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21 Jan 2021

American Fashion Designers At the Forefront of Inauguration Day

This wouldn’t be the first time that both Vice President Kamala Harris and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden have made a statement with their outfit choices. Yesterday’s message on Inauguration Day was clear and very intentional. American fashion is returning to The White House. Vice President Kamala Harris chose to spotlight two up-and-coming Black designers beginning her Inauguration Day look with a purple dress and jacket by Christopher John Rogers. In the evening, she donned a tuxedo overcoat and dress by Sergio Hudson.

First Lady Dr. Jill Biden was absolutely radiant in a custom coat and dress set by Markarian, a New York City based womenswear label founded by Alexandra O’Neill. The oceanic blue hue wool tweet coat was accented by its matching blue velvet collar and cuffs.

And because they are also featured in the photo above, we’d be remiss if we didn’t mention that President Joe Biden and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff both wore suits by Ralph Lauren. [Source]

While all eyes were on our Vice President and First Lady, there are a few other notable outfits from Inauguration Day that we need to address.

We would love anything Michelle Obama wears, but that head-to-toe burgundy and plum outfit was perfection. As if Sergio Hudson hadn’t already snagged a win with dressing VP Kamala Harris later in the evening, he secured another nod with this outfit. This ensemble was entirely by Sergio Hudson once again! [Source]

Next up, we have Amanda Gorman’s powerful ensemble in yellow and red. Side note, that Prada headband is already sold out as of today. The 22-year old Inaugural poet chose Prada because of the designer’s intellect and position on feminism.

We’re sharing a second photo because the details in this are worth discussing. Amanda Gorman’s matching mask with her Prada headband is a vision. On her right hand, she’s wearing a ring with a caged bird that was gifted by none other than Oprah herself. If it’s not obvious by now, Amanda Gorman was the woman we all aspire to be yesterday. I can’t wait to see what amazing things she will produce in the years to come. [Source]

Ella Emhoff showed up ultra glam to the Inauguration in this embellished Miu Miu coat.

From her Instagram, Meena Harris shared her unintentional twinning moment with Ella Emhoff in their prairie-style dresses. Ella wore a dress designed by Batsheva while Meena wore a similar style by Ulla Johnson. [Source]

How stunning is this first family? There is so much fun and personality in these dresses. While we’ve never been that excited about fashion and politics prior, this is now something I’m very much looking forward to. President Joe Biden’s granddaughters are definitely going to create quite a buzz for the next four years.

This is the worst photo that I’m sharing, but I read a note yesterday that his granddaughters intentionally chose pink, white, and tan/brown coats to represent Neapolitan ice cream – President Joe Biden’s favorite. They are adorable.

21 Jan 2021

Nike SB Dunk High in “Baroque Brown” Reminds Me of Andes Chocolate Mints

I’m told that that 2021 is the year that Dunks are making their huge comeback and this one looks promising! Nike’s SB Dunk High in “Baroque Brown” is crafted from a vegan leather build only displaying slight contrast through its laces and midsoles. Both the laces and the outsoles are in a matching forest green hue. Upon first eyeing the shoe, I was immediately brought back to a favorite childhood candy of mine – the Andes Chocolate Mint – but this is not that collaboration project.

The sneaker is available now until February at select skate shops outside of the US and in Mexico and Europe. For more details on the sneaker itself and locations to buy, visit [Hypebeast].

17 Jan 2021

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16 Jan 2021

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Bling Empire (Netflix)

At some point, we’re going to have to address how we feel about Asians being portrayed in shows like this. We tolerated House of Ho, but one episode into Bling Empire and I’m already finding it’s a lot less cringe-y. Actually, it is more comparable to Selling Sunset, which people (myself included) seemed to love on Netflix. In the first episode of Bling Empire, we get to know the players and the competitive drama between Anna and Christine. It’s wildly childish, but it’s not my life so I find it highly entertaining!

What We’re Listening To: Death Cab For Cutie – The Georgia EP

Death Cab has always been a constant in my life since I was young so we’ll never miss any kind of release from them. The E.P. itself is short and sweet, but we’ll take what we can get in this pandemic. My favorite tracks so far seem to be “Flirted With You All My Life” and “Metal Heart.” There’s a charming cover of TLC’s “Waterfalls” included that I also think is worth a listen.

What We’re Wearing: Hunter Rain Boots

We were in muddier areas this past week and it was the perfect excuse to slip these on. When I was living in Seattle, this was considered a staple. I haven’t had much use for them in California, but I knew I couldn’t leave them behind. Not only are they perfect for rainy days, which may actually be leaving us as we inch closer to spring, but these will protect you in any smaller streams that you may cross. Those occurrences are rare, but this actually happened this week!

What We’re Eating: Crab Arancini

I was craving pizza earlier this week and have a weakness for Beretta’s Margherita Burrata. It pairs perfectly with their crab arancini that they have as an appetizer so I added this to my order as well. It’s the perfect snack, but I’d happily and easily turn this into a meal. They also serve it with a sauce that reminds me of a sriracha mayo that I honestly need to just have on hand in my kitchen at all times.

