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25 Jul 2018

Free Beauty Snags This Weekend

There are not one, but two chances for you to snag some great products this weekend! The best part? It’s all free. It’s hard to imagine my life without some of my favorite products, but they never come cheap. In fact, it’s crazy when I calculate in a year how much I’ve spent on makeup and skincare. I don’t know how everyone does it! When I found out that there were two great chances for my readers to snag  a little something for themselves, I thought I had to share. National Self Care Day ended up being yesterday, but Sephora is celebrating it this weekend at all of their stores. If you go into any one of them this weekend (July 27th-29th) you can snag yourself a free face mask. There is absolutely no catch; you don’t have to be a member, you just have to walk in!


Head on over to any MAC store or counter this Sunday to pick yourself up a free lipstick for National Lipstick Day. I actually participated in this last year and realized my local MAC store had opened an hour earlier so by the time I got down there, all that was left were the not-so-popular colors. Don’t make the same mistake I did. Make sure to check when your MAC store is opening and get there early to get your first choice pick out of the nine different shades that they’ll be offering from their Artist Favorites collection.

We would say “happy shopping,” but you won’t even be spending a dime!


25 Jul 2018

Aritzia Pre-Fall 2018

Wilfred Free Grete Jacket – $198

My whole period off of work has been one long to do list. I’m not sure how or when I developed the habit of making lists, but there is nothing more satisfying than crossing something off. While some prefer to cross things off physically on pen and paper, I’m okay with striking a line through it on a document on the cloud. Aritzia had sent me an email the other day introducing pre-fall and normally, I might graze over it quickly, but I opened it! And naturally, we wanted everything. I’m still relishing in the summer season and holding onto for as long as I can, but here are 10 Aritzia pieces that I would purchase right now if I could. I’m loving the neutral tones as well as the 90’s throwback with the miniskirts and turtlenecks. Can this be my uniform this fall?

Wilfred Garrand Sweater – $88

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23 Jul 2018

Madewell Fall 2018

Just when the world is about to celebrate their fall season, it feels like we barely had time for a summer here in San Francisco. Summer has always felt like my season because of the carefree-ness and ease of throwing on 1-2 pieces and running out the door, but fall’s complex, but workable layers are something to envy. Even as I’m viewing these Madewell ready-to-wear looks, I feel like the layers would look like a mess on me, but then you realize it’s fall and nothing even matters. Everything seems to magically work. Even as you’re being stylish, you’re easing in comfort, functionality, and warmth. From a quick pass at these looks, I’m already making my list: sweater-like skirts, stripes, oversized scarves, endless knits.

Also how much do fall look books remind you of going back to school? This coming fall, I’m starting a new job and I can’t think of anything better than making a come back with a fresh new wardrobe.

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23 Jul 2018

A Collection Part 51

For those of you who have been following Yow Yow! for years now, you know that these are some of my most intimate posts. Often times, I’m saying more with the images that I select than in the paragraphs I’m writing ahead of the post. For the first time ever, I’ve selected images that come from only one source. I recently discovered a new Tumblr that has become a fast favorite. Worried at first that I wouldn’t have enough material to use or even that the post would be an inaccurate representation of what I was hoping to convey ended up not being a real concern after all.

It has been a week of being completely stress free and living in my moments without having a plan. I think these photos depict an image of that. I think this is what carefree-ness and whimsy looks like and it’s entirely how I’m feeling. In these photos, you’ll notice that there are some up-close shots of a part of a body or detail zoomed in. I may not have known it at the time when I was picking out the photo, but it ended up being more intentional than planned. I wanted to focus and hone in on one thing specifically as opposed to doing the whole “big picture” thing.

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22 Jul 2018

Let’s Get Cozy

Teddy Coat – Cupcakes and Cashmere / Denim – Levi / Boots – J. Crew

It’s unclear whether or not the teddy coat trend is here to stay, but for now I’m a fan of anything cozy. It’s not crazy to think that this coat is out of place here. In the city, it can actually be chilly enough for this and the wind is oh-so-unforgiving. On this particular day though, I will admit that I found myself getting a little bit sweaty with this over me. This caramel brown color makes you feel like the ultimate teddy bear and there’s no other color that I would choose over this one. It’s going to be perfect for your wintertime and late fall/early spring, but might be a bit much anytime outside of those periods. I’m generally someone that skews being more cold than warm so when I’m at the office and without a blanket, a jacket like this will come in handy.

20 Jul 2018

Taco Bell Take Out

Top – Everlane / Skort and Coat – Aritzia

Would you believe that 2017 was the year that I had my first taste of Taco Bell?! We were celebrating our CEO’s birthday and what he wanted was a ton of Taco Bell tacos delivered to us. Not one to turn down food, I sampled the Soft Taco Supreme (ground beef) and found joy. For as long as I have grown up in the North West, I’ve been loyal to Taco Time. I still am to this day, but if Taco Time isn’t here, am I wrong for trying to find an alternative? I think not. I feel blessed that there was a Taco Bell located just around the corner from our office which made it a great option when I was in a pinch for lunch.

Was this Taco Bell bag prop intentional? You bet it was. Was my actual lunch in there? Two soft taco supremes and a side of chips and nacho cheese, jealous?


19 Jul 2018

Yow Yow! to Yountville

Dress – Aritzia / Denim jacket – Gap / Purse – Vince Camuto / Scarf – J. Crew

Even though I’ve been in the Bay Area for nearly five years, I still get really excited to explore a place I’ve never been to. It’s not very hard to do and it’s never too far. I feel really lucky! My company’s holiday party this year was a 3-part event. It started in Yountville with a lunch prepared by Thomas Keller and his team and led up to a Warriors game in Oakland. The night ended with a company favorite: karaoke in the city. It was hard not to find something for everyone, but the part that I was looking forward to the most was getting out of the city and exploring Yountville. I had never been there before and it felt like a mini town centered around fine dining.

