21 Jan 2010

Designers Invade Athletics

Karl Lagerfeld just released this new Chanel emblemmed football that will cost you $195. Would you buy it? That’s a ridiculous amount of money to be spending on a football that you could probably buy at a sports store for much less. When I read about this, I started to think about what I could spend with $195… ten items from Urban Outfitters, a little over three weeks on my meal plan at school, or a donation to those affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

I watched an episode of Tough Love a few weeks back where one of the contestants on the show blatantly said something like, “Why would I pay that much for a designer bag for a  name brand stitched into it?” She made a good point.

A friend asked me the other day how much one of my most expensive pieces of clothing cost. I said my Anthropologie cardigan that I spent $100 for, BUT I bought it with my own money and I bought it four years ago and am still wearing it today. I have realized that when I make purchases, most of the time they are necessities, but if it’s going to be a piece of clothing it better be WORTH IT. I don’t buy clothes because of the brands, though I do favor other brands more than others. I analyze prices, the material, how long it might last, it’s versatility w/ my other clothing, etc.

So what’s the most expensive thing that you have ever bought on your own? Was it worth it?

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