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12 Jul 2019

2019 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Halogen Wool & Cashmere Long Cardigan$199 – $132.90

If you’re from Seattle, you grew up knowing the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale to be close to a national holiday. Angel and I have had this on our calendar for weeks and knew that we’d be at day one of Early Access. I wish I had known ahead of time how big today was going to be in San Francisco. Do people not work?! By the time we arrived at the mall after work at 5:30 PM so much of everything was picked over! While the Nordstrom in Westfield is fairly large and five floors, it doesn’t boast the same selection as you would have online. However, I’ve never been much of an online shopper. For me, the tough calls get made when in the dressing room.

That being said, I look forward to this sale every year. It’s my version of a pre-back to school back to fall shopping. We scoured every floor not missing a single section. At the end of it, I walked away with a tank top I wanted and saw online beforehand and a classic striped top. I thought I’d be leaving the store with more, but my bank account is grateful that I didn’t. That being said, here are some of my favorite picks from the sale!

BP Heath Bootie$109.95 – $69.90

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06 Jul 2019

Zara’s Kids Collection Is What I Wish I Owned

Every so often, someone will say to me, “Shopping must be so easy for you! You’re so small you can shop in the kids section, can’t you?”

I bet when people say this, they think they’re being complimentary, but here’s where they are wrong. If the world so perfectly worked out that way, we’d be in great shape. I’d be spending less money. However, I’m not a kid anymore. Though petite sized, I am a woman. I have hips and a torso and a bra size. This isn’t a post about me getting on my high horse about this though. That being said, we are here to express envy on [Zara’s] current kids collection. We want to own everything and hope in the next few weeks they will actually create this in all women’s sizes.

06 Jul 2019

New Series: Outfits Inspired

Before Pinterest existed, I was saving outfit inspirations in a very manual way. It was the shopping list to my mall trip. More important, it was how I got ready for school and would plan for my week ahead. When I had my own laptop, Outfits Inspired, had its own folder. When I didn’t have my laptop handy, outfit notes were jotted in my phone. In 2019, I’m grateful that Pinterest exists so that I can store it all in one place, but it’s also still in my phone too.

As I was getting ready for bed last night and scrolling through my board, I found it fascinating to see how much my tastes have changed. They vary by months, seasons and years. And there’s a whole record of this since I’ve had my Pinterest account forever! In a new series, I’d like to share Outfits Inspired once a season to show the five latest things I’ve pinned and am inspired by.

Are any of you as surprised as I am that there are no dresses in this list? Other than a few appearances of a “rust” color, we’re sticking to neutrals this summer.

06 Jul 2019

Proud Owner: Everlane Lightweight French Terry Crew

Writing this is like a blast from the past! The last time we wrote up a [“Proud Owner“] post was back in 2016. It’s unclear why I decided to take a hiatus from this series because we definitely didn’t stop shopping in the last three years. There could also be an opposite take in which I was shopping too much. Whatever the case, it’s a series I’d like to bring back. It was never meant to be boastful about my spending habits, but rather a journal of what I’m into at the moment. Going back into the archives, I’m able to see what I have purchased beyond the last three years at least and what brought me to make the purchase.

As a way to revive this series, I wanted to share my latest buy. We’ve been gearing up for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale next week (practically a holiday in my book!) so spending is minimal. After breakfast at Stonemill Matcha with Elynn, we stopped into Everlane. This pullover [French Terry Crew] is very simple. I don’t want to say there isn’t anything special about it but it’s true. At first glance you might drive on by. It actually reminds me of the Subpop pullover I already own. Since that one is quite busy with text all over it, I wanted something that was the opposite. I love that I can wear this casually with jeans for an every day look. If I’m out it can be worn over a skirt or a dress at any event. It’s the ultimate cozy piece and for a steal at just $38. If I was baller, I’d buy this in every color.

06 Jul 2019

Camel Colored Things

Denim Jacket – Gap / Top – Zara / Pants – Uniqlo / Booties – Munro by Nordstrom

Kevin hates being my photographer, but we have to admit – he does a pretty good job right? While I’m so grateful for everyone that I’ve ever had shoot for me, I’m lucky to have a brother that gets it on the very first take. And then produces the best shots even after that so that there are no bad takes! Earlier this fall, I had a strong craving for camel colored pieces. The perfect camel coat was everywhere this past season, but since I wasn’t ready to jump right into it, I settled for a simple sweater top from Zara. It pairs so nicely with my Uniqlo jeggings (surprise!) and my denim jacket.

