If this were anyone else, I’d be over it. I know that’s unfair, but their celebrity status makes me love it.

06 Jul 2019

Blog Roundup

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  • Another Dead Cyclist in the City [Deadspin]
  • Spending At Least One Vacation Day Doing Absolutely Nothing Is Peak Relaxation [Mel Magazine]
  • The Subtle Subversions of “Always Be My Maybe” [The Atlantic]
  • People in Japan Are Renting Cars But Not Driving Them [The Verge]
  • Netflix Releases Statement Against Smoking on Original Shows [Hypebae]
  • What Your Waiter Wishes They Could Tell You [The Every Girl]
  • The Tinder Bio For Every Myers-Briggs Type [The Man Repeller]
  • Illustrations Reimagine Keanu Reeves as Every Disney Prince [My Modern Met]
  • There Are Two Types of Airport People [The Atlantic]
  • 16 Cozy NYC Spots That Are Great For When You’re Alone [Food52]
  • Let Go of Your Grudges. They’re Doing You No Good [New York Times]
06 Jul 2019

What We’re Watching This Weekend: Ramy

I can’t even begin to tell you how relaxing this 4-day weekend has been for me. On top of that, I still have one more day! At the start of this week, I felt a bit of FOMO knowing that most of my friends would be out of town and that I would spend a pretty quiet long weekend at home. What it reminded me of was how a year ago, I kind of already did this. The only difference was that I had a month off. I committed this weekend to catching up on shows, running adult errands, and non-stop writing and content building. It turned out to be exactly what I needed.

Ramy (Hulu) was a show that had been on my list since April. I kept hearing about it sporadically and then decided to go for it on the 4th. The show follows Ramy – a 20-something Muslim man who is trying to figure out his life and identify. His life is a series of things he can’t get right: losing his job, dating, Ramadan, etc. The show also centers around those in his life as well, his sister who is a good daughter and listens to everything her parents say and his mother who out of loneliness becomes a Lyft driver.

Each episode is 30 minutes long and flies by. I couldn’t get enough, but didn’t want to binge the show in one sitting so I tossed in his HBO comedy special while I was at it. Ramy has already been picked up for a second season and I’m looking forward to it!

30 Jun 2019

Blog Roundup

  • Alexa Chung and Tan France will host “Next In Fashion” on Netflix [Fashionista]
  • How to Show Respect At Music Festivals [TheFader]
  • Keanu Reeves Walking to Music [Twitter]
  • Zoë Kravitz Was Just Trying To Get “Laid” And Got A Fiancé [Nylon] Best headline ever.
  • Instagram Predicts What It Thinks You Like And Is Likely Wrong [Mashable]
  • The Best Bars In America, 2019 [Esquire]
  • My Friends Eats Off the Kids’ Menu To Save Money, Is He Insane? [Mel Magazine]
  • A Sex Researcher Shares The Number of People Your Brain Can Handle Dating At One Time [Well + Good]
  • Bustle Digital Group Acquires Nylon [Fashionista]
  • Nordstrom Joins Forces With Rent the Runway [Fashionista]


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