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20 Apr 2019

Bridal Spring 2020

Jenny Packham

We’ve been neglecting Yow Yow! lately for work and planning our upcoming travels. These days, the only time I can squeeze time in is on the weekends, but we try to make them count. I completely missed every collection of Bridal Week, but I’ve managed to pull out some of my favorite looks for all of you. This year’s wedding season is surprisingly quite light, but you know what that means? Next year will be a full schedule and I’m almost sure of it. While we’ve only got one more wedding this year, I’m so excited to see what she chooses for her gown. Up ahead? The challenging part of me narrowing favorite looks.

Suzanne Neville

Monique Lhuillier

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09 Apr 2019

5 Favorite Pins: Madewell Scarves

It has been over 10 years since I returned to Asia so it’s natural to have a little bit anxiety when planning a trip this far away! I had a personal day to myself yesterday and found myself at the mall because naturally. While it’s great to have the perfect outfits for the gram, most of all, I want to be reasonable. I should actually pack for maximum flexibility in terms of weather, outing, etc and only the staples that can be worn more than once.

I don’t know how we got here, but this path led me to scarves. Personally, I’ve been wanting the Madewell scarves for as long as I could remember. However, I never knew if I could pull it off. The last time I used bandanas as an accessory, I found them getting loose very quickly. Eventually, I lost two of them this year so purchasing these Madewell scarves as a replacement seemed necessary. I’m excited that spring has come around and that I can use them around my neck, but also in my hair to wrap my ponytails. Here are my five favorite ways!

07 Apr 2019

A Collection Part 54

For me, birthdays can act as complete shifts in your life. It was decided that this year, I wouldn’t celebrate the way I normally would and opt for smaller gatherings. The morning after last weekend’s wedding, my friends and I seemed to all decide that we were going to change our perspectives on how we had been “doing life.” In my day-to-day, my weekdays are now packed with activities every night while my weekends are seemingly quite open.

I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t it worse to go out and have a night of drinking during the work week? Yes, it’s completely irresponsible, but I don’t make the rules here! I will say, that it does feel great to wake up in the morning on the weekends without a hangover and with a complete and clear mind to tackle the day. It also means I can make it to my 11AM workout class without any regrets.

This moment right now is not in balance, but I have some high hopes that we’ll be able to get there. Eventually.

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06 Apr 2019

Lisa Marie Fernandez

Is it just me or are we getting some major 70’s vibes here? I’m loving the big hair and the volume of the pieces. I never knew I could want 70’s inspired pieces as part of my wardrobe again, but this is calling to my heart strings.

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06 Apr 2019

Rent the Runway Ventures Into Kid’s Clothing

The popular subscription service announced on Friday that kid’s clothing will now be added as part of their product offerings. Recently valued at over $1 billion, Rent the Runway is keeping up with momentum and expanding their market. The children’s targeted service will allow customers to rent out four pieces at a time and can include any kind of combination of clothing or accessories. These kids are operating on high fashion though and will have their pick of Milly, Marc Jacobs, Fendi and Chloe.

As a child, I could never keep my pieces clean as hard as I tried! If I were to use this service on a little one, it would definitely be for more special occasions. Then again, why rent if you have a washer / dryer? Are we, in general, getting out of hand with subscription services?

“We decided to do kids [clothing] based on the requests and pleas from our subscribers and community,” says Rent the Runway COO Maureen Sullivan. “I think people have realized it’s so impractical to buy your kids more expensive clothing — even though it’s so tempting — based on how infrequently kids get dressed up and how quickly they grow.” 


05 Apr 2019

The Closet: March 2019

Sandy Liang Booth Pullover – $525

We may have curbed our spending habit, but that doesn’t mean we have to ignore the trends completely. I’m still keeping my finger on the pulse of trends because you just know that the markdowns will come once we hit the summer season. I might have to break my shopping habit at least for the next couple of weeks because Angel and I are headed on vacation! Since we’re friends, wear the same size and equally admire each other’s wardrobes, we’re doing something a little different for our trip. As we start to plan out our agenda for a whole week, we’ll also be visiting each other’s closets so we can outline together what we want to bring! What this means? Wearing our own clothes, sure, but also mixing it with each other’s clothes to make new outfits! Yes, we are quite unique.

Mango 100% Leather Fringes Jacket – $249.99

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16 Mar 2019

Anthropologie Introduces Plus Size

I still remember just how special it was for me to have made my very first Anthropologie purchase ever. I was just starting high school and you know, figuring out those weird stages of growing up. Having graduated from Abercombie and Hollister in high school, I needed something to bridge that gap. Honestly, Anthropologie might have been a bit beyond me, but we’re still wearing it into our late 20’s so I think it has aged well.

Anthropologie introducing petite sizes years back was huge for me. I’m glad to be celebrating their latest 120-piece plus size collection. The new line, called APlus, will feature sizes ranging from 16W – 26W.

“It’s a joy to see this collection come to life,” says specialty sizes buyer Aly Kauffman, “and it’s an assortment that we look forward to growing as our customer shares her wants and needs.” 

The collection launched yesterday and is available online and in 10 retail stores across the country. Below are a few of my favorite pieces!


15 Mar 2019

Snaps for a Snapshot

Who: Annasophia Robb

Wearing: Simone Rocha

Where: Hulu’s “The Act” New York Premiere

Many of you know that red is not a color that I gravitate towards. I generally find it to be a little bit loud and therefore you won’t find it often on the blog or in my closet. For some reason though, Friday has got me feeling all of the red. Here it is in two different ways, but with similar elements like the lace or the sheerness. Which look would you prefer to rock?

Who: Olivia Wilde

Wearing: Peter Dundas

Where: SXSW World Premiere of “Booksmart”


13 Mar 2019

adidas Stan Smith “Trefoil” Pack

The combination of San Francisco’s spring-like weather and day light savings is everything. I don’t want to say that it’s an instant mood upgrade, but it basically is. The latest Stan Smith collection is the epitome of spring. I never thought I needed a pair of these in “Clear Orange”, but now I absolutely do. You can also find this style in “Easy Yellow,” “Core Black,” and “Footwear White.” Once you purchase one, you might as well get the whole set.

This pack is scheduled to be released tomorrow!



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