22 May 2010

Choices Drifting By Me Everywhere

“If you think about it, your favorite memories, the most important moments in your life… were you alone? Life’s better with company.” – Ryan Bingham

If you haven’t seen the movie Up in the Air, you should. It is one of my favorite movies and luckily I was able to catch the last third of it tonight. This may or may not be the most contradictory post I have ever written, but I promise that there is a purpose and hopefully it will all come together in the end. I believe in that quote above from the movie. It’s true. It’s great and powerful. I also value independence, thoughts to myself, and silence. Good company is very important and while it brings happiness I don’t believe that you can experience true happiness until you have experienced it alone. I sort of believe that you also can’t love others until you love yourself.

All week, I’ve been walking around this school wondering if I am the person I wanted to become. After looking back on everything I’ve done, I asked myself if I was happy or if I was just happy because of what these opportunities have given me? The necessary knowledge, experience, family, joy, laughter, dedication, commitment. Of course, I’m happy for all of these things. I also realize that these came at a price. It was at the expense of loneliness and no longer being able to always relate with everyone I have met.

Another thing I realized was that college is just like another high school. In high school you have your party friends and you have your best friends. In college, I want friends that can be both. I’d rather have my party friends be my best friends. I will keep track of how many drinks you’ve had, make sure you get home safely, and will keep skeezy boys away from you. I will also know your life and you will know mine.

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  1. Well I love this post. I’ve had a rough day today, and it really got me thinking. As a current high school student (so glad I’ve decide to attend Seattle U), I can relate to this a lot actually. I’ve accomplished a lot, but as I really think back most of my important memories thus far, I have been alone.

    P.S. I first found you’re blog while looking for blogs of current SU students to see if I could make up my mind about what college to join, I’ve been coming back ever since. 🙂

    Posted on 5.24.10 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      Hey Manuel!
      That’s great to hear, Seattle U is a wonderful school and I absolutely love it here. And thank you for visiting my blog – did you just find it via Google or somewhere else? You’re not the first to tell me that either 🙂

      Posted on 5.24.10 · Reply to comment
  2. Yes Google actually. It took a lot of searching more searching than I thought it would. It doesn’t seem like many SU students blog.

    Posted on 5.24.10 · Reply to comment
    • itsyowyow wrote:

      I have a couple of friends who blog, but I don’t think on a day-to-day basis like mine. Welcome to SU though! I hope you’re excited!

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