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03 Jul 2019

Giambattista Valli

I recognize that when couture shows come up, it’s not exactly everyone’s favorite collection. For one, they aren’t everyday wearable. Not everyone has an event that fits the mold for a couture gown. Additionally, not everyone can pull this look for. Even though I may never find myself owning a piece, let alone, even trying one on, there’s something exciting about it. Fashion was meant to be fun. It’s the epitome of what you think of when you get dressed up as a little kid in all of your mom’s clothes that are too big for you. My child-like eyes could not wait to have the height and the fashion of an adult woman. So as ridiculous as it is, if I ever had the opportunity, I would absolutely jump at it.

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03 Jul 2019

Christian Dior

The amount of love that I have for this collection is immeasurable! Scrolling through these photos is a little like seeing a portrait of every guest at a goth wedding. And I am here for it. From afar, everything looks very similar to each other. There is volume and endless gowns of black. Up close, everything is in the details. I am loving the different uses in fabrics, accessories and the way in which the belts are styled. Fun fact, I definitely went through a period of time where I, too, styled by belts this way, but this is 10x more chic.

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01 Jul 2019

adidas UltraBOOST 19 Is Pure White

There’s a level of risk that comes with purchasing completely all-white shoes. I accepted that challenge last year when I bought my white Something Navy boots from Nordstrom. Every now and then I’ll get compliments from people who are impressed with how white I’ve kept them. However, I’ll be the first to admit that they are less than perfect. There’s just not possible way to keep anything that clean when you live in San Francisco. Honestly, I once debated as having them only worn indoors ie) only in my office.

My experience with these has taught me that I could probably do this all over again. I’m obsessed with my UltraBOOST sneakers even years later and these pictured above look so good. These are going for $180. Excuse me, while I try to find these in a kids size to purchase.


30 Jun 2019

DopeKicks – Waterproof Hemp Shoes

In the last few years, one of my favorite trends has been the rise in sustainable clothing and items that are made from recycled or other materials. Growing up, there were never these alternatives. Everything was made out of a handful of materials and that was that. I’m just learning about DopeKicks – a sneaker start up for the first time through Hypebeast. According to the website, they’ve created the world’s first waterproof hemp shoes and it is 100% vegan.

The company’s all-natural shoe is made of extra-strong cannabis hemp fibers, while other upcycled elements make the style completely eco-friendly.
Recycled rubber has been used for the outsoles, while the insoles are crafted of natural tree-growing cork. The tan-colored sneakers also feature 100% waterproof capabilities, ensuring that they are functional and wearable in a variety of climates and environments. DopeKicks took four months to source the most durable hemp material possible, and then partnered with skilled Portuguese manufacturers to use the soles of old shoes in order to create a sturdy foundation.

If I’m being honest, I actually like the look! I remember the first time Winny shared with me the first she bought waterproof shoes. Naturally, I didn’t believe her and wanted to put them to the test right away. I recognize this isn’t my normal style, but when it comes to sneakers, we’re completely open.


30 Jun 2019

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30 Jun 2019

The Closet: June 2019

Wilfred Isabelle Dress$128 $88

I recently went on a bit of a shopping spree after going months on end without buying anything. It was a huge accomplishment, but there felt like a dramatic shift between spring and summer. I guess I also looked at my closet and decided that I needed a new wardrobe. Here are a few of my favorite summer pieces below! This year, we’re loving colors, prints, sandals and bags. In a couple of weeks, the Nordstrom Anniversary sale will be here and I can’t wait to share with you what’s on my list.

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