16 Jan 2021

Zendaya for GQ

Zendaya is our woman to watch in 2021 and beyond. This year, she has a highly anticipated film slated to come out, has been on numerous best dressed lists (even in a pandemic) and will return as the lead to her HBO series, Euphoria. She may have gotten her start on Disney Channel, but she’s not a Disney actress anymore. Her recent work has proven that. This February, she’s on the cover of GQ and this photoshoot highlights her duality both in front of the camera and off.

The pandemic has caused all of us to re-evaluate our lives and while many of us were embracing rest time, Zendaya sought out work. Malcolm & Marie was one of the few films that were shot early on in the pandemic slated for release on Netflix. Rumor has it that it will make her a contender for Best Actress.

For the full cover story and more photos, read [here]

16 Jan 2021

UltraBOOST DNA in “Topography”

When it comes to my own wardrobe, bright hues are not what I gravitate towards. My sneaker style though is much different! It’s the part of my outfit that I’m not afraid to be colorful for. I don’t consider myself much of a runner, but I actually love these neon colors together so much. I have also been watching a new K-drama called “Run On” in which, you guessed it – the lead is a runner so this is likely my subconscious telling me I need these.

The majority of this UltraBOOST is covered in “Solar Red,” but it’s the supporting magenta and navy colors that make this unique. “Topography” is even a fitting name for this as it reminds me of my previous science classes growing up. As of right now, there is no set release date, but the shoe is slated to be sold at $180 USD.


15 Jan 2021

Snaps for a Snapshot

How wild is it to see red carpets? It has been a year since award show season, but the lack of red carpets through the rest of the year feels strange. Upon seeing this, I wondered for a second if the pandemic was over because why would there still be a red carpet happening if it weren’t? I’m sure I’m not the only one that asks that question to themselves. Let’s put that aside for now and just admire Hunter in this stunning Givenchy dress. We know Zendaya to be the red carpet scene stealer in year’s past, but Hunter is coming for her crown now!

Who: Hunter Schafer

Wearing: Givenchy

Where: 30th Annual Gotham Awards


15 Jan 2021

2021 Trends For Men

There’s an elusive Slack channel in our company called “Men’s Fashion.” It’s private, but mainly so my male colleagues can ask each other questions and not feel uncomfortable about it. Recently, I was asked to share what I thought were the trends for 2021. As I started to thread my answer, I realized these are trends also being adopted in women’s fashion. Often times I cross post from my blog to other areas, but this time I’m doing the opposite.

1. Elevated Sweats

First up is an obvious answer. As we head into 2021, working remotely is still in full effect. By now, we’ve collected a dozen sets of sweats. Gone are the days where you only where matching ones. At this point, it’s time to elevate your look. You should be accessorizing and making your sweats look suitable for outside wear. My suggestion to the guys was to pair it with a blazer or a jacket. The top part no longer needs to match the bottom half in order to make this a complete look.

2. Dr. Marten’s

Dr. Martens’ style shoes are everywhere. If this brand in particular doesn’t suit you, you can find cheaper alternative versions elsewhere. While some of the men have complained to me that these take too much effort to lace up or that they find it uncomfortable, I’ve encouraged them to poke around. These are effortlessly chic and completely transform an ordinary outfit into an extraordinary one. I liked these so much that I also got a pair for myself at Target for $30.

3. Cardigans

Harry Styles is doing great things right now and he’s someone that I am excited to watch in the next year. We never had a chance to comment on his recent Vogue cover, but it was iconic. In a few press related things I’ve seen him in recently, he’s been bringing back the male cardigan. Not only is it a timely staple being winter and all, but it makes a man look so much cozier! I know some males won’t feel 100% leaning into this trend, but it doesn’t matter what you try. You can make it fun with a pop of color, some patterns, or go light with a pastel shade. I think a hue you can never go wrong in though is a tan/light brown.

4. Disco Era

Y’all knew I was going to mention this at some point! While we’re on the topic of pop culture icons, since BTS released “Dynamite” at the end of August, there has been a rise in disco-era apparel. Think old school plaid, colored leather shirts, bomber jackets, etc. If you need some inspiration, just go back and look at every single press interview and performance that BTS did for Dynamite. On second though, we might put together a post ourselves for that. As things start to warm up in the spring, we’ll see more of this in the coming months. Most of us didn’t even get to live through this era so bringing it back for current times is not only refreshing, but fun!

Lastly, because I didn’t collect any pictures for these, I want to share a few last minute trends. The most controversial suggestion that I gave to the men was trench coats. I’ll admit, this is not something that is easily pulled off, but what’s the harm in trying? Another trend that began this fall and was all over TikTok is sweater vests. I told the guy I’d given them bonus points if they made an attempt. And because we are still in a pandemic, masks will always be on trend.

Happy shopping!


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