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24 Oct 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Over the Moon (Netflix)

We first wrote about “Over the Moon” back in June when we heard this film was coming out. An animation with a Chinese lead and an all Asian cast? What’s not to be excited about? I thought I had an idea of what the synopsis was going to be about, but was pleasantly surprised watching it myself yesterday. It surpassed my expectations and was much more enjoyable than I thought. We may have shed more than a few tears, which we also didn’t expect! I hope you all spend some time watching this this weekend and enjoy all the beautiful visuals and songs.

What We’re Listening To: MAMAMOO – Dingga

Even though it’s a pop song, it has a very laid back dance to it. The dance to it is also pretty cute and we’re debating whether or not we should learn it!

What We’re Wearing: [Zella High Waist Studio Pocket 7/8 Leggings] – $65

I like these leggings so much that I wish I had bought more than just one pair! The level of comfort and flexibility in these is unmeasurable in comparison to my other leggings. I especially love the small pocket holes which make it ideal for runners. Though I am not one, I am hopeful that one day I’ll have a use for the small pockets!

What We’re Eating: Whole Cakes Pastries

One of my favorite treats to myself is running to Whole Cakes – an Asian owned bakery in the city and picking up a handful of things for the weekend. The pandemic has really ignited my love for sweets and comfort foods. And honestly, who can choose between a slice of cake, assorted scones and cookies? Why not have them all?

22 Oct 2020

Allbirds Expands to Apparel

In San Francisco, Allbirds are considered a part of a local’s tech uniform. Nearly everyone owns a pair and swears by them. I may not own a pair myself, but I promise you, I’ve never heard a bad thing about them. Known for their comfortable and sustainable sneakers, the brand is ready to take things to another level. And what goes well sneakers better than a set of clothing to go along with it?

This past Tuesday, the brand announced Allbirds Apparel with a collection that includes a tee, two wool sweaters, and a puffer jacket. It may seem small and limited at first, but they have to feel out the environment after all! If all goes well, we can expect that there will be more.


21 Oct 2020

Sephora x Instacart

With the ongoing pandemic still happening, I’m not inclined to find myself wanting to leave the house. Most of the necessities we need can be delivered straight to our homes from groceries, prescriptions, anything that can be found on Amazon, so why not beauty products? While I was getting ready for work the other day, I found my Stila waterproof eyeliner starting to dry out. It was the only thing I needed and while I could make a purchase online and wait for it to come, why would I do that when I could opt for same day? The Instacart collaboration with Sephora seemed like a dream come true.

That was, until I opened up my Instacart app only to find that Sephora was not an option. What gives? A friend of mine happens to work at Instacart and discovered that the delivery is only an option if there is free parking just outside the store. In a city like San Francisco, the chances are slim. I gave in and drove myself to the nearest Sephora to give myself my own personal same day delivery. While it’s not a benefit I can use today, I’m hoping that this is something that they’ll reconsider. For now, the option has become available as of October 19th and if you have the chance to take advantage of this, you should try it out! I’m also just curious about how it will work! Being able to have same day delivery this quick is a game changer.


18 Oct 2020


This is the collection of coats! We haven’t featured many of these throughout this collection for this season even, but now all of a sudden, we are in a coat spirit. Must be fall.

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17 Oct 2020

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Nicole Richie

Wearing: Christian Siriano

Where: 2020 Billboard Music Awards

As I mentioned in a previous post, awards shows in 2020 are so weird right now. However, even though some presenters were on site for the show, not everyone looked as good as Nicole. I love the balance between elegance and sexy-ness being both black and with the cutouts.


11 Oct 2020

The Closet: September 2020

[RE/DONE Ribbed Tank] – $80

We don’t believe in no white after Labor Day so here are some favorite pieces included in this post. Also, talk about losing track of time here. It was only today that I realized, I hadn’t posted this and that we were way past due on it. I’ve combed through everything once more just to make sure that these pieces were still available. In the meantime, we’ll get started on October!

[Lulus Picnic Perfect Black and White Gingham Tiered Babydoll Dress] – $49

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10 Oct 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: BTS Map of the Soul ON:E Virtual Concert

We’ve been looking forward to this all week long! Even though the concert is starting at midnight Pacific Time (way past my bedtime,) it’s exciting to know that it is being streamed live. I forgot what it felt like to become a fan of new music or a new band or artist. In some ways, we may be too old for this. On the other hand, music has always been a universal thing bringing people together and it’s almost better that something like this has no bounds. I’m going to be awfully sleepy tomorrow, but I can’t wait to be watching the concert from the comfort of my own living room.

What We’re Listening To: JUNNY

I first discovered JUNNY’s music by listening to an unreleased track of his on TikTok. At the time, I didn’t know anything about who he was as an artist, but with TikTok, it’s quite easy to go down a rabbit hole. While his sound reminds me of BTS, it’s not exactly in the same genre. There’s a balance of lyrics both in English and Korean, I would also probably categorize him as being more R&B while BTS can do any genre. His last album on Spotify is from 2017, but if you’re looking for something to check out, I would start there and work your way back through his discography and singles.

What We’re Wearing: [Girlfriend Collective Black Topanga Bra] – $38

Running a brief errand this morning, I stopped into a new-ish store in Hayes Valley called Vepublic. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but that’s often times the most dangerous mindset to have! Having heard about Girlfriend Collective and being more aware of activewear brands, I wanted to give it a try. I didn’t see much harm in trying on the sports bra, but that almost led me to buying a second and a pair of leggings. The fabric is so buttery soft! I also love that this isn’t as cropped as a normal sports bra and also not a full tank. It’s right in between.

What We’re Eating: Gimbap

After a day of errands, I also stopped by the Korean market and since we’re watching BTS tonight, figured we could make a whole day out of this to celebrate. I’ve actually never had Gimbap/Kimbap before so I’m excited to try it for the first time!

07 Oct 2020


This is not only my favorite Spring 2021 RTW collection, but this might be my favorite Chanel collection of all time, if not in the top five. Oddly enough, even though this is for spring, it resembles more of a fall collection to me. The dresses and the details in the accessories are all perfection. We’ll be trying to figure out how to recreate these looks for the next six months.

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