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12 Sep 2020

Selena Gomez x Allure

While the pandemic has proven to be much more challenging on all of our lives, it’s amazing to see how people persevere when they don’t always have their normal resources. For one, editorials and magazine shoots are at is most innovative. In the latest issue of Allure, Selena Gomez is responsible for all of her own makeup. It doesn’t hurt that she’s also promoting her new cosmetics line, Rare Beauty, so she’s no rookie here. Given the circumstances, everything is getting done with a smaller team and smaller production. It just goes to show what we can accomplish when we’re constrained! We love this entire look though. For the full interview, you can read the cover story at [Allure].

This is my favorite shot.

31 Aug 2020

A Wedding Monday

Quyn Duong/Diligent Artists

We knew it wouldn’t be very long until we made a return to Wedding Mondays. I’ve always loved the series, but felt that if I couldn’t deliver on a weekly basis that it may not be worth having anymore. While we started out sharing wedding videos with the blog, I’ve found that the actual coverage and stories are what I’m being drawn to these days. Both Vogue and The Cut do an incredible job of this by the way.

Both Heesun and Brian threw a celebration that was intimately beautiful. And even though we’re far off from this ourselves, it’s the kind of wedding that my style now gravitates towards. Held at the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, the wedding was as elegant as can be, but in the most understated way. Favorite aspects of this story? That the couple prioritized food and even had a special nod to their Korean heritage and the fact that their DJ played K-Pop. What a dream!

For the full coverage, you can read it all on [The Cut]

29 Aug 2020

A Collection Part 58

What are some little things that you do for yourself that bring you peace and calm? I think one of the reasons we’ve kept “A Collection” going for so long is because of how it makes me feel. I could look at pictures like these on an endless loop and never get tired of it. I’ve often wondered too, when creating these posts, what makes me decide that I’m done? Is it because I think 50-ish photos is enough for people to be enticed by it, but leave them wanting more? Maybe it’s because any more and I will feel sorry for it eating up the loading time for a visitor. There’s no rhyme or reason and each time we post it’s different. It is one of the series regulars that has no consistency or format. That could either really bother someone a lot or not, I don’t know.

Whatever the case, I hope it brings you some light into your life this weekend the way it did mine. Everyone please wear a mask, stay safe, be kind to each other, and check in with someone you haven’t spoken with in some time.

Read more “A Collection Part 58”
29 Aug 2020

Blog Roundup

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29 Aug 2020

RIP Chadwick Boseman

I love this clip of Chadwick Boseman appearing on Jimmy Fallon and surprising his fans as they speak into the camera about what “Black Panther” meant to them. It is an accurate representation of who he is, his kindness, and his selfless soul. Yesterday was another reminder that people are dealing with their own challenges and they don’t always feel the need to share it. We often immediately point this to mental health or disorders, but this can also mean general health, diseases, cancer. For four years after his diagnosis, Chadwick continued to appear in films and show up for appearances even though his body was failing him. He never stopped working.

I was disheartened when he appeared on camera recently for a live where he was immediately met with criticism about his body weight. People questioned why he was so thin and honestly, this should not be where our minds go to when these things happen. I hope that this was a wake up call for people to not judge others or to speak too quickly. Chadwick did so much for this world through his talents and his legacy will live on for many many years.

23 Aug 2020

A Father And Daughter Have Taken a Photo in the Same Spot for 40 years

Though I haven’t participated in this TikTok trend, I’ve been loving people recreating photos from them as a child in the same pose. There’s something entirely endearing about nostalgia that we’re naturally attracted to. Before this was even a trend, this father and daughter have kept up with their photo taking tradition for 40 years. Hua Hua was a just a little one when she took a photo with her father Hua Yunqing (27) for the first time. At the time, there wasn’t any intention of keeping the tradition. However, after seeing the photo, he couldn’t not continue the tradition! Now 40 years later, the photos have evolved. I won’t spoil what happens next, but you can view the entire collection for yourself [here].

18 Aug 2020

Michelle Obama’s Full Speech From the Democratic National Convention 2020

We miss her. How any of us have been able to get through the last four years with Cheeto as president is beyond me. Though we know how much she hates politics herself, Michelle Obama did an amazing job at speaking to us like we were people and citizens of this country. She empathized and remarked on every ordeal and situation that we’ve had to endure these last six months. On top of that, she had the clap back heard ’round the world, “it is what it is.” And the truth of the matter is that it’s time for a new President.

The importance of voting has always been crucial, but this year more than ever, so much is at stake. Whether they remove the usual avenues that we have to vote, there are plenty of ways so don’t be discouraged. Make sure you are registered. And make sure your voice is heard because we will not take another four years.

16 Aug 2020

Blog Roundup

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04 Aug 2020

Blog Roundup

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28 Jul 2020

Welcome to the Bubble

Sports are back! Sort of. Over the weekend, Kevin told me that Matisse Thybulle has been documenting his return to the court and life in the “bubble” since COVID all began. The series started sometime in early July, but it’s already picking up a lot of attention. His vlogs have been getting over a millions views and he’s already been reached out to by the New York Times and LA Times. As someone who’s been watching it on my lunch break, I’m really enjoying it! They are quick snapshots of what’s been going on in the bubble including what basketball looks like right now and regular testing of course.

Thybulle, himself, is actually very entertaining to watch. Additionally, he’s responsible for all of the editing and recording on his own. We’re not sure how long he’ll continue on with this project, but regardless, when this ends, we hope he’ll keep up his side hustle.


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