19 Jul 2009

Chocolate of our time

Barry Callebaut, a man who runs a supposed secret laboratory in Switzerland may be responsible for updating everyone’s treat into one that will change the world!

This new chocolate is designed to be airy, rich, 90% less calories than normal chocolate and best of all… MELT RESISTANT.

The chocolate doesn’t melt. I didn’t even know this was possible until now.

The product is still undergoing some changes and work but is set to be released on shelves in about two years.

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  1. pobept wrote:

    US Army beat you to it, they developed the ever famous tropical chocolate bar in the 60’s. Of course you needed a hammer and anvil to break it up into bite size pieces and it truly taste like bovine droppings smell! Couldn’t get enough of that good stuff, Grinning..

    Posted on 7.19.09 · Reply to comment
  2. Vezquex wrote:

    There is yet another form chocolate resistant to melting, M&Ms.

    Posted on 7.19.09 · Reply to comment
  3. katiewinn wrote:

    that doesn’t count raphael.

    Posted on 7.19.09 · Reply to comment

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