09 Jul 2009

DC locals hate the Real World – want them out now

The Real World has been alive for 23 seasons. Over the years, the roommates (cast) have notoriously been known for their hookups, breakups, drama, fights, having a job, and non-stop partying. The house is usually the coolest thing you’ve ever seen and somehow every season, when the cast goes out after a night of partying some local(s) will try to start shit with them.

Why the locals are bothered with the cast and crew, I’m not really sure. My first guess is jealousy, but I feel like that’s not always the case. Maybe it’s a distraction, maybe they don’t want the crew swarming all up in their business. When the Seattle season filmed I was 7-8 years old. What did I know?

Now that the DC filming has begun, the locals are angry! So angry they created a blog about it. The man that runs the blog lives about 20 ft from the house and documents these so called “douchebags,” by posting pictures and ranting.

Anti Real World DC

If you’er from DC, you might as well go check out the house yourself and try and get a glimpse of this cast, here’s the address!

stalk away!

2000 S Street NW

Borderstan is it? Apparently it’s across from Whole Foods.

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