Aside from having one of the best meals I’ve ever had, we had the whole afternoon full of activities, catching up with co-workers, and taking a tour of [The French Laundry’s] garden. The entire space was a dream for a perfectionist. Look at these manicured lawns! I also did something a little outside of my comfort zone. We were encouraged to sample the lettuce straight from the garden. It might have had some bits of dirt on it and we most definitely did not have anything to rinse it off with. It went straight from the ground and into our mouths and I didn’t hate it. That’s how much trust I put into this place.

Getting dressed for this event was an ordeal. Before joining this company, I was used to [holiday parties] that happened in the evening. It followed your standard cocktail attire, dinner, drinks, and DJ format and never skewed too far from that. How do you get dressed for an event that includes three very different parts? It started with the little black dress that I had purchased at Aritzia. On its own, it felt fancy enough, but it would not have been appropriate to wear all day. The solution? A casual somewhat oversized denim jacket over it and swapping out heels and sneakers for a classic black bootie. It was an outfit that held up for the entire day and was sufficient enough for each event.

Even though we had the afternoon in Yountville, it still didn’t feel like enough time. I didn’t even have a chance to stop in at [Bouchon Bakery]! We’ll definitely need a second trip.

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18 Jul 2018

Pop of Pink

Turtleneck, Raincoat, Hat – Aritzia / Denim – Levi’s / Rain boots – Hunter

I deemed 2018 the year of the coat because San Francisco receives much more rainfall than South Bay. When I moved up to the city during the summer, I wasn’t seeing the rain quite yet. There wasn’t a need for the coat then, but how quickly things changed. When the annual Aritzia sale came around during the holidays, I honed in on what it was I thought I actually needed and prioritized. One jacket or coat – two if I got lucky (which I did!) I ended up with this raincoat (pictured above) because I didn’t have one and a new wool coat that was reversible and had a great deal tied to it!

In Seattle, you’re not even considered a true local if you have an umbrella. At the end of the day, no one wants to be THAT wet. Between having a heavier raincoat and a lighter one, I chose a lighter version. It may not be that warm, but it will protect me from the drops. It also comes in the classic millennial pink shade that I’m still not over.

18 Jul 2018

Shoe Your Food


The excitement of this re-release wasn’t about the shoe itself, but the uniqueness of the colorway and the pairing of the food being as peculiar. . Chia seeds can be used in a variety of applications and have many health benefits. My joy of using them relates to their texture… and how that texture varies. The seeds alone do not necessarily correlate with the Air Safari, but after sitting it milk, I knew they would soften and slightly discolor it from white to a greyish hue. . There’s nothing like dipped ice cream! Along with the butterscotch dip aligning with the “Monarch” color, which represents the butterfly in the safari, the flavor also compliments the coconut. . The creativity of the pairing and the shoot were a blast! Enjoy and of course, #ShoeYourFood . — 👟SHOE Air Safari QS “Jungle Flashback” __ 🍴FOOD •Coconut-Chia Seed Ice Cream Pops •Butterscotch Sauce

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Food and sneakers – a combination we can get behind! The man behind this account, Bobby Martin, pairs sneakers with matching food items for a new way to look at these two things together. Bobby is a Senior Executive Chef so while food may be his bread and butter at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean he can’t take an interest in good footwear. Any sneaker head foodie would be a fan of this [IG account.]

17 Jul 2018

Sundays at The Riddler

Turtleneck – Aritzia / Skirt – Brandy Melville / Denim Jacket – Gap / Hat – Nordstrom / Sneakers – Nike

I never considered myself a big champagne drinker, but when I learned that The Riddler, a champagne bar in Hayes Valley, was serving up brunch on the weekends it seemed worth checking out. Nestled on a quiet street in Hayes, The Riddler sometimes feels like it goes unnoticed. One defining feature though? A champagne bottle painted on the side of their building that doubles as a photo backdrop.

The Riddler’s brunch menu is not like other brunch menus that you might find in San Francisco. Instead, it’s actually quite mysterious and not even found on their website. The only way I knew that they served brunch was through the grapevine and on other blogs.

How it works: There is a pre-fixe menu with three different categories that you get to choose from. For the starter, we had the option of choosing from two different yogurt parfaits. Next we chose from a selection of savory tarts and then a selection of quiches. The brunch at The Riddler is supposed to be considered a bit lighter than your usual, but it ends up being the perfect amount. As many of you know, I love variety in my meals so having a little bit of everything satisfied my craving. If this wasn’t enough, the menu also has a selection of various champagne cocktails for you to choose from to pair with the rest of your meal. Not only was everything pretty delicious, but it’s such a great setting for a morning with your girlfriends. I took two of my favorite girls that I thought would enjoy the brunch along for the ride and we loved every minute of it.

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  • The other wedding look had more votes, but this is MY favorite wedding look ever! 😘
  • I felt like we could have sat here for hours and we’d watch the sky continue to change and we’d never get bored
  • Sharing a dressing room problems 😒
  • We have so many options in SF when it comes to choosing a spot for our regular dinners out. I love that this group just prefers to go to fast food and chain restaurants. OKAY 4/5 of us, but he still comes anyways for the company.
  • Melt in your mouth roast pork
  • The cheeky decor at the Park
  • golden glow ✨
  • 〰️〰️〰️
  • Magic out there

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