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26 Dec 2020

A 2021 New Year’s Eve

[& Other Stories Ribbed Sweetheart Neck Bustier Midi Dress] – $129

You may feel uncomfortable dressing up for New Year’s Eve this year without any plans. Power through. I’m a huge believer that you get what you put out into this world. If dressing up and making yourself look and feel good for one evening makes the difference, then you should do it. Every year, I kind of dread New Year’s Eve personally all while still writing this post annually. Just because I don’t have big plans doesn’t mean I don’t want you all to look great. And because this year has just been A LOT, I’m planning on treating myself in the best way possible.

[Mango Asymmetric Velvet Dress] – $79.99 – $49.99

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25 Dec 2020

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24 Dec 2020

Gucci x The North Face

There’s something about unlikely collaborations that really gets me excited. Though both clothing brands in their own right, you could say that both tailor to different audiences. However, what if you’re an individual that wants a piece that can double as functional and fashionable? In their latest collection out January 6th, Gucci and The North Face bring to you a line of ready to wear items that can be worn both indoors and outdoors.

The collection will release in China first and then be available to US customers beginning January 6th.


22 Dec 2020

Suzy Bae’s Wedding Look From “Start Up”

If you haven’t watched the finale of “Start-Up” by now, I am not to blame for spoilers. As we saw in one of the last shots from the series, our two leads, Nam Dosan and Seo Dalmi do get married after all! The camera pans across their wedding photos posted up in their workspaces at the company that they’ve successfully grown together. Said shots of the photos however glide pretty quickly across the screen so I’m grateful to now have a second look.

From my television, Dalmi’s wedding dress seemed simple and understated. These photos, however, tell a different story. It’s the first time I’m noticing her dainty crown and these petal sleeves. I like to think that I followed the wedding trends pretty closely every year, but these sleeves aren’t like anything I’ve ever seen before. Designed by British label [Safiyaa], the [Dara Ivory Long Dress] retails for $1,799 USD.

Honestly, we love this look for Suzy! Now comes the hard part of not actually shipping our favorite k-drama couples in real life.


19 Dec 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: House of Ho (HBO Max)

When I first imagined what Vietnamese representation would look like on mainstream television, this isn’t exactly what I had in mind. The show highlights a wealthy Vietnamese American family out of Houston. It’s sort of a cross between My Super Sweet Sixteen and A Real Housewives series. However, the quality level looks like it could be on the Bravo network so they’ve got that going for them! House of Ho is purely for entertainment. It’s not educational or inspiring, but it’s clearly tailored for an audience that is more modern and young. I don’t have a similar upbringing like the Ho family, but there were some similarities that I recognized about my own childhood. There are seven episodes today and we finished the series in two days.

What We’re Listening To: KATIE – Our Time Is Blue

This album actually came out the same weekend as “Evermore,” so it was a bit distracting trying to do both. I was able to dedicate more time to KATIE’s this week though and I loved it so much I added all six songs to my current playlist. KATIE was a new artist for me as I only discovered her through another person’s Instagram account that I follow. Her sound reminds me so much of the kind of old school R&B that I used to listen to like pre-Jhene Aiko or even present day Summer Walker. Also, we will never get tired of hyping up Asian American artists.

What We’re Wearing: [AllSaints Sandra Jaine Denim Shirt] – $185 – $88.80

You could say that this shirt is a bit out of character for me, but there’s a story behind this. As some of you know, we’ve spent a significant amount of time with BTS in the last few months. Naturally their sense of style has peeked my interested a bit. You might even say that I ripped this look directly off of Jungkook from this year’s MAMA performance of “Dynamite.” It’s fun though, right?

What We’re Eating: Trader Joe’s Hearts of Palm Pasta

I’ve decided that I think I don’t understand vegetable substitutes of pasta after tonight. There’s a chance that I could’ve butchered this in the cooking, but I think that probability is low. Tonight, I threw this in with garlic, green beans, olive oil and a sauce from my local market, but finished it feeling unsatisfied and hungry afterwards. I know that there are people who swear by vegetable pasta, but the real thing is so much better! I’m not convinced by these.

13 Dec 2020

Blog Roundup

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11 Dec 2020

A Fully Stocked Felt Pharmacy

We were first [introduced] to Lucy Sparrow’s work a couple years ago when she created an entirely felt made supermarket. Since that time, I wondered if I’d ever come across her work again and here we are. Her latest creation takes us to The Bourdon Street Chemist, a fully stocked woolen pharmacy. In addition to being a drugstore, we also get a glimpse for a surgical unit that has been built out.

To be honest, it gives me some creepy vibes, but the attention to detail here is astounding. Every single piece that has been included was hand stitched by Sparrow herself.


11 Dec 2020

This Weekend:

What We’re Watching: Shawn Mendes Live in Concert (Netflix)

We’re starting our weekend a little early today because we’re feeling under the weather. As I wrap up my work day, instead of just having a Shawn Mendes playlist going on in the background, I’ve got his concert special instead! Some of you may know that I decided last minute to attend his tour stop in the Bay Area last year and it was incredible. It’s funny; I always go into concerts thinking that I’m going to have an okay time, but once it starts I am very much invested into my time there. Since his latest album came out, I’ve been feeling lukewarm about it. In fact, if you’ve read the Pitchfork review on it, I share similar sentiments. Watching this live show of his last album has reminded me of some better times.

What We’re Listening To: Taylor Swift – Evermore

What did we do to deserve two Taylor Swift albums in one year? Like everyone else this weekend, I’m also tuning into the sister album of Folklore and looking forward to it. I tend to consider myself a moderate Taylor Swift fan. I listen to the tracks, have some favorites, even attended two concerts of hers, but I’m not the fan that waits at midnight to watch the release go down. That’s reserved for BTS. She’s debuting a bit of a different sound with these last two, but at the same time, I’m intrigued. The pandemic is really sparking this interesting wave of creativity in people and it’s amazing what we can accomplish when we’ve slowed down.

What We’re Wearing: [Amazon Essentials Women’s Relaxed Fit French Terry Fleece Jogger Sweatpant] – $21.10

Don’t ask me when I’m going to stop buying lounge wear because I honestly do not know. You would have thought we’d gotten this all out of our systems after month three of the pandemic, but obviously not. In my defense, I don’t own navy joggers yet and this is a great price!

What We’re Eating: [Tortellini Soup]

Since the forecast is showing us a cold weekend, I really wanted to make the most of my time indoors. I haven’t actually ever made a soup before so this will be a new venture for me, but look at how beautiful this looks? It’s also so nice to have something as simple as this, but hearty enough with tortellinis mixed in.


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