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14 Oct 2019

Bridal Fall 2020

[Zuhair Murad]

I know we’ve spent what feels like the last month covering Fashion Week so I won’t drag this any longer, but we couldn’t not cover Bridal. Elynn recently brought me along with her as she tried on her first wedding dresses and the experience has completely changed my perspective. Dresses that I thought I’d love, I’d now say no to. There were some dresses that I never thought would be my style, but would now be open to trying. The tip? Try everything. Try what you know you will love and even those that you think you might not love because you honestly don’t know until you have it on. I’ll be sharing more details about my experience with Elynn soon, but for now, here are all of my favorite looks! It’s also surprising to see how my tastes have changed even from [2018]!

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06 Oct 2019

Proud Owner:

[Bag 1913] – $48

After returning home from a week-long conference, I was craving a treat for myself! By treat, I mean it comes in the form of retail therapy. As much as I like my Madewell work bag that doubles as my carry-on, I started to realize how much it didn’t suit me anymore. It started to feel a little too big to bring with me to work. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I needed something a bit smaller. Instead of having a bag that carries everything, I needed one that carried the necessities. I’ve gotta practice living with less.

When I went into Oak + Fort, I definitely wasn’t looking for a bag. I was actually on the hunt for a dress or a skirt, but this caught my eye. What I love about it is that it feels nice and is compact. It looks sophisticated and feels like a bag used for work. Instead of an inside zipper pocket like I’m used to, there are two pockets in the front. They are loose so I have to pray that nothing just flings out of it.

Interestingly enough, said bag is currently out of stock online at the link above, but my suggestion is for you to try in stores! As a runner up, here’s another affordable bag that comes in the form of the backpack. If it was suitable and responsible for me to have both, I would.

[Backpack 3519] – $68


  • at home with @nordstrom
  • Dug back into the archives of 2015 today because it’s much easier than finding time for shoots 😉
  • With the temperatures cooling down lately, I’m opting for more nights indoors. My only exception to being outside is if I’m underneath a heat lamp and I’ve got a charcuterie plate with my wine. 
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  • Never said no to a breakfast taco (or ✌🏽)
  • If the “likes” are going away, then I guess I don’t have to edit this photo
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  • 🌾🌾🌾 kind of
  • Happy Monday! Left my entire wallet at home today!

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