07 Feb 2010

Christopher Gilbert – Photo Manipulator [photographer]

A part of me would like to believe that all photography is good. That your eye is your eye is your eye is your eye. I’m not the best photo critic. I definitely didn’t start out being an expert but over the years I learned. With experience you learn more than just what you like and don’t like, but what is photography and what …isn’t. Seriously, there’s a lot that isn’t. Also, you should know that anyone can “say” that they are a photographer. Just like anyone can say they are a singer, a designer, a model, an actress etc etc. Until you have something to show for, we don’t believe you. Back yourself up with something and learn your craft. I’m a firm believer in people who are driven and goal oriented – but don’t talk yourself up. Anyone can say they want to be anything. I’ll use myself for an example, I used to want to be a dancer and an astronomer based on no experience at all when I was little! Here’s what I don’t want to see in a photograph:

Over-edited, over contrasted, flowers, leaves, photos that you snapped for no reason and then realized you could do something with it once you got home, done, done, and done. Take a second and think about what you are shooting.

I guess this is coming at an interesting time because Facebook friends are now asking me to become “fans” of their photography pages. Good for them, for wanting to get their name out there. I think it’s nice to see that you’re working hard towards your dream. I support my friends. I support passion and drive. I don’t support cliched photographs.


Christopher Gilbert recently shot this series that is both witty and humorous. Thought I would share:

To see the rest click the source


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  1. Alvin Agwenge wrote:

    read the short article on what is photography and what isn’t.I used to view the over edited photos as “photography”.However, after reading through your article my perspective changed.Educate me more on photography.

    Posted on 1.10.16 · Reply to comment

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