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09 May 2020

Blog Roundup

  • Banksy Honors Healthcare Workers With New Artwork [Hypebeast]
  • ESPN Moves Up Release Date of 3 Upcoming Films [Sports Illustrated]
  • 5 Ways to Keep Bacteria Out of Your Beauty Products [Byrdie]
  • How to Structure Your Days When Time is Fake and You Have Endless Chores [VICE]
  • 21 Times TV Shows Killed Off a Character and Ruined the Entire Series For People [BuzzFeed]
  • In Conversation: Hayley Williams [Vulture]
  • Asian Parents Are Starring in the Most Wholesome TikToks [Buzzfeed] I honestly wish I were in quarantine with my dad cause I know we’d make the best dancing TikToks
  • TV Marianne Is Too Hot and Normal [The Cut]
  • 10 Cooking Mistakes Most Home Cooks Make [Cool Material]
  • Cloth Masks to Shop Now [Vogue]
  • Spike Lee’s love letter to New York [Fader]
  • That Isn’t Actually Michael Jordan’s House in ‘The Last Dance’ [High Snobiety]
08 May 2020

COS Launches Sustainable Activewear

I never thought I would be sitting here writing about a new activewear release and be excited about it at the same time. The ease of waking up every morning and not having to try on three different outfits until I’m satisfied is weight off my shoulders. We’ve been living in our leggings. And honestly, I’m going to buy more pairs of leggings after this. In the new sustainable activewear collection by COS for Spring 2020, there are three colorways.

Prices range from $45 to $190 USD across the entire collection and is now available online [here] Here are just a few pieces we are interested in:


05 May 2020

Outfits Inspired: Spring 2020

A few of my friends have said to me that they try on their jeans every so often for fear out of not fitting into them while in quarantine. My fear, however, is just spending more than 5 minutes picking out an outfit for the day. Clearly, we’ve been spoiled since shelter-in-place and growing much too comfortable with our daily leggings uniform. To be honest, I haven’t thought about shopping (or missed it) since being at home. I’m aware of the come-up trends and I take note of things that I want, but at the end of the day, those are just wants. Whether or not I decide to make a purchase is still up in the air.

I wanted to highlight five of my most recent outfit pins from Pinterest and from the looks of it, slip wear isn’t going anywhere! I also don’t mind a pop of color or a non-traditional hue every once in awhile.

04 May 2020

A Look Back at the Met Gala

2019 – Emma Roberts – Giambattista Valli

I was always the only one in my group of friends that looked forward to and knew the significance of the first Monday in May. For anyone in the fashion industry, this was THE event. I didn’t even belong to the industry, but yet I felt the need to cover this every year since Yow Yow! began in 2009. Due to COVID-19, there is no Met Gala this year, but it didn’t feel right to not acknowledge it in some way shape or form. Often times, after the event I don’t even revisit the Met Gala posts I’ve written. In lieu of this year’s event, I’m selecting my favorite 12 looks from 2017-2019.

2019 – Harry Styles – Gucci

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03 May 2020

A Collection Part 57

It’s safe to say that this is the first time I’ve ever created “A Collection” while in quarantine. Let’s hope that in this lifetime, we don’t ever have to live through another pandemic. I used to look forward to these posts for a number of reasons. They were so different than any of the usual posts that I normally did for Yow Yow! Instead of spending a lot of time around the words I was using, this was my visual diary. It was calming for me to dig through the archives of Tumblr accounts I manually followed (I don’t have a Tumblr account!) and make a decision on what photos to include. It wasn’t always a simple yes or no. There’s certainly an intent for each one that is selected and for how I’m feeling at the moment.

Being in Shelter-in-Place now already for a month and a half, I thought I would have gotten to this post much sooner. It seems like I’ve found my calm through a number of other outlets during this time.

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03 May 2020

Stopping By Re:store

Dress – Lou & Grey / Bag – Oak + Fort / Boots – Aquatalia

It’s hard to find good lighting between two buildings isn’t it? I often times have a vision for a shot, but it doesn’t always land the way I think it will. Near my office, I’m tempted by endless stores and a shopping mall. It makes even taking a quick break for fresh air sometimes difficult. Not too long ago, a new shop opened up called [Re: store.] The concept was that it would house many brands so that you could shop from all of these products at once. My guess is that some of these brands aren’t quite large enough to open up their own stores yet. If that’s the case, why not find a space that has three floors and serves as a pop-up.

