05 Aug 2009

Children Full Of Life

Tonight, I discovered a video from the documentary Children Full of Life. The documentary is about news and culture in Japan and the clip I am posting is about how the kids are educated. I was very impressed by the young children that stood up for their one friend, it almost brought me to tears as well. The way they behave may be different from the way we were raised, but there is something about this that is incredibly refreshing. When I was in elementary school, you wouldn’t dare see another child standing up to the teacher. You may not even see the student being punished put up a fight at all. I saw kids that were menaces! Rude, childish, immature. That was our idea of children back then because that’s how many of us were. These children are so mature. This teacher is wonderful. These kids are wonderful. This is my favorite post from the past two months.

There is no way to express my words about this video. There is so much politeness and respect.

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