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01 Mar 2021

Golden Globes 2021

Lily Collins in Saint Laurent

As painful as it was to sit through the awkwardness of the Golden Globes yesterday evening, I’m still supportive that it even happened at all. How is it possible that in a year where we had all the time to watch these films and television series that it feels like we barely scratched the surface? Yesterday’s award show felt like an extension of my work day which made it hard to watch, but I’d sit through it all over again to celebrate the wins of “Minari,” Chloe Zhao and Chadwicke Boseman.

A red carpet wasn’t going to be like every other year, but I actually quite enjoyed everyone’s take on their own photoshoot. Here are a collection of looks and some of our favorites:

(Side note: I actually really loved Lily’s look, but it just missed the cut off in my top 5)

Viola Davis in Lavie by CK

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01 Mar 2021

The Closet: February 2021

[Comme Si La Boxer Classica, Silk] – $198

This Closet post is looking a bit lighter than usual, but that’s mostly because we did a major haul shortly after Christmas. We’ve simply run out of things we thought we needed so naturally this post is a reach in that all these things are wants, but not necessities. Can you tell that we’re itching for spring already? Most of these pieces fall within the neutral color family and while that is mainly our aesthetic these days, we can’t help ourselves.

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27 Feb 2021

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: 2021 Golden Globe Awards

My sense of time is just gone at this point! How have we already made it to the end of February? I can’t even believe that we’ve reached the point of the 2021 Golden Globe Awards because while I know I’ve watched a lot, in some ways, I feel like I have watched nothing? Is anything I watched even nominated? It feels like we’ve also missed out on a whole year of red carpets which all of you know is one of my favorite parts about award show season. Despite this being another abnormal year, I’m still looking forward to the event. We’ll clear our schedule and make the most of it.

What We’re Listening To: Giveon

TikTok has the ability to introduce me to a lot of new music. The only downside is that it’s not always timely. Many of the songs have been released for some time, but evidently its TikTok and its users that give the tracks a revival. Because of a recent trending dance, Giveon’s “HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY” has been all over my For You page. And while I love it, I feel so behind because it came out a year ago! We’re used to wanting to stay ahead in the music world, but TikTok doesn’t care about that and will make things relevant when it makes sense.

What We’re Wearing: [Knitted Sweater and Shorts Lounge Set] – $53 $26.50

Okay so I’m lazy and I haven’t actually planned ahead for my outfits this weekend, but I can tell you now that I’m wearing a pair of knit lounge shorts from Nasty Gal. They aren’t the same ones as above, but I wanted to give you a sample of what they are like and if you wanted your own, this seems like a great set to buy!

What We’re Eating: Devil’s Teeth

Since it’s a beautiful weekend in San Francisco, my friends and I headed out to Devil’s Teeth this morning (my first time at this SF staple!) and picked up breakfast which we took to the beach. I didn’t actually get the popular breakfast sandwich, but my friends did! Instead, I opted for something a little lighter: a slice of meaty quiche (bacon!) and a donut muffin as my dessert for tonight.


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