During my stop in, I was greeted with brands I was familiar with and even some newer ones I hadn’t heard of. There isn’t a chance that you won’t find one thing you’d like from being there. While I may have walked out this time with nothing in hand, I’m sure I’ll visit again in the future.

02 May 2020

This Weekend:

It has been a month since we last did an update on this so I figured it might be nice to do a short little roundup of what we’re up to. We are now almost two months into quarantine and getting better at figuring out our rhythm.

What we’re watching: Normal People (Hulu)

Technically I finished this right before the weekend. Normal People was released earlier this week and with 30 minute episodes, the series flies by. We wrapped everything up in the span of two days. Now, I was looking forward to the release especially with the build up leading up to the premiere, but I hadn’t read the book itself. After watching the first episode, it was so easy to get swept up in the young love story of Marianne and Connell. In previous lives, we might have written off a story like this where a shy loner girl ends up with a popular jock, but this one is different and you’ll know it when you see it.

What We’re Wearing: [TAVIK Swimwear Louise Romper – $85]

Okay, so we’re starting to get a little bit creative with our loungewear in quarantine. I had purchase this piece specifically for my Phuket trip, but we didn’t get a whole lot of wear out of it while we were there. Since I want to prioritize being functional and comfortable while working at home, I decided to pull this out of my closet earlier this week. It also feel appropriate as the temperatures are starting to rise once again in the Bay Area as we inch towards summer.

What We’re Listening To: JoJo – good to know (Album)

There hasn’t been a shortage of new releases during this time and I am here for it. Actually for the first time, I’m able to not fall behind in new singles and albums. We’ve been waiting for JoJo’s comeback for some time now and I’m looking forward to listening to “Good to Know” over the span of this weekend. I was already a fan of her released single “Man” so I have no doubts that I won’t feel the same about the rest of her eight songs on the album.

What We’re Cooking: [Ramen Peanut Noodles]

I’ve been putting off this recipe for some time now and I’m not sure why given how simple it is! I’ve unfortunately had to toss two onions in this time that have gone bad because I haven’t made this recipe and that kills me. I’m not a very elaborate chef in the kitchen, but I’m great at making some quick and simple recipes. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I finally got my hands on some ramen from a Hawaiian market and now those possibilities are endless. My ramen game has increased 10 points, but I can also forgo ramen one night and making a stir fry like this above.

30 Apr 2020

Lancome Will Re-Release Juicy Tubes

As a pre-teen, I was heavily influenced by what I saw in the magazines. Back then there weren’t blogs and there weren’t influencers, only celebrities. I was just allowed to start wearing light makeup, but can you really consider a lipgloss in this form real makeup? That was the argument I made at the time. I remembered reading about Juicy Tubes and a celebrity I followed at the time calling them her “obsession” in J-14. Next thing I knew, they were on my Christmas wish list and I received a pack of five mini tubes underneath the tree.

It was exactly what you expected out of a gloss. It was cute, portable, and sticky. A younger me didn’t know that well into my twenties, I would exclusively only use vaseline. But the brand and the piece itself remained desired. For it’s 20th anniversary, these juicy tubes will be available online for $20. There are 20 shades to choose from in three finishes – sparkle, creamy and jelly.


29 Apr 2020

The Closet: April 2020

[Lirika Matoshi Hearty Corset Midi Dress] – $449

It’s interesting to look back and see how much shopping was incorporated into my life. On a lazy, but nice weathered weekend, I would easily find myself in Hayes Valley or Lower Pac Heights just to browse. Extra time after work before a happy hour? You can find me at the mall most likely picking up something that I likely didn’t need at the time. In the last year while doing a deep dive into my finances with a friend of mine, I learned that I shop to find joy. Now you’ll notice that sentence looks different than “I find joy in shopping.” On some of my worst days, for reasons I couldn’t explain, spending money seemed like the solution to solving my problems.

Since I was able to detect that in myself months back, shopping during quarantine hasn’t been an issue for me. In a way, it’s almost refreshing to a) save money and b) discover the clothes that I actually like to wear

Can you tell that we’re excited when shelter-in-place gets lifted and we’ll have a chance to donate some things? I do have to admit though, while I haven’t done my “usual” shopping, I did just purchase a set of 3 cloth masks from Etsy. I felt that was a necessary purchase.

[Little Moon Rarity Blouse] – $88

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