05 Jul 2019

Line to Love: J. Hannah

[Stacked Form Ring]

I used to find that wearing jewelry would make me feel clunky or bogged down. It bothered me hearing my rings or bracelets knock against my laptop at work so I put the idea of any kind of jewelry out of my head for years. Then, I met Catbird. They were the makers of rings that were minimal, chic, and understated. I like to call them my gateway into everything else because that led me to Oak + Fort rings and now to J. Hannah jewelry.

They are the kind of pieces that you know will remain timeless. I’m excited to dig more into these as I know they’ll be regulars in my collection. Here are just a few of my favorites from every category.

[Glacé Drop Earrings]

[Mid Ear Cuff]

[Clara Necklace – $375]

05 Jul 2019

Benefit’s Hello Happy Foundation

The road to finding the right foundation is never an easy one. It took me a few years before I finally landed on Benefit after using Chanel, but even that was a fluke. I wasn’t really wearing foundation until I reached college and was introduced to Chanel after getting it done for prom. We stick to what we know. Now in my beauty regimen, I’m using a BareMineral BB Cream before using Benefit’s hello flawless oxygen wow!

In their latest release, Benefit is revealing [Hello Happy] in two forms – both a medium coverage liquid and a powder. The foundation promises to last 12 hours no matter which version you pick. Hello Happy’s Flawless Brightening Foundation (liquid) comes in two sizes with the full being $30 and the mini at $15. The powder will retail for $30 as well.


05 Jul 2019

Meet the White Boots

Sweater – Oak + Fort / Dress – Urban Outfitters / Boots – Something Navy

Believe me when I tell you that I never thought I could pull off these white boots. Even as I tried them on, I couldn’t help, but think that I was making a reckless shopping decision. I was torn. They looked good and I knew I had to have them, but boy, did I battle with these breaking them in. As you can imagine, they don’t look comfortable and don’t become comfortable until maybe seven wears. That being said, white boots were all that I longed for this past fall season despite a numbing effect. It’s a gamble in a place like San Francisco, but everywhere I went, they were noticed and that validation alone is all I needed to make this purchase worth it.

I’ve been wanting to share this post for awhile because I was excited to tell you all about them. I also wanted to use this opportunity to talk about something else that has been on my mind. When you start a new job, you have this chance to start over again. If you wish, you can reinvent your working wardrobe too. At the time of this purchase, I had been just a couple months into my new job. In tech, it doesn’t matter what you wear. Hell, in my first job I would wear oversized sweaters and leggings to work. Back then, that look was considered “in.”

In 2019, it’s not unacceptable, but it’s not my choice for a work outfit. My new job was an opportunity to see if I could get others to perceive me the way I wanted to be perceived. Flats and sneakers weren’t allowed to come to work with me. From 2013 – 2017, I owned three different pairs of Tieks that I would rotate on the regular. Kevin got me into sneakers at a young age and I live in my Nike Flyknits and adidas UltraBOOSTs. I just didn’t see a place for them at work. In my heels, I felt that confidence. I felt taller and because of that I let myself believe that I was taken more seriously. To be clear, no one has ever said to me that my shortness in height made them not take me seriously or respect me.

This was something that I brought upon myself. From time to time, I might wear my sneakers to work. They don’t bode well with the carpet so I’ll slide across them from time to time and nearly slip. The heels hold some power. I feel different when I’m wearing them. They make me feel more put together whether I’m in a dress or if I’m in pants and a top, the heels are the instant boost. I’ve been in my role for nearly a year now and for some time, I started to believe this was all in my head. Then a couple of months ago at a happy hour a co-worker said to me “So, what is it like down there?”

“Down where?”

“You know, being your height.”

It was the most innocent ask, but at the same time it took me back to middle school when I knew the people asking me that question asked me because they were jerks. And then it came full circle for me. The heels are a work thing for me now, but it reminded me of a place I didn’t want to be in again. I didn’t want to feel looked down upon for my height and yes, believe it or not, even in your adult life someone can still make you feel small. I have spent many years embracing my petite stature. This was a weird little blip, but it reaffirmed my decision. The heels make me feel some sort of way. Maybe it sounds superficial, but the reality is I’m wearing them for myself and for others and it’s okay. In some sense, I feel like they protect me.


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