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29 Mar 2020

The Closet: March 2020

[H&M Paper-Bag Pants] – $29.99

Putting together “The Closet” this month hit a little bit differently than usual. With everything going on, the desire to shop or spend money on non-essential belongings just isn’t a priority. However, I don’t want things to stop entirely. The Closet has been a regular post since the very beginning. We can’t help that through this, we’ve now entered spring. What I decided was that it’s important to have choices and to allow all of us to make our own decisions. Me not spending money right now is a personal choice, but for all of you that maybe lean on shopping as a distraction or to have a little joy (like I’ve done before) by all means, go ahead!

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27 Mar 2020

Blog Roundup

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  • Netflix Introduces Daily Top 10 Lists [High Snobiety]
  • Here’s What Happens When Guy Fieri Visits A Restaurant [Thrillist]
  • Kanye, Out West [New York Times]
  • Sound and Vision: Paid Family Rocking [KEXP]
  • McDonald’s Introduces New Big Macs [Cool Material]
  • I Think About This A Lot: Jack and Meg White Pretending to be Brother and Sister [The Cut]
  • 7 Delicious, Creative Ways to Eat Eggs That Don’t Involve Scrambles [Well + Good]
  • How Coronavirus is Destroying the Livelihood of Music’s Behind-the-Scenes Workforce [Rolling Stone]
  • The 11 Rules Every Man Should Heed to Tidy Up His Closet [Inside Hook]
  • Why We Can’t Stop Looking at Photos of Empty Cities [Fast Company]
  • The No Equipment Home Workout [Valet Mag]
  • You Can Now Download Free Coloring Pages From Over 100 Museums and Libraries [Hypebeast]
  • These Famous Logos Have Been Remade for the Coronavirus Age [Ad Age]
  • What It’s Like to Self-Quarantine With a Michelin-Starred Chef [Grub Street]
03 Mar 2020

The Closet: February 2020

[Missguided Lace Up Heeled Sandal in Black] – $34 – $19

We are just kicking off a 2020 year of trips! Many of my closest friends are getting married this year and while we typically do our fair share of wedding guest dress purchases, some of these are stretching to other wedding activities – showers, longer weekends, destination weddings, bachelorette parties! It’s a lot to prep for. Last week we were just in LA and there’s something about venturing to a new city that makes us feel like anything we currently own won’t do. This edition of The Closet is jam packed with items that you could bring along with you for any vacation! As always, you know yourself best and whether or not you need to break out the wallet. At the same time, practicing willpower isn’t underrated.

[SENSO Maisy Slides] – $149

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